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  1. there wouldn't be a diet in the air ?
  2. answer in live, lots of Kisses
  3. a disagreement over the phone, but I don't know the subject, although I think I heard some names .. But what I find absolutely fantastic is that love and intelligence allows them to forgive very quickly.
  4. i still had tears in my eyes... 😂💖
  5. I'm very innocent, so I think it's mostly to film the concerts and maybe to make videos for the band.🥰 I know they have other plans to make some money.
  6. true magician .... or witches! they know how to do eveything, even network cables 💪
  7. yes, water and electricity don't really like each other
  8. for those who are surprised that jouandomy has not been seen for a few days in this forum, after the very heavy rains of the south of france, his house is flooded,🥶 in the water up to 0.5 m... We're thinking of you, . 🤢
  9. It's nina, an artist, she never does things halfway! When she sleeps, she sleeps but when she decides to show her love to her darling, she spends more than two hours preparing and suspending hearts with little words (see on cam 10)💓💕💖
  10. I've seen him three or four times, too. I remember a drum solo that lasted more than 15 minutes and where I thought I was fainting because it was so intense.. Pure happiness 😍
  11. salut domi pas trop de pluie... quelqu'un qui sait analyser un marché pour un produit et donc comment le commercialiser. Il choisit le ou les bons médias, le support et comment commercialiser le produit ( ma femme à travaillé comme directrice marketing) someone who knows how to analyze a market for a product and therefore how to market it. It chooses the right media (s), the support and how to market the product
  12. they're obviously asking questions: yesterday, 00: 24 ...Bathroom
  13. I could be wrong, but I think Nina is very worried about kira(surgery), which makes her depressed, because nina is very sensitive.
  14. 23h 26 local time, a little word from kira to the camera of the kitchen that had just been invaded by water vapour.. a translation ?
  15. Obviously, they're looking at apartments... this one's too expensive, too far?
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