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  1. I really think the good vibes we had in B1 is over
  2. About what we've seen in B1, was afraid it would happen.... Don't think Renata will be as friendly as she was, unfortunately ...
  3. It would be unfair if Regina tries to get Renata's attention the minute Tereza leaves...
  4. I just hope that B1 will not ignore her, with all the pleasure she gave them ...
  5. The big guy in B2 doesn't seem that interested, keeps looking at his cell !
  6. How funny it is to see the big guy in B2,,,¸... He is probably asking himself : " WTF am I doing here ? " :-) Lola keeps making her ridiculous dance moves again, thinking she's hot ! Pathetic !
  7. Content de savoir que tu vas bien ... Bon courage pour les prochaines semaines ...
  8. Is there someone at RLC who finds Lola so interesting that they keep her in B2 ? I can't believe they allow her to stay there ! She does absolutely nothing to make it interesting to watch ? The whole crew has to be out and this appartment needs fresh air , or ancient favorites of all... Who can it be ? For me, it could be: cams 7-8 Rosemary and Jasmin... Cams 11-12 Megan and/or Rebecca... and cams 13-14 , that could be Jessica or Karol
  9. RLC, please change B2 ... We were so used to have good times in that appartment... Now it is so boring ! Change all the tenants, bring back Karol, Megan, Rebecca, Jessica , Irma , Belle ( you have choice) ...
  10. just a question to you, guys: Is it just me to have big black dots on the screen ? we were used to lighter ones
  11. Even if it is scripted ... better to watch scripted shows than empty appartments because they're outside !
  12. The next move should be : all three going on Tereza when she comes back ! :-)