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  1. Hi Harley doing fine, staying home with air conditioned ( remember I'm 72 ) And the traveling nurse comes and visits me every month. I prefer watching funny dogs and cats , and magicians on America's got talent on YOU TUBE, much more entertaining.
  2. That is one of the main reasons I stopped subscribing last month, and it's always same old same old day after day.
  3. am i the only one who reads May no.2 at the start of this thread ????
  4. You know Harley after what I read tonight, I'm glad I cancelled my sub, Site unloadable, parasite still there and the worst with the US Canada exchange, it came up to a little over $65.00 I'm fuckin' glad I cancelled. Nothing but repeats girls and repeat shows. NOTHING WORTH PAYING FOR.!!! I'll spend my money elsewhere.📡
  5. I stopped subscribing and I'm happy I don't see him anynore
  6. Too bad, I used to like Fiora, Now she's just like all the others.
  7. Next time I hope Malia takes off her panties .
  8. But what did the guys do in the hiding corner ??? Same as the girls ??? If not, why hide ??
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