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  1. I just have to say I used to like Lana, but now I cannot wait until she is gone and replace with someone else, because I am so tired of her half-ass efforts when she bates, first she starts in the living room about a mile away from the camera and then she decides to go to the bedroom where the lights are off and restarts for about a minute until she noticed her husband is coming back, and everything stops, so right now as I'm looking at her, every light is on in the bedroom now when she's looking at her phone, but when she bates, the lights are off, so what's that about
  2. She look so young when she first started, I was almost too nervous to tune in, now look at her, she's this beautiful mature and extremely sexy young lady now, and just keeps getting better with time
  3. How is it that she's not freezing sitting there on the couch, with the balcony doors open, is Leora part Eskimo, well I guess she's probably used to the cold weather where she's from
  4. What I'm about to say, is exactly what I would do, but it isn't hard to believe this, that Paul probably periodically is flying in to some undisclosed location, to meet up with Leora
  5. I guess our sexy princess with her sexy jeans on, didn't catch that big humongous fly from coming into her home
  6. Why is it just as sexy to look down Leora's blouse, as she's in the bathroom brushing her teeth, as compared to seeing her totally topless
  7. if anyone can recall the bedroom bate when the fan was in the way, well using this bathroom stool to bate, wasn't a good Leora standard we are used to, especially wasting an anal bate that doesn't come up often.
  8. Let me title this 'a sexy spontaneous pose lost forever' it's a shame that this company doesn't allow at least a photo to display a special moment, because a few minutes ago Leora had a sitting position in the guest room that look extremely sexy with her wet hair and white T-shirt displaying her sexy thighs, but as soon as she got off from the couch, that's spontaneous sexy pose moment was possibly lost forever
  9. Even after going to bed, her sexiness engulfs you
  10. Once you find someone you endure enough on RLC, you will
  11. Looking at the camera, well I will call that a bonus
  12. Leora really knows how to satisfy her man on RLC
  13. We now have a new and hopefully a more frequent bating location
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