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  1. I quite liked both Irma and Nicole for different reasons (though they didn't seem too fond of each other). I think these apartments are "real life" in a sense. They're a real depiction of what happens when you take a bunch of girls from somewhat varied backgrounds and have them spend a month or two in an apartment full of cameras in a city they don't know that well with very few rules and some financial incentive to do things on camera. Different girls react very differently to that situation. Some just go out all the time. Others cover up and wait until they can leave. Some of them put on a show for the cameras (and a percentage of those seem to actually enjoy putting on a show - Sofie, Irma, Renata, Regina, etc). And a very few (like Nicole, Milana, etc) just ignore the cameras and do what they would do anyway. In some sense, Angelika's reaction to the situation might be more "real life" for the majority of people than Nicole's. If it were up to me I'd tweak the rules of the apartment to make it less convenient to carry on relationships completely off cam and I'd work a lot harder than RLC appears to to try and find girls who fit into the latter two categories. But who knows, my version of these apartments might end up being worse than what we currently have.
  2. Irma was the queen of putting on shows in B1 (and quite good at it too). Why are you complaining about "real life" and then pining for Irma?
  3. You guys are dumb. (and aren't most of you free members anyway?) They're not a romantic couple. Of course part of what they're doing is putting on a show. Just like Irma and Jess were. Just like Irma and Stella were. Just like the orgies were. These girls all know they're on camera and that inevitably affects things. That said, these two girls seem to legitimately get into each other. And they're pretty much the only girl/girl pairing the Barcelona apartments have had who have gone back for seconds and thirds. But sure, why don't we complain about what they're doing and insult them? I'm sure everyone will be happy when you get girls like Polya and Tereza back and you don't have to put up with these annoying shows anymore...
  4. Don't make Mike choose between dildos and shoes! You might break him.
  5. That's been happening to me sporadically for at least a week. It seems to happen in the evening RLC time, but it's pretty random. Email RLC when it happens to you, the more people complain the more likely it is that they'll fix it. It also seems to be somewhat location specific. The cams will be fine for some people when they're de-synced for me. Might depend on which RLC server you're connected to I guess.
  6. Adeline and Markus

    The guy at the desk looks like a guy who spent the night with his girlfriend in the guest room at Lana's a month or so ago.
  7. So it was something that someone else had told her about Renata? That seems strange considering Zlata doesn't seem to know the B1 girls. But I guess she could have heard it from Lola. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding your comment.
  8. What had they heard about her? And from who?
  9. New girl Sher

    Thanks for this kitek. I can't imagine being told something like this by someone I was dating. I would break up with them on the spot. I understand not wanting to be poor, but jesus... At least she's up front about what she wants I guess. But it probably just means that the guy will feel absolutely no guilt when he gets tired of her and dumps her.
  10. The NFL and the National Anthem

    Is there a way to ignore this forum? It's annoying seeing all these dumb posts show up on the front page when I visit the site.
  11. Are they still rehearsing for the Russian Hamlet performance that happened in July (while Kamila was out of the country)? It would be a shame if she cut her hair only to realize that she was two and a half months too late.
  12. Sher back around ~8:10 to pick up some socks and underwear from the laundry room...
  13. Maybe moving some of her stuff into her boyfriend's place?
  14. That does seem like another other possible interpretation. But based on the English phone calls I've heard her have, Tereza seems to have a boyfriend at home and at least one boyfriend in Barcelona so it would seem weird for sleeping around to be the issue. But who knows? It's pretty easy to misinterpret the things you see/hear on cam.
  15. Yeah, it seems likely that Sher and Regina are kind of trapped in the middle. But if what Tereza said was something judgmental about Renata sleeping with girls, I could see how she would feel a bit betrayed by two girls she hooked up with being unwilling to take sides/defend her. And at least with Regina, she seemed to be spending all her time hanging out with Tereza after this and pretty much ignoring Renata. So that was a bit more than just being caught in the middle. Also, based on kitek's information that she grew up in an orthodox family/was married young, I would guess that coming to terms with her sexuality has cost Renata a lot and it makes sense that she would be emotional about people attacking her for it. That said, picking who's right in a fight that we don't fully understand based on events that probably happened off camera is a bit of a fool's game. But when in doubt I'll support the girl who seems to want to have lesbian orgies over the girl who uses the apartment as a crash pad in between juggling multiple boyfriends. Also, homophobic people suck (although it's not totally clear to me from kitek's translation whether what Tereza said was homophobic).