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  1. Grace suntanning topless by the pool, whats not to like 😛
  2. Thx m8 I dont watch this apt. so often so had no ideea 🙂
  3. Who is that girl in the hot tub now ? It's not Masha or Dasha is it ?
  4. Good comment 🙂 Grace and Tori are like the girls in b2, they are not here to do porn shows.
  5. I never tried it when drunk but does puking really make you feel better / less drunk ?
  6. Now Blair and Mike is taking over tonights entertainment
  7. With that stupid moaning from Daniela no wonder if he couldnt get it up
  8. Daniela please be more quiet I have neighbours lol
  9. Riding him as it was a matter of life and death
  10. Where did Daniela go ? Nevermind found her
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