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  1. the girls know each other, but none of them except Monica, knew curly and assfur, and I don't think Monica called them, otherwise they would have come other times, it is not possible that this happens only with the two of them, it is impossible that in one city full of boys, only these two meet, however, boys or not, the show is always the same
  2. do not tell me that these two guys are not on the payroll of RLC, neither of the girls knew these two, except Monica who met them in B4, but I don't think it has had anything to do with them, therefore, it is not possible that in all Barcelona, full of clubs and full of boys, only the two of them show up in the GoVs and do what you have seen so far,
  3. I heard that they would go to the restaurant at 10 pm and that he would bring the cake at midnight, the strange thing is that his birthday celebrated him when he was a guest in B5 at P&T
  4. she is not the usual cleaning lady, she is new, and she is a transsexual
  5. you don't want to understand, even if they were having sex outside the apartment, it is called occasional sex, and therefore seize the moment, you do it on the spot, you don't take it home, you don't bring home a person you don't know, if instead it had a relationship with someone from the place, remember that there are cameras, and therefore that person may not want to be filmed. but the girls are not all like that, there are still girls who have a dignity, who perhaps have a boyfriend at home and are not traitors, and are not open to that kind of thing, if RLC were a porn site, you would see what you can see also for free, but the RLC concept is to show private life, understood as everyday life, therefore, shower, nudity, maybe they masturbate, etc., you have to look at the woman, not her sex life
  6. let's put the shows aside, what you see is private life, and in life, it doesn't necessarily mean having sex with someone if it's not her boyfriend, if she knows someone in an evening, she doesn't necessarily have to bring him into the house, especially if you have other roommates, this is life
  7. he is saying that his girlfriend shared an apartment with 6 girls, and when he went to her, none of them bared in front of him or tried to fuck him, they do not have naked parties, and there was no enters and get out of guests, real life😏
  8. it's carnival, and as you well know (I hope) women at carnival, even without cameras, any mask he wears, is transformed into a slutty version,
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