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  1. Is there anything real in this apartment anymore, everything is so staged and rehearse, it's so funny that they come back from their actual real life outside the apartment, but we are not allowed to see the actual real life of these two people, but only allow to see a performance act, now the performers has transformed into competition between other apartment
  2. My butt needs to go to bed, but I couldn't go to bed before I said, I am so grateful to see their dog up and around, can you do not know how much this makes my day, just seeing this
  3. This is what working 12 hours can do to you, I am extremely sorry for directing that to him, and I am embarrass at the same time, so please accept my apology for saying what I said
  4. Okay if I put this where it shouldn't have been, they can move it, otherwise I make comments as I see it, and I can absolutely care less what you think of what I write or what I comment on
  5. Well just got home from work, and I am pleasantly surprised to see who's home, I am also surprised to notice Leora seems to be gaining a little weight, and I wouldn't be off base to say it's a baby bump, because I never known of her, or have ever seen her take birth control, and you know condoms are not 100%, well time will tell
  6. So if what you're saying is true, what is this apartment for, if so much of their personal life is outside of it
  7. Well it seriously looks like Leora won't be working in the apartment today, I can only guess she's using some of her vacation time from her apartment job... yes I'm playing around, but it's just the way I see it
  8. Come on fellas, what's up with the sad symbols, remember last time she received a neck and shoulder rub, we actually was treated with her bating for us, and hopefully history will repeat itself today
  9. Oh yes I just got home and what do you know, Leora is happily receiving her manly neck rub again for the second time in his visit
  10. Well surprisingly Malia after clocking in earlier, and after putting a little time in, she all of a sudden put her street clothes back on and clock out, maybe she's using some personal time, so I hope everything is okay, and hope to see her back again soon
  11. Well it looks as though Malia has clocked in for work today, and I'm not sure when Leora shift starts, but I hope she's working today... I'm just joking around, because I need a good laugh today
  12. First off I am extremely sorry for your loss, and someone like you knows exactly what they're going through, as far as your experience of losing a pet, but I will probably say your dog was more than a pet, but a family member, and as you said, your best friend
  13. Right now I am so sad to see this, I want to believe so bad that the dog is sleeping
  14. Respectfully I disagree with you regarding this president, but everything else you shared with us is agreeable to me, so let me know this, am I wrong to feel that her outside life from this apartment is more real, then what we have been experiencing recently inside the apartment, and am I wrong to say in Russia, it felt and looked more like a home environment, but lately in this apartment, it feels more like a job that you punch in, and you do what you have to do, and you punch out, for her more realistic life outside the apartment, and thanks again for your Compromise Values Write-Up
  15. I am officially a Holly fan, not only is she extremely cute, and really into having fun, she's really into females.... so I hope her stay is long
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