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  1. I'd love to watch Mila getting along with Ulyanna or Karol ... Even Fiora !
  2. Tereza should have left him with Hannah... unless he didn't want !
  3. Why can't Timur realize by himself that he doesn't need to be there ? Just leave !!
  4. Wish one day we'll see the twins separated for a party, and see them interact with others, just to watch them if they can do something ...
  5. Just hope she is not crying because her bf is not there !! Could be an ALL GIRLS PARTY tonite , no man's allowed !!
  6. At last !!! They are moving !! Like Gina and her bum, wherever they go, I WON'T watch them !!
  7. Maybe Fiora with Mila ... Harley with Lola ?
  8. For once , mood is for party ( maybe sexy) ... and je has to be there !
  9. Why can't it be an ALL GIRLS party for once , ant NOT HAVE THAT F.... imbecile who will probably consider himself the King of the place !! 😡
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