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  1. I find it strange why Kamila almost never let anyone sleep with her in her big double bed, right now her friend is sleeping on the couch together with Katya.
  2. Why would she leave soon? I dont think she is going anywhere tonight.
  3. Did Dalia go with her? Im sure they will be back soon so no need for goodbyes. EDIT: they are back now.
  4. The red and blue suitcase is at the end of Debbies bed and her stuff is still in the closset so dont think she is leaving.
  5. I thought was only Karla leaving, but it does indeed look like Debbi is packing also. Nevermind I think its only Karla packing.
  6. Thats third time sex? for them today, and probably not the last time 🙂
  7. Seems a little unstable yes, sometimes fast sometimes slow.
  8. Wonder what kind of game they are going to play, must be something that takes a lot of space since they moved both the table and the sofa.
  9. I know sometimes maybe I post to fast, I will try and do better sorry 😉
  10. Is CC slow for you guys or just me ?
  11. Calm down I didnt say you didnt know, was just asking if it should be changed on CC also thats all, I simply woke up and saw the names were changed on the list and posted what I saw. Some of us have to sleep you know, do you ever sleep? 🙂
  12. I wish they would go all the way just one time for us to see