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  1. You have to use your common sense. Most of the shows are very obviously staged for the camera. Especially the pseudo lesbian shows, are often very obvious, because you can see that the girls are straight and therefore no sexual attraction exists. Especially the spontaneous events, for example when Bodgan has sex with Nelly at different times, is a very good indicator for real life. The shows almost always take place at prime time. It is the time when a lot of people in Europe are still awake, while in the USA most people are returning from work. Have you ever seen Holly and Magan or Leo
  2. Almost every damn day there is a show in one of the Barcelona apartments. Of course there is a high probability that this will not be completely reversed even with couples. But one thing should be clear, with real emotions, like jealousy, there will be less shows. For example, I believe that Nelly has a little desire for lesbian experiments. To believe now that she could live this out in the long run is naive. She would have to grant Bodgan similar freedoms (only in relation to girls, because I don't think Bodgan is bi) and she won't want that. Similarly, I don't think Gina would really
  3. As long as more come back it works. You shouldn't forget that RLC has been on a almost steady descent for months now.
  4. Eh, no idea, just give it a try. One of the misunderstandings here is, I think, when people believe there should not be no issues between the residents possible. This is also part of life and should not be censored. Sure, it is good to find a group that fits together, but if it doesn't work out, that's no problem. It is real life.
  5. The concept is what does not work. Having only girls there means that they will most likely also start to pretend to be lesbians at some point. It needs the right environment, preferably even some couples, where it is quite normal that people have sex in the relationship (or maybe even as swinger event if they are into this) but not as a show. These shows, which is what I try to make understandable, were created because GOV was too boring. In the very beginning the girls did almost nothing. Only later did this bullshit happen. This will happen again because the GOV concept is bad.
  6. Where had Bodgan had sex with other girls? As I said, I think RLC should be more realistic and not just replace the pseudo lesbian shows with shows that include guys.
  7. Bullshit, of course it makes sense because it shows the residents in social interaction with other people (I don't mean shows now) and thus gives an insight into their lives. With as many people as in B4 it can even work better than in some couple apartments.
  8. Like I said, I hate these shows. I have no issue with real swinger events, they can be really exciting, but this threesome event was just a ridiculous show. There is no need for something like that on RLC in my opinion.
  9. Now let's be serious, it doesn't make sense that here people are making statements about what they think i want to see, that do not correspond with my statements. This is bullshit and no way to discuss. Once again, I hate shows and would like to see none of them on RLC, no matter if with only girls or boy/girls. If you don't believe me, that's your problem, but it's what I think. Nevertheless, you should know that the probability of a show free content on RLC is higher if the girls also have their BF in the apartment. No need for these bullshit pseudo lesbian shows if they can have sex w
  10. It is probably the other way around, more guys are a sign of reality. one thing should be clear, RLC pseudo lesbian shows are not real. Most girls like guys and it should be no issue to see them in the apartments and also in the cast.
  11. This is clear to me, and I have never said that there should be no more sex.Only voyuerism needs more, it needs reality. Simply shows are insufficient. That is why reality is the value, because reality also contains sex.
  12. Are you serious? You are really just here to watch sex? Why do you spend so much money on it, porn is available so much on the internet for free. Anyway, I'm not saying I don't like to watch the sex, I'm voyuer, that's what I like. But RLC is about more than that. Strange that some people do not realize this.
  13. What I say is that the reality is what makes the value of RLC and therefore certainly also is the main entertainment value. If you just wanted to see sex, you could also just watch a porno movie. That there will always be people who don't get enough sex to watch is nothing new, but that doesn't change the fact that shows are no solution. If RLC wants more content, as in the number of sex events over the week, they will have to open more apartments.😁
  14. You are wrong. If you want to have orgies you can watch a porn movie, you don't need to have RLC setup for that. RLC strength is reality. That reality got lost (due to the shows) is the reason why RLC lose more and more spectators. The why not shows but more real emotions and real life is needed. BTW, a strength of the vacation apartments is certainly that they bring different people together. In the couple apartments there are often only two people, which is not enough in the long run, if there are never visitors. But for this advantage to make sense, you don't need shows but real
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