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  1. So funny to see how Sofie can be so touchy with girls, and was so passive last night with the guy ... She should assume herself as a lesbian instead if heterosexual
  2. If Aria could juste loosen up a little, that would be great ... We know she can... Come on Aria !
  3. Nice to see how Naomi and Aria are getting closer ...
  4. Thank you for what ? She did nothing ... There is nothing to thank ... She choked again...
  5. She just told him that it was not safe ... She could have told him before... She is just a teaser, the guy shlould leave while she is in the bathroom
  6. Naomi and Aria should take the opportunity and play together 😉😉
  7. It is funny to see how passive Sofie is with the guy ... total change when Naomi is There ... She doesn't do anything, doesn't want to touch the guy's dick ... Really pathetic ...
  8. I was just looking at Candy, barely recognized her... Personnaly, I prefered her the way she was on her first stay un B2 ... I think she is a bit too skinny
  9. Please RLC, before Nica leaves, give us one more night between Nica and Amina ... We had so nice moments ... and please move Monica to B4, she looks miserable in B2 . She is a star , she deserves to be happy for the remaining days she has with us !