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  1. I would like to see Ginger invite Irma to sleep with her ... We could have surprises...
  2. Not what I said ! Yes I would like to see new girls , but if we have to choose between Serafima and Naomi, I choose Naomi by far ...
  3. Even if they are "old tenants", I would prefer to see Naomi and Amber coming back instead of Serafima ...
  4. Agree with you, but Kelly had not been there long enough, so we could say it is her first time !! 😉
  5. One thing is certain ! If Monica wants to do something, Ginger will respond , compare to Milena ...
  6. Why did Dana and Aisha keep their underwear and bathing suit to take a bath ?? I really don't understand ...
  7. Just watched the little episode of Monica and Milena ... It was interesting ! Like Neil Armstrong said: " A small step for Milena, a big step for RLC ! 😂😂😂
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