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  1. She dont seem nervous with Mike, think she knows him and Blair very well.
  2. ooh okay dont saw them try yet must have missed, must be some bigger problem then, shame it happened on a day like this. Wonder what they will do if their phones run out of power lol, maybe they have a power bank they can charge it with then.
  3. Wonder how many stops they made along the way, if any.
  4. The light that cast shadows on the terrace where does this come from? Can't be from the candles inside or maybe it is?
  5. If it was the normal power loss they have had so often they should be able to get it right back on, don't know if Elvira has checked that or not, she knows how to get it back on usually.
  6. I hate when the apt. text is greyed so you think its still down, but then when you check its back online.
  7. Nightvision was on in the LR but yeah a bit dark. Hope they fix it now during the UM.
  8. Hehe yeah just noticed, he usually dont show much but sometimes he does a little 🙂
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