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  1. Seeing now Yana and Ricky having sex ... she looks so bored ... doesn't seem to enjoy at all
  2. Looks like Spanish Party with sombreros... maybe that's why they painted the masks yesterday in black ! Let's wait
  3. she looks fine , and seems to be a party girl ... B2 will be fun to watch again ...
  4. looks more like butt drumming | :-)
  5. Maybe they can do a stop to B2 after ? :-)
  6. For me, I'd love to see back Jasmine and Rosie and watch the continuity of what we've seen before they left
  7. I hope that Sher will change her sad face and not interfere each time Regina is with the twins ... If not, it will be boring
  8. Don't understand ... when nothing happens, everybody is complaining .,.. and whwn there's action, there is still complains ... ! !!!! Why not just enjoy the show !
  9. I know she looks sad, but I hope it's not a jealousy crisis cause Regina's having good times with the twins !