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  1. Bad news. This means RLC missed a great opportunity to exchange the locks while there are gone and get rid of the girls all together. 🤣
  2. There was no way to tell. Today non of the Girls at this place is seen during sex. 🤨
  3. It's always been a lot of vacation, i remember that, but this year the girls even increased the time of absence. In the end, vecation never bothered me, as long as there was some living in between. Now, with K&K give a shit about RLC and for ages almost nothing happen that could be see by the cameras, I would prefere if they stay away completly. At least that'd be fair. Wake up. Kristy is in an committed relationship for some time and even without a BF Kamila highly likely still has a sex life. The girls are in the prime of thier lifes. Just because we don't see any of it happen at this place doesn't mean they stop they life completely. They simply keep it outside only. By the way, it is not just the sex that has been reduced. Do you remember how long the angels used to visit? Or, when was actually the last real party they hat at this place? There were a lot more quality visits (with people actually there to have fun and not just one or two hours before to party outside). Kristy, even spent several days with the angels at this place. Now, it is all about nothing. This apartment has become a place between their life instead of being a part of it. The girls mentally quit up to two years ago. I've never met any of the girls personally and live miles over miles away. There is no relationship other than the money we spend as customers to RLC. The question is whether the girls should been able continue to take advantages without participating. I think, it's time for change. Just give some other people a possibility who may appreciate the project and actually life at this place. It can't get any worse.
  4. I don't hate the girls. On the contrary, I used to be a big fan. Only I'm not one of those who ignores the change of attitude of the girls towards the project. Kamila stopped allowing private things to be see in this place for more than a year and Kristy spends almost no more time at this place anymore (only passes by to sleep). In addition they add a vacation time that is without problems twice or triple as long as in other apartments. Finally, I hope that RLC will this apartment with life and keep the idea roommates idea going. Not the artificial shows like in Barcelona, just a few people in an apartment who actually live there (in a non-censored version).
  5. Unfortunately, none of the girls really looked like moving out. With all the mess in kristy room yestersay, I thought for a moment that it would finally be her last day, but she also sorted back some stuff in her closet. It also looks like they just received a delivery of drinking water (cam 1). Anyway, I need to be more optimistic. There's a little hope for a change. Now we have to wait and see.
  6. Since the visitor is gone, debora doesn't seem to be much in the apartment anymore. Are they on the road together?
  7. Yes. I also think so. Danaya doesn't want to have sex with him. Too bad. But if she doesn't want to, that's fine. I will continue to be a fan for all of this people.
  8. If you look at this year, where is the difference between Kamila and Katya? I can see little difference here. Only that I would have hoped for Katya to get a real chance as real part of the project. I think she would have surprised everyone. It doesn't matter. I think RLC will end this apartment soon. Anyway, What's actually going on with Kristy? Has she finally moved out?
  9. They had a party with some really good-looking girls. Unfortunately, more and more guys have arrived and some girls have disappeared. Slowly I recognize a disappointing pattern. Too many girls in Barcelona and here somehow always too many guys.
  10. For RLC a really simple rule applies. It happens exactly as much as the residents allow. A second fact can at least be guessed. The girls have not forgotten how to have fun. That nothing happens anymore in the apartment is not just a coincidence. It's because the girls leave more and more private things outside only. Best example is maybe Kristy. She is in an relationship for months and we've seen the guy maybe 2-3 times. And also Kamila has certainly not spent 2018 without sex. This is not just a boring time in their in their lives, it is simply two girls who make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible and realize that they don't really have to go far. I hope RLC recognizes this quickly and puts an end to it. Maybe soon their time will be up. I would be happy.
  11. That's what both of them said and it was meant positively.
  12. Didn't you notice that everyone (boys and girls) had fun yesterday? The party went great! I hope that RLC will try to include some guys in the barcelona cast and change the category from "Girls on vecation" to "Singles on vecation". Variety generates excitement.
  13. There are maybe one or two girls in the current cast in barcelona that are into girls. The others just play a games for the cams. For this Girls a few guys would add some real excitement. There is a reason why the good parties have a balanced ratio between the sexes.
  14. I never understood why RLC opened up an apartment with only 6-7 girls. Four girls with three guys would have been perfect. Not that I have something against sex between ladies, but if they do so, they should actually be into it and not just play for the cams. Well, maybe RLC will correct that and add some guys to the barcelona cast.