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  1. Are you mad at Stella for talking to other girls? WTF?!? This is RLC, not show cam. Every stupid show less is a step in the right direction.
  2. It is more than just the lost of all the russian apartments. RLC has been driving the change for more and more fake content over a long time. Barcelona was not always like this. There was a time without all those shows and with people who really lived there. They used to have Nora in B1 for a very long time and the used to have some Girls there actually had a life (best example maybe Nicole). Since the restart, RLC, instead of adding real content again, is going more and more the bullshit way. It seems a lot like the elimination of the real apartments has only accelerated an development that was already planed. Now, instead of giveing a glimse into the real life of people, RLC is About girls give show for the camers or bullshit apartments like Asia&Hakeem whith people just pretend to be something they are actually are not. The whole thing has nothing to do with her voyeurism anymore. It is nothing else than a show. The new Leora apartment, it's just the extreme of the show idea. Whoever at RLC came up with the suggestion that it is a good idea to fill a couple apartment with a single Girl far away from Friends, Family and her BF is not interested in showing real life. No, This apartment is all about Leora holding her naked ass into the camera as much as possible for obsessed people as wanking material. This is the opposite of what RLC once was. RLC is not for voyeurism any more. I understand that now. That's why there's no more money from me.
  3. I think meanwhile it's pretty clear that the shows are all that will remain of RLC. The message was sent by RLC when they placed Leora all alone in a former couple apartment. It's over. My subscription expires in about two weeks. I don't see any reason to pay for RLC anymore.
  4. Who cares if RLC now has ten or eleven of these show girls in cast. Real talents were rare in this apartment anyway. What really worries me is how little is improving with the couple Apartments or that there's not a single roomate apartment left. I think meanwhile we see that the lost of 2/3 of there Apartments also results some financial problems. Maybe RLC just can't afford it anymore to waste money on useless show girls.
  5. Yeah, it's really sad to see where this apartment has gone. It simply no longer looks genuine. All the people seem to be just coming together to make money on shows. It's not masha has two visitors to have fun, but just masha has visitors to pretend she's having fun. It all seems so artificial and not lived, that there doesn't seem to be any hope for RLC anymore.
  6. That was already different, with BF and in view of the camera. I was hoping her BF would come back for a visit. Meanwhile I have given up hope. Therefore, this time Stella is really a disappointment. The only positive thing is that she's only doing very little pseudo lesbian shit.
  7. I really hope so. Then hopefully this cam Show thing will be over soon. However, for some reason, I think that the girls might not take VHTV as seriously as I thought they would. Maybe because I'm very skeptical about cam show in general. I do not know. Let's wait and see, after only a few hours it is way too early to really be able to say something. Still, the first day was a disappointment.
  8. But one thing you must admit, thier first day on VHTV is really a disappointment. Would have been exciting to see something like an Opening party or at least the girls spend time at home. Instead, they are on chaturbate to give a cam show? And not even in the same apartment? The most annoying thing is, when the girls are constantly having sex on chaturbate, there is certainly less to see in VHTV than in RLC. Really sad.
  9. I think it's kind of the same with all cam shows. I never understood why anyone would pay for something like this. One thing worries me, though. If N&K waste all their sexual energy for chaturbate cam show, perhaps nothing remains for VHTV. The two were already quite reserved on RLC. It could be that the girls use VHTV only as advertising for their shows.
  10. There's only a few weeks left on my old abo and it looks like there's no reason left to give any more money to RLC. 😈 I'm testing VHTV right now. There is also a lot of bullshit there, but with all the apartments they have (almost 40) it is more real life there as on RLC. They have a good funkction to order the apartment list, based on user selection. Very usefull to sort out all the bullshit. BTW, Rumor says Nina and Kira will start there soon. Maybe even more of the RLC couples will have a come back there. It's really a strange situation. 🙂
  11. Don't panic, the bullshit show group has already gathered in Sofie's room and is already half naked. Time for the thousandth repetition of the fake lesbian sofie show. 😫 I really hope Sofie moves out soon. It would be best to close down the whole apartment right away, nothing of relevance will happen here anymore anyway.
  12. Every male visitor to one of the GOV Apartments is badmouthed by some in this forum. No matter how decent the visitor behaves, there's always someone in this forum who gets jealous and make up bullshit. A few days ago, there was a story about him beeing a drug dealer. It is all just bullshit without any real indications or even evidence.
  13. RLC really goes all in with the pseudo lesbian sex approach. 😒 Everything just shows, and even straight couples have to obey this pseudo lesbian bullshit. Nate alone in the apartment while Belle attends a show event in one of the GOV apartments. Dick stays in the living room so he doesn't disturb the show his girl give with master show girl Masha. RLC even casted Leora all alone for the project although Paul has been a part before. WTF?!? RLC is so fucked up! Everywhere just this stupid Show event for the camera. Not a single place is left with some normal people have some real life. All just show event after show event. It's all really just a bad joke now.
  14. I am really curious how they will do in VHTV. I hope there won't be any Cam Show (or at least only very rare ones). I've really enjoyed to watch the two of them in RLC. Really a very nice couple with some very nice friends. The only pity was that the sex was most of the times quite one-sided. If they made it a bit more balanced, they could also be a real winner under VHTV. Now only the apartment and the camera setup have to fit.
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