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  1. Miru in the bathroom removing her moustache
  2. Ari just get's more boring over time, she's a waste
  3. It could have something to do with keeping dogs in an apartment, I disagree with Leora and Martina being the top two attractions on RLC
  4. Yep, she is her mother
  5. So, that's enough of that, lets get back to Kitty, loving the tan lines & huge areola's
  6. The answer is yes he is, not sure of the storyline, but I do believe Holly had broken up with him long before he got with Gina
  7. I'd have no hesitation to let their male friend suck me if I could watch 2 females going for it!
  8. I didn't realise how tall Masha is, or are all the other girls short in comparison
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