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  1. hello everyone, hope all is well with you all! just got finished reading about octavia, and i must say that i am disappointed with her. i know i will catch 3 times of hell over what i'm fixing to say, judging by the viewers comments but i'm going to say it anyway and then i will be on my merry way. octavia, you are not the girl that i thought you were. hanging out with the two predators (amalia & mati) is no good for you and i'm very disappointed you continue to do so. it's your life, you're a smart girl and if you choose to ruin it with those two clowns, i feel sorry for you. it's a mighty big ocean out there and there are plenty of fish in it, enough fish that you don't have to take the easy way out with work colleagues. go out and mingle with the locals and find the people that can fulfill the needs you have. i don't know if you knew it or not but i am no longer a subscriber and strictly rely upon the forums participation now. i really like you and hope you make the right decisions with this whole 3-some thing. amalia and mati aren't the one's, you are just another number to them and i hope you realize that. i may not like what your choice turns out to be but it's your life and you know what's best for you, and hey, the easy way out might be it. i hope like hell it's not but it's your choice. take care and good luck with whatever you decide!
  2. well, i tried to login to rlc during lunch and i am officially no longer a subscriber. i just want to say to everyone that even though i won't be posting many comments on camcaps now, i will still be around from time to time to say hi and maybe give a gut jab every now and again. don't be strangers, send me an "hello" from time to time via PM, and if there is anything you think i might enjoy seeing, my PM is always open. it's been fun chatting with all of you and i wish you all well! take care, FZ
  3. she asked massimo if he found a way to come to the villa to cook and that she just had to make one video and she would be free. he told her he will bring the groceries and asked her which noodles she liked and from there it got kind of hard to understand but it sounded like karma was telling him he would be compensated for cooking, but i'm not sure of that exactly.
  4. i hope it wasn't anything i said, i like the shit out of her!!
  5. you are correct ponch, i asked for myself and 19 other people to write an email about the abuse the tenants have given that garage. if memory serves me right, it was only you and i that sent an email. so, with that said, my sub is almost up and i hope that the tenants put that garage to use like it's never been done before! because rlc is bullshit these days!
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