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  1. Naomi is my choice, she doesn't need Sofie. That bate in the tub proved that she can do without her. If you like Sofi, good for you but Naomi has more skin to show.
  2. Ladies if the movie gets boring, here's a suggestion what to do
  3. Just like Kamila one boob slightly smaller than the other one but I have small hands and I wouldn't mind. I'd massage the small one untill it gets the same size as the other one....
  4. Merci, j'ai la signorité de mon bord........................
  5. Prends la queue de la ligne, je suis en avant.
  6. If they have a certain talent like hosting a TV show or becoming an actress, she will be hired.
  7. Peut-être qu'Amina va rester à B4 et qu'il y aura de nouveaux locataires à B3.
  8. Too bad they are not in the same country,, I was thinking what it would be like : Belle Rosie and CHLOÉ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!
  9. Sorry Sofie, you have Fallen way back in line of the girls I Watch. Chloé, Lana. Linda all girls in B4 even Tiana , the cats in Maya's apt all are more fun to Watch than you.
  10. Since she's never there the name on the apt. should be NIL'S PENTHOUSE !!
  11. Tell me again, why did Amina get her own apt. It should be Nil's so he could bring in lots of girls