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  1. Yes the camera and lighting could have been better, and Amy was blocking a bit. We have gotten okay views when she was with her bf. But the camera angles in the masterbedroom have always been a problem.
  2. Not so clear this time but the other day in Megans room was more clear, so yes she did.
  3. Funny how Megan always gets the masterbedroom when she is here, just because her bf comes every time. Her current room is big enough for both of them.
  4. She comes now and then to clean the house 🙂 But yes she is probably cleaning the master room and getting it ready for the opening.
  5. Are you using chrome browser ? Im on Firefox with the forum and found a translater extension called "To Google Translate" version 4.0.6 All you have to do is hightlight a text then right click with mouse and go down to google translate and use the auto function. You can also setup what language you want the text auto translated to. Dunno if this extension is available in google chrome but their is probably something similar for chrome also.
  6. A guy she was dating I think, the date didnt go so well it seemed.
  7. Is not how it works, Malia and Leora are top cam for much longer so they usually gets the top cam spot on replay, but Ariana was top cam when it happened so it doesnt matter. Also she is much better than Malia and Elora imo. - I have no interest in those 2. Also Adriana doesnt do anything for RLC outside the apartment, she meets up with friends thats all, not "clients"
  8. Ariana is one of the better girls, please don't replace her. I like her, finally something nice to look at (when she is here)
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