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  1. peterb

    Nina & Kira General Discussion

    today kira looking truly beautiful
  2. lot of change, last time daddy came, kira was very shy, and now she is very comfortable with him
  3. The way to the success is often long, but they are extremely talented and pugnace.
  4. Ces filles sont extraordinaires, le plan A ne marche pas, on essaye le plan B qui ne marche pas.. quelques pleurs et on trouve une autre solutions This girls are amazing !! plan A doesn't work, try plan B... doesn't work, somes crying and new solution...Never stop ... your are the best
  5. Smiles are back
  6. no she went out....maybe gone to look for Nina
  7. 20/05 near 3h50
  8. Magic Nina... very carefully, with a lot of caresses, she found the key to open he door of the pleasure...and slowly Kira give themselves to pleasure
  9. they have a new cat.....
  10. international day against homophbia Thanks girls I Iearned a lot from you
  11. trop mimi les filles ce soir So cut tonight
  12. the sucess of a couple is to talk and tonight they talked a lot...
  13. I don't like seeing kira sad, however at the beginning of evenning she was smiling, then she became upset...
  14. I don't know if I have already seen kira so happy his eyes shine, and his face is radiant of happiness....
  15. dreamer is kira...