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  1. Amira years are kind of like dog years. She's 'only' spent a year total on RLC, but to viewers it has felt like 7 years...
  2. She can't even be bothered to stick around for the one 'party' at her own apartment in months. And it's not like she hasn't already been out overnight most of this week. Just a complete waste of a room at this point, and for the last 5 or 6 months honestly. Just kick her out and tell Tesla and Elian they're free to use that bedroom whenever they want. It would be a big improvement even without a new tenant.
  3. If Nelly & Bogdan are going to be permanent tenants in the villa (which seems like a bad idea to me, but appears to be RLC's plan) then I do think they have some obligation to create an entertaining social environment. New girls are going to come in and default to the routine of the RLC employees they're living with. If that routine is watching movies, playing darts and going to bed at 11 every night and all partying done elsewhere, then the villa is going to be very boring indefinitely. That's a totally fine routine for a couples apartment, but this is the one place on RLC that's act
  4. Well, B4 has seemed to have a de facto 10 or 11 PM curfew for the past 4 or 5 months. Other than the Gina goodbye party and Tesla and Elian throwing their own party by themselves, have there been any nighttime parties in B4 in that time period? I unsubscribed for a couple months right after the Gina party and I know that was the first one they'd had in months. It used to happen multiple times a week...
  5. Don't worry, as long as you managed to cover your eyes with your hair, you'll never have to admit to yourself that you faked it.
  6. Monica practically has a patent on hair-covered belly-button licking at this point. I'd assume one of them got the idea from her or Amira. Always one of my least favorite RLC show tricks. If you don't want to really do something, then don't do it. But faking it is much worse than not doing it at all.
  7. Obviously no one but Bogdan and Holly could tell you for sure, but I highly highly doubt that. I think that was just the usual blathering from Harley and the obsessed french guy.
  8. I don't mind when the tenants go out. It can lead to more interesting things happening in the apartments eventually. The problem comes when you have tenants who are only interested in partying/having fun off-camera and never bring it back to the apartments. That's mostly the case with the current B1 and B2 casts (barring Pam who does bring her bf back). Hopefully those places, especially B2, can be revived with some new tenants. B4 currently seems to have at least a couple of girls who are quite willing to party on-camera. But B4 doesn't have actual parties anymore. Just sedate BBQs that
  9. I don't think Bogdan is fucking anyone else. Right before Megan & Holly left, my Russian-speaking friend translated a conversation between Nelly & Bogdan in the kitchen where she was freaking out at him because she didn't like how good friends he'd become with them. She basically told him that he should be focusing all his attention on her. So if she's that jealous over him just being friends with other girls, I highly doubt she'd be fine with him fucking one. Obviously hypocritical on her part, but I think he's just besotted with her for whatever reason and lets her get away with pret
  10. Yeah, I would have honestly preferred a second month from Riya to more time for Amira and Monica. At least there was a tiny chance that Riya might have gotten more comfortable and done something interesting. But I'd probably prefer an empty bedroom to either M or A at this point. Even on the bad showgirl scale they're scraping the very bottom now. Just doing the absolute bare minimum to get by. And I have a friend who occasionally translates who said that Amira has announced her intention to stay until at least August. Why RLC would allow that, I have no idea. And hopefully they won'
  11. Oh yeah, I wasn't saying anything about the quality of this particular rendition. I just thought jetlag was implying that they were copying L&M, so I was just pointing out that L&M were copying a whole bunch of other girls before them. But I might have read too much into his comment anyway...
  12. Irma was doing these massages in like 2016. And a whole bunch of GOV girls did it in between her and L&M.
  13. Hopefully Amira and Monica will have magically been replaced by new tenants when the apartment comes back. 😄 Since they like spending the night on the roof so much, maybe Bogdan can set up one of his off-camera tents there and they can move in. They get to avoid the cameras like they want to, and we get to see actual new girls in their rooms like we want to. Win-win.
  14. Amira & Monica showing up in another apartment at this point is just a sign that some dumb and utterly pointless show will happen. Trying to justify their continued existence on RLC, I guess, but doing a terrible job of it. Clearly just here for the paycheck and the nights out now. Has anything even remotely interesting happened in B2 in the last 5 or 6 months? Just the same boring shows over and over and keeping everything else off-camera. Why are they still here?
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