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  1. There's another funny show on TV Wresling, I'll take a break from RLC, see you guys later………...maybe
  2. since I have a few days left on my sub, I checked and Kykie and Rus are in bed maybe for the night.
  3. Maybe they have an engagement at an outside party and maybe they will all leave together later.
  4. Are Assol and Amélie trying to break the record for being in front of a mirror the longuest time ???
  5. Well Harley this event made me decide to end my sub toRLC, Girls in REAL LIFE do not participate in such shows they proved to me tonight that they are SL_Ts that are looking for jobs in the porn industry. I love watching sex , girl-girl, boy-girl but this was all staged and it looked ridiculous, Real Life MY ASS !!!
  6. tHE WORST PART IS that Ulyana and Olivia kept their clothes on all the while and they want us to beleive that it was real ?? bs !!!
  7. Ther was the time she went down all the way with Jessica.
  8. Sometimes they decide to go out at Midnight or even 1.00am so wait and see.
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