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  1. Yes this has happened before, they can't touch this power plug, to turn off the light they must use the switch by the door.
  2. Olivia pulled a plug that is sitting in a power panel near the bed, she did it to turn off the lights instead off using the switch by the door, but when they pull that plug it also turns off the night vision on all cameras in the room, somehow the night vision is connected to that. This is not the first time they have done this. They need to tell them not to touch that power plug.
  3. Hmm I thought she did it few days ago, or maybe was just spreading and showing ?
  4. That didnt last long Leora topcam again, even though she is doing nothing. Okay girls back as no. 1 top cam.
  5. Yep google translate also picked up something about sister before when Olivia was talking in the bedroom.
  6. None of the cleaning ladies in barca have been someone I would like to see undress, same for the current cleaning lady that was in b2 today.
  7. Shame we dont have any audio on the balcony, although she might be speaking spanish with him.
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