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  1. Yeah, I'm interested to see what happens now that he's gone. And hopefully it will get better than tonight. But hey, there were lots of pretty, naked girls, so I will not complain.
  2. I was ready for him to leave, but the party they had when he was there was significantly better than this (so far).
  3. Spare me the condescending bullshit. I'm just saying that the face doesn't look like Sofie to me. You posted a still image of a clothed person. I have no idea how I'm supposed to compare her body or her voice based on that.
  4. Sofie? It doesn't look like her to me.
  5. That doesn't look anything like her...
  6. If you squint at it real hard, I guess you could decide it was inspired by a swastika. It looks more like a tribal disc tattoo to me. Sort of similar to this, but with two 4-pointed discs (which does make it look more like a swastika), one larger than the other: But I certainly won't claim to be an expert in Ukrainian neo-nazi tattoos.
  7. Rose never did anything like that to Belle. Belle hasn't done much girl/girl stuff beyond massages and pretty tame teasing since the orgy a long time ago. And I don't really get the sense that's likely to change on this visit. Rose and Jasmin have always had a ton of chemistry IMO, and had what looked like a fingering session under the covers during their last stay. But it was under the covers, so how real it was is up to the viewer.
  8. http://www.opiumbarcelona.com/ http://shoko.biz/en/club https://www.blingblingbcn.com/ http://www.pachabarcelona.es/en/
  9. I can remember Nora getting into fights with Rita, Kamila, Jenny, Adele, and Nicole. And maybe Sara and Milana as well? I'm not sure. I don't remember her fighting with Monica, but it's certainly possible.
  10. It's the same guy she banged a couple of weeks ago.
  11. I think it's a tattoo. They've been there since the beginning of this stay. Anyone read Russian braille?
  12. Well, that was pretty spectacular. Amazing from Karol and well done to her boyfriend as well. Not a bad first couple of hours on RLC.
  13. Yep. She even told the American this in English.
  14. I think Diane had a phone conversation in English a while back where she mentioned going home for New Years to visit her mother, so if she leaves it may just be for a few days. If Bea's leaving, I honestly hope they don't replace her. The shared-room tradition is dumb and makes it less likely that the girls in the room will do anything interesting (though to Bea's credit it didn't stop her).