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  1. This is the main thing for me. These apartments work alright when they have someone who can turn them into a fun place instead of just a house full of girls isolated in their rooms. That's the characteristic I think RLC should prioritize in determining which girls get brought back. If the apartment is actually fun and they're having semi-real parties where people are getting drunk and interacting, then the chances of seeing interesting things go up for every tenant there. But if it's just forced awkward events where everyone is clearly counting the time until they can leave, then it's going to be dreary for the viewers and the participants. I don't think it's an easy thing, it requires someone who both wants to do it and has the charisma to get other girls to buy in. Damira's a good example, and there have been a few others. Unfortunately RLC instead seems to favor bringing back the girls who give reliable shows regardless of their impact on the overall apartment atmosphere. So all too frequently we get the Blairs and Monicas of the world, who will perform their routine but contribute very little to making the apartments fun (in Blair's case I'd say she often actively detracts from it). And those girls frequently seem to stay forever.
  2. It's amazing how much they've fucked up the lighting and cameras with all the Christmas lights in this apartment. All the rooms look like dark blurry caves most of the time. Hopefully whoever replaces Loraine & Blair (that has to happen soon, right?) removes all of that shit. It's the middle of February...
  3. Tina: "You made the 'party' boring!" Monica: "No, it was your fault!" Elettra: "Why is Kim still here? Shouldn't she have been kicked out by now?" Tina: "I don't know, it doesn't make any sense!" Irma: "Why are the replay rankings full of couches?" Kim: "Beats me, but clearly next 'party' we're all going to have to dress up as furniture. They'll love that." Everyone: "Blyat!" RLC Viewers: "Cyka Blyat!"
  4. So just to review since CC was down, Kim disappeared for more than 24 hours yet again yesterday and today. She's now disappearing 3-4 nights a week, often for 20+ hours at a time. But not to worry, when she eventually came back she had a 'party' in her room where nothing at all happened and not a drop of alcohol was consumed. Why is she still here?
  5. She's new I believe. But it seems like she wants to be a tenant. And based on her first 24 hours, she'd be a big improvement over a bunch of the current cast.
  6. Looks like she was just taking a nap so that she could head out again tonight... 🙄 She's sure made great use out of having the whole top floor to herself. What a joke.
  7. Of course she is. Just as I'm free to take a nap at work and then tell my boss to go fuck himself when he wakes me up and asks what I'm doing. But then he's also free to tell me I might want to look elsewhere for employment... 😄
  8. Looks like Kim snuck out again to spend the night somewhere else. Has any girl ever regressed as drastically as this on her 2nd visit? I can't see any reason why she deserves a 2nd month, but RLC haven't exactly been quick on the trigger recently...
  9. Pretty sure smoking weed in private isn't illegal in Barcelona.
  10. Her last stay definitely had more intensity to it. She seems mostly bored this time around. Half the time she's masturbating or doing a show with another girl, she seems more interested in whatever movie is on. I'd guess some of that is because she lost her show partner at the start of her last stay and then was angry at Sofie and determined to compete with her. This time she's just running through the pre-planned routine and it's all going smoothly, so there are no surprises and it's all quite predictable and boring. Even for her. Also B4 probably makes it worse. It's so isolated that there's nothing to intrude on the monotony.
  11. Monica & Ginger gave them some competition for worst show of the evening with the fake 'fingering'/thumbnail posing nonsense they were doing at the same time. And of course, those four are the only four doing anything at all other than watching movies or sleeping. A wild Saturday night on RLC. 😄 Edit: it's too bad because IMO Loraine is gorgeous. But it's so obvious that she's getting no actual enjoyment out of whatever their doing during the shows that it makes it unwatchable for me.
  12. Kim to bed a little after 9 PM. What a complete waste of a room she's been so far. She's done absolutely nothing, which is bizarre given how active she was during her first stay. I guess she's another girl who decided to see how much she can game the RLC system on her 2nd go round?
  13. Starting with whoever does the management and casting. It's unbelievable to me that Aria is in her 5th month despite being a mediocre to poor tenant (significantly worse than last time around). And the rest of the apartments are basically just girls watching 2 or 3 movies each night and disappearing for ~24hrs if they actually want to have fun. The Damira/Anabella/Sara/etc cast did more in a couple days than this entire cast does in a month...
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