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  1. Girls are gone, so RLC can turn the cameras back on. Now you can see an empty room. 🤣😜 This whole thing is so ridiculous. Such a big house, with 42 cameras and the most exciting thing since weeks is the departure of two girls who were there to do nothing for 3 days. RLC is dead.
  2. One of the big advantages of having more than three couple apartments was that even with two on the road, there was always something exciting happening elsewhere. The remaining couples are not to blame for this. It is quite normal not to be in the apartment all the time. It is important to see real life when they are there and that is usually the case here. RLC is to blame, because they faild to add some new couple Apartments. They have wasted all their efforts on the GOV concept and it is going really bad. I agree, RLC is over.
  3. I'm surprised that nobody mentioned it, but RLC let the girls do one of those pseudo lesbian shows again. The full bullshit program with mask and worse than in chaturbate, In RLC, real life only takes place elsewhere. It's a real shame.
  4. There should be no place for just Girls. All the places should be for real life. RLC was fun to watch with all the russian Apartments (also with all the couples, including the guys). It went down the hill as they swiched of all this places. Just GOV is simply not sufficient. Otherwise, they would no go down like they do now.
  5. It would have been really important to see more guys in the GOV apartments. But that never really happened. You always pretend that guys are a problem, but in reality it's gehe lack of real guests that make GOV so boring. Where is the fun in watching when all private life happening somewhere else, or like now, in areas where RLC deliberately turns off the cameras? RLC off cameras only?!? WTF?!?
  6. I let my credit card speak. 🤣 However, it was a decision I made a few days ago after the guests had moved out of Masha's apartment. I already gave up the GOV apartments a long time ago. The last girls that were really fun to watch there were Sara and Stella, and that was a very long time ago. The B4 thing just annoys me, because it shows how little respect RLC has for their customers.
  7. Doesn't something like that bother you at all? Never mind. RLC is as good as finished anyway. Such a nice house, with so many cameras and all RLC can think of is turning off the cameras to leave the rooms to girls who want nothing to do with the project. WTF?!?
  8. Why don't those two get themself a hotel room? What kind of a joke is this on the paying customer?
  9. Yeah, it looks like you're right. So it seems they decided that they would rather spend their stay in the apartment without a camera. The customers are paying for an Apartment the cameras switched off to give the residents some private spache. And all this in an apartment where there was already no more private life to see.
  10. Since the end of last year this apartment has had a very positive development. At the moment it is a little weak, but I think that patience is part of voyeurism. When action is always required, things tend to become artifical as for example with GOV. The inhabitants only give silly shows, which look like something but are in reality empty of life. So it is better to be patient and hope for such nice visitors as wesaw with the last guest couple. 😀👍
  11. I guess, the rapid departure of two residents is a new low. It even looks like RLC deleted the replay for there room afterwards, or has it been out of service for some time? No idea what happened there. It is very sad to see what has become of RLC.
  12. The GOV apartments are as usual. Some girls do nothing, others give shows and all the girls have the real fun somewhere else. There are almost no guests and almost no insight into the private lives of the girls. No, the problem is not the girls, but the GOV concept itself. It just does not work. More and more girls, if you put all their stays together, have spent over half a dozen months there and nothing has happened. Not a single guest, only silly pseudo lesbian Shows without any real Emotion. It is just sad. RLC should look out for Girls like Sara and Stella. Sure. They had fun and a bit GOV should remain. But more important is to finally do a little for the real apartments. By now they should have at least three new couple apartments open. Best would be even to add a big roommate Apartment.
  13. BULLSHIT! This discussion is like two groups with tinted glasses looking at the color yellow. Some swear to see the color green and others only see the color red. You both overlook that in the additive yellow is both green and red and yet something new. An insight into the private life of other people is likely to include a look at sex. Something that would not be possible on TV (or Reality TV), but that is also no longer only pornographic anymore. However, one thing is clear, the more RLC moves away from reality, the less there is a reason to see more than just pornography.And then you have to ask yourself if it's worth it at all, because compared to real pornography, RLC contains relatively little.
  14. No, not if they're the right People to watch. For example, I just saw Piper folding her clothes and thought for a moment she was packing her suitcase. I was relieved when I saw that she actually only refilled the wardrobe. I hope, they will stay in the project for a very long time.
  15. Yes, of Course also Elettra, 😀 It is important that there are no shows and that we get an insight into the lives of the residents.
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