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  1. 1) What I meant is that Ariana NEVER starts something ... 2) I hope that one day you will stop bullshitting on everything !
  2. Radi should try the same with Pam, that would be different...
  3. As usual, Ariana didn't return the favor... She is like Megan ... a receiver and not a giver .... too bad, I would have liked to see ...
  4. You may be right, but I still prefer that to watch " Gina and her bum " ... They have been BANNED for me ( won't watch them again ).
  5. For me, I prefer to look those "fake shows" like everybody calls it than watch "Gina and his bum". Yes, the girls aren't probably lesbians , but why two girls can not have fun together ? And if everybody's honest, you will admit that Radi sent further than what we are used to. For Ariana, as always, she received but never gave back the favor. If they could do it again but in their rooms, with a better angle and lighting, would have a better Idea.
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