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  1. Maybe neighbours complained about the noise.
  2. It shows that RLC is really keeping an eye on these cams
  3. lol and now RLC put the apt. UM - Maybe they were making to much noise. Seen this before with those who were there before forgot his name, the big guy who first came when Jasmin and Jim was there.
  4. Laima bating, only problem is she is facing the wrong way 😞
  5. Nice oldies music in b3, wonder if the b2 girls are coming over also. EDIT: Yep they just arrived.
  6. Wonder if this guy will keep coming over for sex when Kamila and Kaley returns home.
  7. Seems Kristy has some problems with her teeth or throat, the guy was also looking earlier in her mouth with flashlight.
  8. lol is that what he was doing in the bathroom last night?
  9. I think Mila is just enjoying her time out, and not much to do in B4 in her cold room. Maybe she is out with Daisy, I noticed Daisy is gone also.