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  1. Yes its lagging just like b4 did yesterday
  2. Hope the lag will be gone tomorrow, right now its a little hit and miss which cam is lagging.
  3. Fagen

    Jasmin & Jim General Topic #1

    Yes I just watched it again, he came on her back and then smeared it over her ass and back, then he put it back in and started fucking again but only for a few secs and then stopped.
  4. Fagen

    Jasmin & Jim General Topic #1

    Yes first time i've seen them do anal, did he come on her back? Didnt see that, was wondering if he came inside her like he always does when they do vaginal sex. I didnt see him come wipe her back, will have to go back and re-watch how it all happened.
  5. Strange she cried before the dinner / party, then things seemed fine, then later she was on the balcony for a long time then sad again.
  6. lag again, seems to run fine for a while then some lag then later fine again.
  7. I think a lot of people have written to them, maybe they got tired of answering all these emails and went to focuse on fixing the streams. Is it still lagging for you? Here it is good at the moment.
  8. Back good again here, but who knows for how long.
  9. Must be a problem with the US servers not fixed yet, works okay here in europe.
  10. Wokring here also for now, fingers crossed.