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  1. It is going on now. Hope someone is getting it. Can see legs from hallway cam and noises are good!!! ObservationMode ON! EDIT 2: I did not record. (kind of implied)
  2. Greetings, I recently discovered the joy of RLC and I spent the last day or so going watching RLC and going over the discussions. It is a pleasure to meet everyone here. I am thrilled with the concept of everyday life being shared. However, I am confused by the actions of some of the men. If I had a beautiful female cuddle up to me and wanting a kiss I would do it (Heck, I would be thrilled at some of the other things that the women try.) Lets face it, all the women are beautiful in their own way. Some have special attributes that make them sparkle a little different than the others, but all are beautiful. With that being said, I was curious what the average length of a couple is on RLC?. I see quite a few retired. Last comment to the men of RLC, seriously..... get off the computers and electronics and take care of those women. If a BEATIFUL female slides up to you hold her and do not let her go. Please her for an hour at least with foreplay before you decide to get yours. Trust me you will not regret it. -Thank you for your time and consideration. -ObservationMode ..... Off
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