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  1. Neither France nor Spain had access to Russia when those people traveled back. They had to transit through other countries (the UK, Turkey, etc) since there weren't direct flights. Just like the Czech Republic. You don't need to stay in that second country, you just need to use their airport as a transit passenger. Lots of countries don't require a visa for you to transit through as long as you don't leave the airport. Here's the Turkish government page saying that you aren't required to get a visa if you stay in the airport: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/frequently-asked-questions.en.mfa So, Pr
  2. There's an 'except' in that sentence. So it's saying that foreign nationals who are residents can enter Russia, along with those who are diplomats, airplane crews or transit passengers. For example, if you go to the US Embassy site for Russia it says: Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? No The Government of the Russian Federation banned the entry of foreign nationals, including American citizens, with a few exceptions. The ban does not apply to: airplane crew members, permanent residents of the Russian Federation who hold a valid residence permit, or transit passenge
  3. I actually wasn't looking for a debate at all, just an answer. It seemed to be commonly accepted here that Malia can't return to Russia because of covid, and that didn't make sense to me, so I wondered if I was missing something. But thank you for your attempts to answer! Perhaps it's just a matter of wanting to wait until there are convenient direct flights between Prague and Russia or something like that.
  4. I assume this made sense in your head before you typed it. That whole brain-to-fingers thing can tricky. I'd appreciate it if someone else would actually answer the question if they're able to.
  5. My point (since you seem to have missed it) is that the Russian borders have been open this entire time for Russian citizens. I don't need to google that because I know it personally from people who have entered Russia during the past few months, but maybe you should try it. Actually, I'll save you the trouble: From May 10: My question was why wouldn't that apply to Malia? If she's not a Russian national or permanent resident then that answers my question, but I didn't know, so I asked.
  6. There are many exceptions now. And there are regular commercial flights from a number of countries (Turkey, the UK, etc). But regardless, isn't Malia a Russian citizen? Why would she be prevented from re-entering because of a ban on foreign nationals? Or is she from somewhere else?
  7. Leaving aside the rest of the discussion, I'm curious about this. Why would Malia not be able to return to Russia because of the virus? Russian citizens have been able to re-enter Russia this entire time. I know some who have done it. And there are other RLC tenants who have done it in the last few months. I guess there might not be direct flights from Prague to Russia right now (honestly not sure), but she could always connect through Turkey or somewhere like that.
  8. 🙄 Where did I say anything about calling him out? You liked the fucking post and then went on to defend him. I certainly haven't liked any posts calling Leora a whore and a prostitute. Nor have I rushed to defend anyone posting that. Has anyone actually been posting that? I don't read this thread often, but that would be silly if true. As for whether you're a hypocrite, as Harley would say "if the shoe fits...."
  9. I mean he literally just called a bunch of tenants whores and prostitutes a few posts ago in this thread. A post that you liked btw, so I'm pretty sure you read it.
  10. Fair enough. And I wasn't intending to rain on your guys parade. I just saw Harley's post on the front page, and it was a little much to see him lecturing others on not complaining/disrespecting the tenants when I'd literally just read a post of his calling a girl a 'piece of shit.' 😄
  11. 😂 Check my post history if you really think that. Unlike you apparently, I just generally object to people being over-the-top vile towards tenants on RLC. And that's what the vast majority of Harley's posting career has been about, including plenty of his current posts. You on the other hand, seem to care immensely about 'respecting the tenants' if anyone is even slightly critical of Leora, but are apparently perfectly happy to defend people who post much nastier things about other tenants.
  12. 😂 You guys were saying? And yes, I wasn't just referring to old posts. He's still calling tenants pieces of shit and whores pretty constantly. But hey, he says nice things about Leora now so who cares right?
  13. 🤡😂🤡😂 This may be the single most hypocritical post in the history of CC and that's saying something. Dude you literally have 20,000 posts of non-stop complaining and aggressively attacking tenants (calling them whores and prostitutes non-stop). And you're even doing it in the same post where you tell people not to complain and just not to watch if they don't like it. What a total fucking joke.
  14. Piper is Russian, so she speaks it. I think Taylor speaks Italian (and a tiny bit of English), so Piper often translates for her.
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