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  1. I bought a can here in QUEBEC for $2.80 at the provinicial liqueur store. 4.6 ¸alcool tastes like piss.
  2. Please cc members, tell me who gets 3 months vacation from their job, the most I got was 4 weeks. After 10 years of working at he same place
  3. I feel I have to explain myself, Polya has a super hot body but her upper lip is too close to the tip of her nose. That is my opinion.
  4. Sorry K.Lane but Polya doesn't do it for me. A girl who can touch her nose with her tongue. no that's not sexy. But I like the pics of Gina , real nice.
  5. OK but please can we just close the subject and go on calling her Miss.X ??
  6. Bad joke Phantom I used the name R--a to make him understand that he should not use it !!
  7. Look it was an honest mistake and nobody will remind you of this . Let it go, everything is OK
  8. You do not need to complain, he just did his job. Calling her Rita would have confused many members.
  9. Just leave it as it is , but in the future call her Mss X