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  1. Laura should just paint this on her back next time: 😄
  2. It's a shame that they keep choosing to hang out in the absolute worst room in the house, with the worst cameras and the worst lighting... Whoever's at the foot of the bed blocks the view of everyone else.
  3. You've argued constantly with anyone who speculates that it's somewhat likely that Kami hasn't been almost totally celibate for the past 2.5 years. Meanwhile, you've speculated that Kristy is only seeing her bf as a desperate attempt to keep this apartment, you've lamented the fact that she's 'degrading' herself by sleeping with him on camera, you've called the apartment a "bordello" when she's there with her friends, you've speculated that she's forcing her roommates out despite the fact that she and Kaley still seem totally friendly with each other, etc. All without a single shred of evidence. For better or worse (I tend to think it's generally for the better), RLC doesn't tend to kick people out absent some incident like domestic violence/a police raid/etc. Maya got to keep her apartment even after she'd broken up with her bf. Emily's still in R2, etc. It seems far more likely to me that Kami & Kaley chose to move out of RLC. From my perspective, Kami has seemed pretty done with living on camera for at least the past year. I'd guess it just took this long for her to find a better situation.
  4. Dude, for someone who throws a hissy fit about people speculating anything even remotely negatively about Kami, you sure seem to have no issue speculating all sorts of offensive shit about Kristy. Maybe try practicing a tiny bit of what you endlessly preach in this thread.
  5. CB and MFC both allow participants to block whatever countries & regions they want, I believe.
  6. 😄 ~20 mins till they start getting ready for the club.
  7. The problem is that nothing will happen while Sera is in the room. And Sera doesn't go to sleep until 5 AM.
  8. I asked a friend about that and apparently she was just telling a sad story. And then the guest told another sad story, etc... FWIW, I also found it surprising that B2 wasn't there. But much as I find that a boring apartment at the moment, they don't really strike me as the type to ditch someone on their birthday unless there was some big falling out in the last day or two. Which is always possible, I guess. Edit: assuming you were talking about when they were in the bath. If it was some other time, then I don't know the reason.
  9. Do we even know that B2 & B3 were invited? As Noldus said, Sera doesn't even respond to Mila's texts anymore, so it seems pretty clear that B4 weren't welcome at her party. I imagine Kylie would have come if she was invited since Ginger and the guest are her IRL friends. Perhaps she just wanted a small party.
  10. She and Kylie (and the twins, I think) overlapped in B1 during their first RLC stays.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of Frank & Jenn, but why is it their fault that no one planned where they were going to sleep? And why does that make them "maggots?" Jesus Christ... They came with Sera & Mila, it's not like they showed up by surprise uninvited. Surely one of the other girls could double up in a bed if it's an issue. They do it plenty when no one else is around.
  12. Sounds like they are now, though it's all undercover.
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