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  1. hello Hope... I must say I have enjoyed this distraction and surprising forum . never participated in any type of forum but this is fun... I am particularly fond of your amazing contributions...I know with my limited abilities that it is (or for me tedious amount of time to just post plain pictures...) it is a lot of time required. why StnCld taught me screen grabs in this forum …. I am a lustful fan of sweet Ulyana and decided to go back in time  which would be 2018 photos...you had of course many postings.   The question I would like to ask is since so many do not ?? re-appear, come to life?/  is there an archive of such posts/pics? I came here hoping you would have them . some of yours had a faint 'z' and 4 or 5 small numbers...I'm assuming they were these Zona ??? post service??? 

    I would be grateful if you could explain why not so old posts don't keep the pics active.  Thanks and I hope to learn to do better and contribute to the nonsense and nudity.... peace

    1. Hope85


      Hola amigo Mark. :wink:

       ...RLC activa de vez en cuando a la DMCA que es quien se encarga de eliminar las imágenes, videos, etc ... que no cumplen las  normas de copyright

      Ahora llevamos un tiempo sin que las eliminen pero mañana mismo puedes encontrar el foro RLC sin ni una sola imagen y en su lugar quedan esos números y letras. :sick:


      PD: sigue publicando lo estas haciendo cada vez mejor

      Un SALUDO

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