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  1. the guy talked about price of something in Dinar. Dinar is currency of arabic countries. turkish currency is Lira
  2. He is just a friend. Martina is not kind of a girl to cheat on her boyfriend,
  3. do you have a collaction of chloe and tyler or Adriana anda Daniel? can you share them?
  4. The guy didn't have any idea about cameras. Masha explained him but I think not in a way that guy can understand.
  5. so, I understood, Sasha is half arab half ukrainian. 🙂
  6. a lot of people don't have a serious condition. I just guessed. I had corona virus in June. I was coughing for 2 days with a little headach. the virus is different for different people.
  7. Thank you so much. I reall appreciate these videos. do you have more videos of Maya?
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