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  1. They pretend to be lesbians. It is pathetic, because obviously neither of the two girls is even remotely sexually interested in the other. It is probably the most extrem example of this pseudo lesbian show bullshit on RLC.
  2. That's how it started with Nicole some time ago and then suddenly she brought her acquaintances to the apartment. Ariana has not been in the project for long, and we should not give up hope yet.
  3. One guy more or less is not a real change. It might be a good example for the other girls to finally invite their friends or even their BF. But the way for a realistic Barcelona is still very long.
  4. If your girlfriend rates a gift purely by monetary value, you do not have a girlfriend. It is a pity that we see so little of the BFs of these girls. It seems to be a world with a completely different value system.
  5. No. It should not be to entertain!! Money should be for a view into the private life. Shows, you can find it in porn movies or on chaturbate. Why all the effort in RLC, for this shit you can find for free all over the internet?!?
  6. I would have no problem if they would get money for an insight into their private life. This is what I think RLC was once and should be again. Only these stupid shows I find an insult. The girls are laughing their heads off with what a bullshit they can get money with RLC.
  7. Real life, real people with real emotions, something that could happen without the cameras being there. Take Malia as an example. If the cameras weren't there she certainly wouldn't be doing this bullshit. Maybe if her BF would visit her, or some other friends, they would just have a good time. Just real life. No sex shows or other bullshit.
  8. No, of course I don't just want to see how they watch TV. I want to see their private life. But this will never happen, if RLC is doing these shows all the time. It hides the fact that there is actually nothing to see. This shows are garbage and no substitute for real life. Only when the shows stop will there be the need to cast people who really live in the apartments and are interesting. These shows are just a cheap replacement and ultimately worthless.
  9. This works for the residents in the couple apartments, but certainly not for show girls who are clearly only there to fool the audience. How can you believe you see how people really are when they put on those stupid pseuso lesbian shows?!?
  10. The whole internet is full of lesbian porn. Why should RLC, of all places, do shows. That makes no sense. The value of RLC is to have real content, to give a glimpse into the life of the residents. If the restaurant around the corner is closed, you don't go to the backyard to eat from the garbage can. These shows are garbage. Not worth anything.
  11. Is not worth anything. It's all just a show. There is so much lesbian porn on the internet, there certainly is no need for these three girls to give a soft porn show in semi-darkness. The whole thing is just a completely absurd mix of shitty and tragic. RLC should pay a compensation to the audience, that's how bad this shit is.
  12. The very idea that the residents of RLC have the task of entertaining is completely stupid. It is about giving an insight into the private life. Shows have nothing to do with it and should finally stop. What should be possible to see is what would happen in an apartment without cameras.
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