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  1. A lot of people is seeing her time here as being extremely valuable, so that could be the reason why she's still here, and probably the reason you're here, but I won't tell anyone
  2. Lately our princess has done so much to refocus our attention more on her, so in the meantime it's pretty nice to see her with some human company
  3. Oh no it certainly wasn't you, it was actually someone that hangs around the video section
  4. Hopefully one day to be reality, but in the meantime, we we'll keep dreaming
  5. Not too long ago I commented on someone that said our princess is too old and overweight, now look at this beautiful person on cam 9, and you tell me does this person needs his eyes check
  6. Watching them massage each other, I have to say that they're almost there, all we need on the next massage date, is someone to make a finger slip into a certain place, and history will be made and a new era will begin
  7. I'm picturing the whole city having a blackout, if that fantasy comes true
  8. Fantasy alert only, what if Malia walked into Leora's room and started making out with her, would she stop her or let her continue as she joins in
  9. Are you serious, people actually grow older, thanks we all didn't know that
  10. After getting home from work and viewing the replays, I have to say this, that I am actually overwhelm of the amount our princess has in the replays, I better just realistically wait for my off day, because she's been on a sexual firestorm
  11. That did not offend me whatsoever, actually this is something I wanted to do for a while, but lately I have been having problems trying to do it. I actually found a new name associated with with this specific character, but it's not allowing me to upload the picture from my computer, because each time I select upload, nothing happens, and I'm not sure of what to put in that blank space for things to happen.
  12. As our two beauties are relaxing, I have a question, is it possible to keep all of your information, after changing my screen name
  13. I believe there was a movie made about our two beauties, The Prague Women's in Red... starring Gene Wilder
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