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  1. Alladino

    Adeline & Marcus

    They're really going for it. Very nice.
  2. I think the Girls have a lot to tell about their lives outside this place. That's for sure. And maybe Kamila really didn't had sex this week. The point is, she's very likely to have a sex life. Maybe she's talking about it, maybe not, but obviously nothing of this life happens in the apartment. There was also a lot of talking about the english guy (Bob?) including translations of some of the conversations. If we assume that the Bob stories really happened, it was certainly an interesting moment in Kamilas life. You may can now say that something interesting has happened at this place, because the girls have talked a lot About him. For me, and most of the others in this forum, it was just another teaser without content, what we saw was Kamila packing her suitcase again and again to have her life somewere else. Anyway, we have to be careful not to repeat the same argument over and over again. There is no sense in that. Maybe I can ask you a question. Why is it so important to you that the cast is not changed? Imagine the possibilities if RLC concentrated on one circle of Friends for this apartment: Kristy (with BF, so that he do not has to sneak into kristys room at her mother's place 😂) + one or two of the angles (not just for a visit, but actually have a life there too) Kaley (big room as a thanks from RLC and for more private space for some visits) + Katya (2nd big room; may actually invite her BF over) + Kamila (in the small room, because she is on vecation most of the time anyway) Wouldn't that be a positive improvement?
  3. So. You mean all serious that Kamila doesn't have sex. Strange. Than. That's the point where we just don't agree. I think it's extremely likely that she has sex regularly (out of the cameras). Anyway, even if I'm wrong, it doesn't matter, since it's not about whether she has sex but about whether it makes sense to have cameras running over month when Nothing happens (that can be seen). If her life is really as boring as you think, it would probably be better to find another girl who is having a more active life (also with parts that can be seen on camera).
  4. We obviously agree on the barcelona apartments. I do not watch much of the girls in Barcelona, because they are way too artificial and don't really live there. I also think, that the attempt to compensate for the lack of life by spreading the legs all day long is ridiculous. So, i think, we can agree on this. Anyway, if realism is the goal, both, extreme exaggeration as well as extreme elimination of essential parts of life is detrimental. For example, if the BFs don't visit the apartment, also all the interaction can not bee see (including but not limited to the sex). Do you remember the first BF of Kamila? He really had some weird habits. For the voyeur in me it was good to see the sex, but i was also interrested to see how Kamila and the other girls react to him. Real life is needed to see the real personality of the people. This is something that hardly happens anymore. Nobody should be interested in watching a fake life, but it also no use, if the life is artificially voided. The girls have decided to join the project. It is only fair, if they would also participate to it.
  5. That the girls do not have sex at this place (with all this cameras) does not prove that they do not have sex somewere else. I think, You can't really believe that three girls their age, so handsome and so sympathetic don't have sex at all over such a long period of time. No. It's just to easy to see that the sex simply happen somewhere else, because the girls are not serious about RLC anymore. I wasn't talking about just one day a week. There are phases when Kristy spend about half the nights of a week somewere else. Do you really think she is staying at her mom's place all this nights? Maybe, she has a room a little off so that her BF can come to visit. 😂 No, serious. It is much more likely that she simply tells to visit her mother while she in fact stays with her boyfriend instand (at least most of the time). I'm, sorry to hear this. but can i ask who long is this problem going on? I have not seen her with a guy since her very first weeks in the project. Anyway, compared to Kristy and Kamila (in regard to long or often absences and hiding from the camera), Kaley is the only light in this apartment. Again, I'm sorry to hear that, but has that problem occurred recently or was it already present when Kamila had all her holidays lately? Anyway, I'm so tired of Kamila's stories. Do you remember the stroy about the guy from England? It would have been perfect if he'd visited the apartment once in a while, wouldn't it? But, at again, it was just another story to explain her holidays and the sexless time in between in the apartment. What do you think, did she had sex with that guy? Again, I have no doubt that the girls have a sex life outside of this place. Maybe not this week, but certainly within this year. They just keep such private matters off the cameras. As soon as there is somthing happen in this apartment again, I would be happy to read the stories explaining why something happened. Only as long as nothing changes, there will be no such events.
  6. So you really believe Kamila doesn't have a sex life? Are you serious? No. I think that's highly unlikely. It's much more likely that she just decided not to have this part of her life in the apartment any more. Just like she decided to build tents in her room (despite all the years she's already been on cam). As for kristy, it's very likely she's in a committed relationship for some time. There is hardly a week in which she doesn't stay at least one night somewhere else. Just like Kamila, she just decided to keep an essential part of her life away from the apartment. Instead, she also uses the bedcover creatively so she doesn't have to show anything for real. It does not matter. There was a time when both of them were really with the project. Some days it were even actually really exciting to watch and I think they were a great success for RLC. However, that was a long time ago. Even if you are right an they simply do not have a sex life (again, very unlikely), the question still arises whether it makes sense to waste the place if nothing happens over months (with Kristy) or over almost a year (with Kamila; considering the one time Event to the end of the last year). I think it would be better to try something different. Maybe there is one or the other guest of this apartment who can bring new life to this place. Or RLC can cast a different group of girls. Anyway, continuing like this really doesn't make any sense.
  7. Alladino

    Eva & Sam

    Over the last year couples on RLC got why more and more naked throughout the day. There is a point, when the absence of clothing is simply unrealistic. I like if there is also some realism on a voyeur page. Patience is a part of voyeurism. 😊
  8. Alladino

    Eva & Sam

    I think RLC uses the absence of regular residents to give canidates for an apartment a chance. That could be one of the reasons for the overmotivation. The guests in the place of Markus and Adeline have already become much more relaxed. Maybe this People will also get used to the situation. At least they're not shy if they now also have real sex and some life …
  9. Alladino

    Eva & Sam

    Did one of them finished? After they switched the room more than 10 times, I stoped watching. 😫
  10. Alladino

    Eva & Sam

    They're both totally out of control. I really hope they're just high and get back to mother earth fast. What's going on with this people?
  11. Alladino

    Eva & Sam

    This is the VHTV style. Maybe they are just flustered and get normal after some days. Lets hope the best.
  12. Alladino

    Anabel & Efim

    Anable with outstanding come back. Glad she's back. 😊
  13. Nothing is certain, but i think there is a high probability that there'll be more to see than half naked people playing cards. I find the bald-headed man hard to predict. He doesn't seem to be comfortable with the situation and unfortunately also seems to be at least a bit brutal. I don't think he fits RLC. Anyway, no matter if something happens or not, I will remain a fan of Masha&Sasha + Dasha + Eva&Sam. The only thing that would really piss me off is if they continue to block the camera view with this bed cover. If something cannot be shown in RLC, it better not happen at all.
  14. They've been half-naked for some time. Some time ago, it looked like something was gonna happen until they woke the bald man (who was half asleep already). He doesn't seem to be pro orgy and so the night stretches out now. Maybe some other day? Anyway, i like Eva in this read dress. Perfect outfit for the event.