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  1. She entered with more appetite than she has now. But it definitely wasn't the same as her first stay. Though that may be down to context (roommates, shared bed, lockdown, etc). Whatever the reason, it seems pretty clear that she's done now. I think GOV tenants often burnout in their third or fourth month if they haven't established a real social life that they can bring on camera. The shows get really tiresome, for them and for us. But they used to burn out and then leave. Now they burnout and stay. 😄
  2. That's impressively terrible lighting in C&C's bedroom right now. I'm not sure whether it's worse than the current setup in the big bedroom at B2, but it's definitely close. I guess the saving grace is that neither room seems likely to produce anything I want to watch at the moment. 😄
  3. They basically quit a couple of months ago. They're just doing the bare minimum to stick around at this point. Almost all of their in-apartment time is spent lying on the bed watching movies or staring at their phones, usually in the dark. And the very occasional shows with Sera or Loraine are painful and completely uneventful. The only hints of excitement or interest are when they're getting ready to go party elsewhere. If things were functioning normally, they would have moved on or gotten the boot a while back. But at this point you could give RLC a bucketful of cheese and put them in
  4. I am aware. That's why I suggested making one of the GOV apartments Spanish speaking so there would be no communication problems.
  5. I'm all for a roommates apartment (as long as you get the right girls). But I don't know why you couldn't cast a GOV apartment with Spanish girls either. It's no different than casting Gina or Radislava who both already lived in Barcelona. It just seems like when they can't even find someone to fill Milena's room a month after she left, it might be time to expand the candidate pool.
  6. They need to make at least one of the GOV apartments Spanish speaking. I doubt they'd have problems finding enough local Spanish girls. It seems really dumb that they'll cast Spanish tenants in the couples apartments but not in the GOV apartments. Especially now. Instead we have empty rooms and a whole bunch of girls who have been there too long and seem like they gave up on doing anything new months ago.
  7. From a whispered conversation they had during his last stay, I got the impression that he's very reluctant, perhaps unwilling, to have sex on camera. He was complaining about how she wouldn't go to his place or to a hotel. But hard to be sure about what they said since it was whispered. If that's the case, I'm not sure I understand the logic behind being willing to do bondage tease shows like they just did on camera but being embarrassed about sex. I'd find the weird shows a lot more embarrassing personally. But everyone has their own lines I guess. Looked like they were finally star
  8. This is the actual text of the curfew order if you're interested: https://www.vlada.cz/assets/media-centrum/aktualne/49_free-movement-1375.pdf It prohibits the free movement of persons between the hours of 9 PM and 5 AM unless they're working or traveling to work, making an urgent trip (health, etc), walking their dog near their home, etc.
  9. After initially hiding in the bathroom to change, she ended up doing naked massages as a guest. Pretty sure she wanted a room. And sure, I prefer what they're doing to what Leora & Malia are doing. But those are hardly the only two options. I'd prefer tenants who actually had fun in the apartment over either of them. But RLC hasn't even managed to replace Milena yet, so this is a purely academic debate at this point.
  10. Sera puts on regular 10 o'clock shows: 2-girl baths, awkward massages, etc. She's done it with Ginger, Amira, Karina, Claire, Ariana, and now Radislava. Pretty much the exact same shows with all of them. Always timed for primetime. Meanwhile, she keeps the entirety of her very active social life off-camera. The only friends of hers who have shown up in the apartment are the ones who want a place on RLC (much like Leora). I don't know how any of that qualifies as natural or not playing a role. Actually, even Leora has that random dude who visits. Now she's not nearly as cynical and replay-
  11. I never thought it had anything to do with Milena herself. But I thought the fact Amalia had a shared bed might have been a big contributor. Hard to blame that now though when there's an empty room in the apartment and Monica wasn't even there last night.
  12. Indeed she might, but not in the apartment... 😄 It's a shame that Milena moving out and there being an empty room in the apartment doesn't seem to have affected her and Amira's willingness to bring that part of their lives on camera.
  13. She got it out of her bedroom drawer and put it on the sink counter next to the toothbrushes. But it stayed there the entire time and then she just put it on a shelf in the bathroom when the bath was over.. 🤷‍♂️
  14. And as I say that, I believe she just grabbed her vibrator and brought it into the bathroom...
  15. This is my main complaint about Sera: she is obviously quite fond of going to party off-camera. During her first stay she went clubbing 2-3 nights a week until 5 or 6 AM. Even this stay, with all of the clubs closed and the city in lockdown, she's finding parties to go to overnight. She's come home drunk or high at 7 or 8 AM a couple times this week alone. But somehow none of that transfers over into the apartment. She almost never goes to the GOV parties, and when she does she spends all of her time on her phone. Fair enough, those parties are awkward. But she also never invites her actu
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