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  1. Haha I know, nothing else going on in b4 so thought I would mention 😛 Unless you are all busy with the girls in b1 😉
  2. Off topic, Will Smith is about to bungee jump out from a helicopter over a canyon near grand canyon. Live on his youtube channel now.
  3. Haha I know he will say or something like that 😛
  4. Wonder how close friend Amina really is with Mary and Bridget, she havent been there since she left last time with Mila.
  5. The 2 news girls are not home, the party will probably just be with Mary Anita Bridget and Tina, megan is on her bed and on the phone like always.
  6. Anita and Bridget on all four, sticking there asses up in the air, c'mon who watches movies like that ?