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  1. I don't care that the girls are straight or bisexual, I am a voyeur, I look at a woman in her intimacy, I don't look at the sex between couples, I don't get any excitement, in fact, sometimes I find it disgusting how some guys treat a girl,
  2. I don't need, I know what it means, and I repeat, everyone has their perversion, but you are trying to convince everyone that having boys at home is a good idea, and you're wrong
  3. I don't think you hate it, otherwise you wouldn't even like to see couples fucking, a straight voyeur prefers to look at a woman and not a man and not even his presence, and it should bother you to see girls betraying their boyfriends
  4. B4 will always be in the top cam, because people look at it even if they keep saying it's boring, this means that in the end it's not so boring if they look at it, if you want real life, look at the apartments of the couples, because in the GoVs don't you will never have it
  5. and what should they do ??? do collective sex all together, but what kind of lives do you have?
  6. it is not the show that you do not like, but the fact that there are no other guys who then end up fucking, this show would have done even with other boys, I realized that your perversion is watching other people having sex, like a husband who likes to watch his wife fucking another, we all have our perversions, but we don't involve other people saying that having boys at home is the best thing for RLC, now B4 is in top cam (with no boys) when holly had anal sex, was among the last views, in B2 they had a party, they had fun without the need to get naked and above all without having sex even though there was a boy at home and two real lesbians
  7. of course I've seen it, but it's boring for you because it doesn't participate, if there had been the other two you'd have said the contraio, as you can see, the girls have fun anyway,
  8. if all this had happened with the boys instead it was real I imagine? it is real that 7 girls try to fuck one, but please
  9. is it ridiculous just because there are no boys? quiet, the same thing would have happened
  10. because the P&T speak Italian, and one of them said that they have to choose the wine to bring to the girls, the brunette said that if they have to stay all night it is better to bring an extra bottle because she would be bored to hear all the time the girls who speak in Russian
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