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  1. A couple of them even. I'm guessing he covered the cams because he didn't want to be recorded cheating on Taya. None of the guests seem at all camera shy.
  2. That was unpleasant. I think Adri has been a really good tenant other than stuff like this, but the obviously fake lesbian shows are disappointing. Do whatever you're comfortable doing. Don't pretend to do things you aren't comfortable doing. They're happening far, far too often recently.
  3. timber

    Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Not to mention they'd already had threesomes before this last one. The only thing that changed this time was that the third party was a guy not a girl. Apparently that changed Eva into the "community punch-board" according to Foamy.
  4. I saw Nora in her original apartment, back before her RLC name was even Nora. Still not a huge fan. But thanks. And I'm aware of Nora, Kristy and Kami's modeling work such as it is. But again, Nora knows a ton of the Barcelona girls through similar modeling work and seems much closer to some of them (Irma, Karol, etc) than she is to Kristy or Kami. I don't think there's been any indication that she has any sort of ongoing friendship with either of them in fact. And I didn't say I didn't respect them. I've always liked Kristy a lot. Kami seems pretty done with RLC, but she's had her moments.
  5. The list of girls Nora has had massages with is lengthy. And RLC has no apartments at all in Ukraine. I'm pretty sure that's a company policy.
  6. Did she chase her guy around with a knife, or am I remembering that wrong?
  7. Ah, I took your post as meaning all the girls in Barcelona were bimbos, unlike Kami.
  8. Kami wasn't there at the beginning of B1. And in terms of girls who have become friends with Nora, I don't think she's even in the top 10 (although I'm no fan of Nora, so I don't think that's a particular recommendation either). And don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Kami at all. She's had some very good moments on RLC.
  9. Sort of an odd thing to say, considering she got her start on RLC as one of the "bimbos in the Barcelona apartments."
  10. 😄 Just out of curiosity, who's first?
  11. A number of the big clubs in Barcelona are open until 5 AM on weekdays, even later on weekends. For example: https://opiumbarcelona.com/en/contact
  12. I think Nica mentioned that he was there for 2 days on his first night. But I could have misheard, or plans could have changed.
  13. Yeah, her English seems much better than it was on her last visit.
  14. That's what B4 is. They could have had this party there, but it's not as convenient to the clubs I suppose.