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  1. Goodnight Noldus, it's 0046 am here, time to sleep.
  2. Maybe she did not empty his balls😀 all the way……………..
  3. I think it's because I was playing a game at the same time, now it's better
  4. Are the cams lagging bor freezing for just me ??
  5. Now, will Ana sleep with them again tonight ??
  6. Was it Worth the trip ?? Was it Worth waiting ?? I doubt it very much.
  7. I think she's giving him a handjob Under the covers.
  8. If I was him , I would do the same as her , I would go out alone tonight and get laid with somebody else, If she didn't want to get close, she shouldn't have inviting him. And the other girls wouldn't have to cover up all the time he is here,
  9. I have a feeling he will be here for a long while. Anyway I said it was MY OPINION, you Don't have to agree.
  10. Thanks for the info, I will not renew. BF and tenants should go pass their vacation in the couples on vacation house. My opinion, you Don't have to agree.
  11. Yippee Summer arrives today at 10.07hrs am and 18 seconds
  12. Or he could stay longer to give his leg time to heal………...
  13. Tomorrow he will take HER without Ana to a nice place where they can be alone and fuck all day…………..I hope for him That said goodnight all.