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  1. yes, maybe I should have used : hand steamer ...🤣
  2. Me, I must not be normal, I find them devilishly sexy when they're dressed in little shorts like Kira's right now. I'm also thinking of an ironing board... but where's the steam engine?
  3. it's a bright screen made to draw by transparency on tracing paper for example
  4. measuring kira's temperature... simple precaution or flu symptom...?😵
  5. rather another kira project, which was approved tonight.
  6. Nina is very sensitive, a simple reading of a tragic event, a movie makes her cry. (uh, I'm not mocking, I'm the same way.)
  7. We will have to be careful, so many animals confined in the same space, and there will be a risk of a new pandemic... COV-20!! Well the source will be easily identifiable, we have a location!!! and patients zero are well known...😵
  8. On Wednesday 25 March, Vladimir Putin announced the postponement of the popular vote scheduled for 22 April on his constitutional reform, and declared the week of 30 March a week off in Russia in order to slow the progress of the coronavirus pandemic.
  9. Nina's like a convict, she works over and over again while Kira's on tele-work. 🥰 No, Nina's not a lazy girl, she's an artist.🤩
  10. Kjeld, a former secret service employee, is the specialist in modeling, synthetic and real imaging.
  11. Confirmed from a reliable source
  12. 23h10 local time : the whole family around and on the table
  13. there too a nice back posture
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