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  1. G & A were chatting in the living room and kitchen right after Glasha got up. Seemed totally friendly to me.
  2. It looked to me like the twins were packing up some clothes to ship home (maybe their summer clothes?). I don't think they were packing to leave. I think it's unlikely that they would leave so soon after moving to B4, but it's possible I guess. Someone new will probably move into B3 soon, I just don't think B4 being UM has anything to do with that.
  3. I doubt it. There aren't any open rooms. I would guess that they're working on fixing the lagging/skipping that lots of people have been getting on some of the cameras.
  4. It's a shame that the camera setup in her room is so terrible.
  5. No, it got shut down because it was raided by the police. The last images from the apartment were literally multiple police officers walking through the rooms and escorting everyone outside. What the fuck does that have to do with RLC's categories?
  6. That apartment got shut down because it was raided by the police.
  7. Sonya was the first girl to have sex in this apartment.
  8. Yeah, that seemed... less than real to me. Everything leading up to it was great, but if you're not comfortable actually following through then don't fake it. Disappointing, especially having seen what Renata is actually capable of before.
  9. She's certainly been willing to have sex on cam before, but I kind of doubt it will happen if he's just visiting and has his own hotel room.
  10. Glad we could have your expert opinion based on a couple of blurry thumbnails. If a girl masturbates underneath the covers, everyone freaks out and calls them fake for hiding from the cameras. In fact, I'm pretty sure this exact thing has happened with Regina before. If someone masturbates over the covers with a good view, they get called fake and a camgirl.
  11. At some point, the things you think you are hearing have to correspond with what the people are actually doing in real life. If you think you are hearing a non-dancer talk about a ballet performance they are going to be in on July 16th and 17th, and it turns out they are actually on vacation in a different country on those days, it could serve as a sign that you didn't correctly understand what was being said. If you think that you are hearing people talk about rehearsals for a ballet production that doesn't seem to exist and those people don't actually ever seem to go to any rehearsals...
  12. This is a remarkably unreliable way to try and understand what they're saying. Picking out individual words in a language you don't speak is incredibly difficult. Subtle pronunciation differences will be completely lost on you, and without understanding the context in which the word is used you won't be able to correct your mistake.
  13. I'm pretty sure you and I get the same amount of insight into what's happening when we listen to them...
  14. So, just making sure I'm up on the latest happenings in this apartment. Kami is still rehearsing for the same Russian Hamlet performance that she has been for the last 6 months? Even though that performance happened in mid-July when she was out of the country? And she's been debating getting her hair cut for 6 months as well? When exactly does she rehearse? As far as I can tell she mainly lies in bed all day and then sometimes goes out partying all night. And that's punctuated by frequent trips out of the country. And the world-famous, government-funded Bolshoi theater is now renting out their "place, people and equipment to a number of shows" because they need money? And Kami is rehearsing for a performance of Russian Hamlet at the Bolshoi even though there's no performance of Russian Hamlet scheduled at the Bolshoi? And even though the company that performs Russian Hamlet is based in St. Petersburg (which is also the location of the only scheduled performance of Russian Hamlet in the next 4 or 5 months)?