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  1. Aha never thought of that, I thought they just picked whatever side they wanted to sleep on. We will see.
  2. Doorbell been ringing at b2 but the girls have the door closed to the hall and door closed to their room so they dont hear anything, most likely Blair, Loraine, Belle forget the key and can't get in.
  3. Cindy it not that bad, great body and seems like a nice / cute girl. Today she was topless on her bed wearing just panties. I know she havent done any bates but it's okay I still like her.
  4. Not much else to do for her at this time other than sleeping or be on the phone. She could be bating of course but don't think she will do on first night, let's see in a few days.
  5. And now they put it UM so the new girls can come, I hope they dont keep it UM for too long.
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