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  1. Pulo, she has done this a lot in the last 6 months, to the point the viewers are tired of paying for her not being there and when she is she is not engaged as before. This is the " NEW NORMAL" along with everything else.
  2. Maybe not as many with Paul because after the huge trade with physical contact RLC shutdown the room for weeks and made them get help. So to your points she never does anything that she is pressured to do. However when he involved people close to her that he should not of she lost it. He private life is just that private he involved people much closer to her than her friends. "not a cool move"
  3. What could he have done so bad, to cause so much hurt and anger, for the second time in less than 24 hours, to the point where she nearly had a breakdown in front of us? This is not the first time over the years she has broken down in front of us. Her and Paul had several of these types of events and even traded physical contact. Jim Bo is right Leora is Leora. I can say what he did was push an issue. He reached out to people he should not of involved. Along with pressuring her to do something she doesn't want. It has been going on for months and he is not getting the hint. She finally l
  4. I noticed the matching under garments and she is off again. So if she has not, then agree she is in for more of the same. But she sure was rattled the other day and my translations say not all is as it appears. To bad we can't have both sides of what is going on.
  5. That's what I got out of the translation was she was trying to end something and was sick of the constant badgering.
  6. so as it turns out he was cheating on her and some how he made her out to be the bad guy in this situation. She spent the day around city.
  7. I can say that i have translated some of the blow up and it is not what we think at all. She was trying to end something and left to do so. Her calming manner is because I believe she has done so and her friend is home.
  8. I hope she is not going to see him, Yesterday was the worst I have seen her explode. I did see her and Paul go at it a few times. But to go back into it again. 🤔
  9. Ok we all agree on one thing. Our Leora is having real life issues and we all don't like to see her upset especially like this. So we can only pray she will figure it out and be happy. Jimbo "There are people she can contact, but she won't, because she is too proud or doesn't want to hear the truth." Maybe it's because of the way it is presented/delivered no one wants to hear the perv-able it is you that needs to get it together every time. Sometimes they just need some one to listen and bounce things off of and they end up finding there own right solution. Leora is that type of person I beli
  10. Paul is not the total answer she is comfortable there if she is truly going to grow then she needs to do this. Paul will always be a part of her life until he is not.
  11. Everyone Fears Loneliness at some point in there life. She I truley believe that something he did caused this to happen. Not sure what but it is also a two way street maybe it was something she did what ever it truly is. I agree 24 hours of a knock out dragged out screaming match is over the top. They both need to stay away from each other let it cool off and figure it out. If it is not meant to be then move on plenty of others out there to give it a go. I wish I could chat with her, but because someone that used to be on here ruined it for the rest of us who continue to support her, it is n
  12. Not sure SG she leaves and comes back from him and maybe she got there and surprise something wasn't there as he stated or do as he stated. Example she shows up to spend time with him only to have the boys over to play video games happens a lot with this crowed. Woman are taken for granted and ignored and what does it take for the male race our male race to get a clue.
  13. Leora, I will always support you, but getting this upset is not good it wears you down and makes you sick. So in the morning you are going to get out of the apartment and go for a walk and enjoy some outside nature/art and relax yourself. Keep calm reflect on the right thing for you make a plan of action 5 things and do it. We all care for you and we need you to be safe healthy and happy. "And sexy as always" Take care and Do it. Relationships are about give and take.
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