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  1. A serious relationship but completely kept away from this apartment. It's strange how they found a way to manage a vecation, but not even had time for a single visit to this place.
  2. We're talking about Kamila, aren't we? I very much hope that RLC will fire her as soon as possible. Not because I want to see Kamila doing something (in particular), but because she is never doing anything for real. There's a big difference. It is clear to see that Kamila is nothing else than a freeloader. She' s keeping her private life away from the cameras. She just wants the advantages (apartment and money) without contributing anything in return. This is best illustrated by considering that she is the only long-term resident who hasn't had a single sexual activity in front of the camera in 2018. But it is also apparent in other things that cannot be quantified so well. Ultimately, for Kamila the time she is in the apartment seems just to be a annoying duty. Maybe, that is the best reason there is for a member to hope for a tanant to leave the project. When there is nothing left to watch except someone to wait down the time to finally leave the apartment again.
  3. Sure, and that is not even everything. 😏 Let's be serious. Kamila doesn't do anything but try to get as much money out of the project without giving anything in return. She is the prime example of a freeloader and that for about two years now. RLC is not only about sex, but keeping all her private life outside only while pretend to be part of a project like RLC is just not right. Sorry.
  4. We just saw Kristy and the Angels had a party with some male guests in the apartment. Non of the male guests seemed to have any problem going further in front of the cameras (even though once again nothing has happened). It's always been the girls who decide what happens or doesn't happen in the apartment. And it makes sense, because in the end the interest of the viewers will allways be at the girls. Kamila is the only long term resident who did not have a single sexual event in front of the camera in 2018. No male visit, and always hidden when masturbating (if she really does masturbate and not just pretends to do it). It was almost the same in 2017 (where she just had a single one night stand). Her entire private life is directed to the outside. My suggestion is to look for different girls. Maybe even have a complete restart for the apartment. It would be nice to see an apartment with the angels, but also there, only if they actually participate in the project.
  5. Again, the info came from someone else, based on social media. I do not know anthing more, but it was written in this forum.
  6. This Information is not from me, but it seems to fit, as she has recently been staying quite often somewhere else.
  7. Yeah, since she's got a boyfriend (info from someone here in this forum), it's just these fake masturbations.
  8. The last week was really interesting. Real life, a lot of fun, a little sex. Everything without Kamila. If Kristy would have left for a vecation instand of Kamila, all we would have seen the last week would be Kamila and Kaley prepare to party somewhere else. Especially Kamila (but increasingly also Kaley) orient their whole life to the outside. Sure, Kamila is good looking, but that's unfortunately not enough. It also requires a genuine participation in the project and the willingness to live an actual part of the private life in the apartment. Kamila hasn't done this for years. She has internally quit and uses RLC only as a simple source of money. Keeping her in the project is a big mistake. Anyway, we should not forget, that there are other nice looking girls out there (e.g. the angels). Maybe, some of them would like this place and also bring a bit life into it. It is time for Kamila to leave.
  9. Kamila hasn't really been in the project for more than a year. She lives her life away from the camera and don't give a shit about RLC. Sure, a very long time ago, that was different, but today she is nothing but a freeloader. It is even worse, Kamila occupies the space others need to express themselves, even if she's not even in the apartment. How can she be so selfish and doesn't even allow Kristy to use her room in her absence. Yesterday, there was a real chance for something exciting to happen within the apartment, but no, Kamila like her room to be empty and unused, so again the fun take place somewhere else. It's so fucked up that Kamila, who is hardly ever around anyway and has only had one male visit in the last two years, still occupies the biggest room (with the largest bed). The day Kamila finally moves out will be the day when this place has a chance to life again. I really hope she moves out in February.
  10. Obviously not a couple, he's being turned down. 😈
  11. A really nice party, were any of the guys ever in the apartment? From which girl are they the Friends?
  12. I don't think you can call that hatred, but I think even for you it should be clear by now that Kamila's holding this apartment back. Her whole life is directed to the outside and nothing happens with her in the apartment. Sure, just her replacement doesn't solve all the problems of this place, but if RLC now pays attention to cast Girls who really take part in the project, it could really be something. At least in the last few days it was worth to have a look at this apartment again. Something, i can not say for one day in 2018 with Kamila in the apartment.
  13. While his friend is sitting in the kitchen crying. They should have gone to Kamila's room, this guy needs some sleep.
  14. Yeah, this is what went through my head, too. If there's one thing RLC doesn't need any additional, it's teasing shows. However, unlike most girls in Barcelona, the angels are obviously real friends and that makes for sure a better foundation than the complete disinterest (or worse) between Kamila and Kristy. Should the angels really be willing to join the project and also allow their private lives in the apartment, this would certainly be a big win. Only that's not really likely. It is much more likely that the angels will soon disappear again and the lifelessness/depression will return. At the latest with Kamila's return, everything is back to the old way. 😒 I really hope RLC will change something about the cast in the near future. It doesn't matter if they cast the angels or another group of girls, but it's really time for some actual life in this apartment.