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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if Babi sleeps with Diane ... these two get along very well ... Babi tried many moves on Diane ... and she was not indifferent to her moves
  2. Bruno has been few days without fucking on Cam ... I really can't stand that guy ...
  3. I can't understand her ... She has lost the rest of the sympathy I had for her ...
  4. Did not see if he had a suitcase or not ... Maybe just a friendly visit ?
  5. You are right , and the way they laughed at Fiora in the hall , showing absolutely NO respect to her... They are just GUESTS ( or supposed ) ... For me, I don't want to see these guys back, and that includes Bruno, or Curly hair, or whatever we call him ... I really hope RLC will watch that replay ( 12:25 to 12:30 today, B2, Cam 7. )
  6. They look so arrogant ... When the girls to have a break , sleep or whatever else, the guys have to LEAVE, period !! They don't stay There, the girls do, so when a girls says "OUT" ,it is OUT Time !
  7. I just watched the replay between 12:27 and 12:29 Cam 7 where Fiora asked the guys to leave, because she wanted to sleep and they were making noise... Just watch the reaction of the guy with the jacket who laughs at Fiora, showing absolutely NO respect at all ... IMO, they should be banned from the appartments... Anyway, all they want to do is just fuck...
  8. To be honest, even though I find Ulyanna very attractive, she disappointed me by becoming one of the " Curly Girls Club" ... Dirty, I can't stand that guy ... and his boys !
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