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  1. Well, at least that's somewhat consistent. You could just accept the fact that it's something you enjoy watching and that other people enjoy doing, and it doesn't hurt anyone at all. But I will not tell you how to live your life.
  2. You might want to turn that judgmental eye on yourself before you start condemning other people for their private sexual preferences. If you're so concerned about the Bible and 'gay love', what are you doing posting endlessly on a porn message board complaining that girls aren't hooking up with each other enough?
  3. Dude we get it. You think she is secretly controlled by text messages. You've only posted about it a hundred times. Can't you move on to a new weird theory? Maybe there's a guy on the beach who tells her what to do with smoke signals and that's why she goes out to the balcony? Or it could be someone flying by with instructions on the banner of a plane. There are many exciting possibilities to consider. You should publish a newsletter with all your best theories. I would take a lot of pleasure in not subscribing to it.
  4. There's definitely not a $199 charge for sending a take down notice. There's also no agency in charge of enforcing take down notices. If the website refuses to take an image/video/song down, the copyright holder's only recourse is to sue them in civil court for copyright infringement. You can read about the basic safe harbor/take down provision of the DMCA here. The text of the relevant part of statute is here. Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that there are companies that copyright holders can pay to search the internet for infringing material and issue take down notices. They charge varying fees, monthly subscriptions, etc. But you're paying them for the work of finding the material, issuing the take down notice, etc. You're free to do those things yourself for no charge. Anyway, enough off topic posts. I'll leave you guys to the leora watching.
  5. The DMCA is just a U.S. law, it's not an organization. RLC doesn't need to petition them for anything. They just send take down notices to the imagehosts. Any host that is based in a country whose laws mandate a notice and take down regime similar to the DMCA will follow those procedures and remove a potentially copyright-infringing image. If they don't, they run the risk of being held liable for infringing images uploaded by their users.
  6. He made her ginger tea (good for upset stomachs), but that might not be what you're referring to. Good night!
  7. He asked whether she was still feeling unwell/in pain while they were in bed together, so the pain started before they hooked up. That's all I was saying. No idea whether it's related to her period (the pain seems extreme for that), but hopefully they were able to diagnose it at the hospital and give her something to resolve whatever it is.
  8. She was already feeling bad before the guy. She was even talking about it with him.
  9. It looked like the pills came out of a new envelope. Wouldn't surprise me if she's been to the clinic/doctor.
  10. She's been in sick/in pain for the last couple of days. She just took a couple pills. I'm guessing that's the cause of the crying.
  11. You need to find a new 'secret source.' They spent ~2 hours having sex, the vast majority uncovered in full view of two cameras. They started out on the balcony (maybe 5 or 6 minutes) and spent maybe a minute in the bathroom. If that's hiding then I wish all the girls would hide like that. Plus, why the fuck do you care? By your own account you don't subscribe to the site and you don't care about b/g sex. There are people here whose criticisms and comments mean something because they're anchored in reality and they're willing to state when something is good and when something is bad (ed2 comes to mind). You, on the other hand, have spent almost 10,000 posts on your current account spewing bile and dumb conspiracy theories ("'it's all a cover for a prostitution ring", etc). There's lots of things wrong with the 'vacation' apartments at the moment, what Nicole got up to last night was not one of them. I (and a number of others, I assume) would be much more likely to actually discuss the problems with the site if doing so didn't mean feeding into the unending negative bullshit that you and your friends shovel. Hope all is well in your life, surely there's something better you could be doing with it than this...
  12. So when do Polya/Lola's 90 days run out again? I won't even bother asking about Gina...
  13. Email RLC support ([email protected]) and let them know. Pretty much the only thing we can do.