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  1. I wonder if this was Ginas old place where she lived before b1 / b4. Or if she had another place.
  2. Also explaining all the cameras lol, as for curtain not everyone uses that, depends how the room is. Also they been splashing a lot of water out from the tub.
  3. Do you know what the fight was about and what was said ? You understand spanish right ?
  4. Agree she should kick him out, the way he sat with her phone and computer, then threw her phone down to the ground. And his brother doesnt seem to be much better with his girl when he gets pissed.
  5. I dont see why Pam would stop him, she has never been shy when it comes to sex. At least not with the girls.
  6. The guy already tried to escape twice lol, even if he has a hardon I dont think he want to do it on cam, or else they would have been fucking already.
  7. Even with volume at max its not easy to hear all they say, might be easier with headphones though.
  8. Don't think he is willing to go all the way because of the cameras which I can understand if he doesnt want to.
  9. Looks like she is doing some work on his face, removing stuff with a tweezer
  10. Pam has such a sexy little ass when she is down on all four in doggy, so fine 👍 😍
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