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  1. The thing that is missing in your view is what they would do if they were not paid by RLC. That's what shows if a girl straight, bi or lesbian. If they now get paid by RLC to do somthing they would normaly not do, they pertend to be something they actually are not and this is relatively easy to recognize, because it is superficial and dishonest (like the current cast in GOV apartments). If it is so important to RLC that the girls in GOV are all lesbians, they should also take the trouble to cast real lesbians. In any case it would be the best to cast People who actually life at this place and not just pretend to be something there are not.
  2. I was wondering too. Since Stella and Sara are gone, there's really a lot less going on. It could be that the holiday season in Barcelona is over and RLC do not found so interesting girls anymore.
  3. Often the difference is easy to recognize, because the fake lesbian Events are normaly not sponaneous. It is also easy to see that they are not doing it for themselves, but for the camera. Stella and Sara for example had a lot of spontaneous events with their male visitors. What they were doing wasn't just for the camera. They were actualy involved for themself. This is not the case for all this fake lesbian events. I don't think there's a lot of people here who just want to watch boy/girl content. I am, for example, very interested in girl/girl events. Only they should be genuine, with real attraction between between the girls (or even better with actual emotional attachment). The problem with most of the events in GOV is that they are only superficial. The girls do them only for the money and not because they would like to do so.
  4. This is really bad. 🤣 This is only something to watch if you have been drinking a lot and that started to have even more.
  5. So that another girl pretends to be a lesbian? The best would be exactly the opposite. Away from all these pseudo lesbians and towards something that shows people with real relationships.
  6. I just checked all the apartments again and I noticed that B4 would be quite suitable. 😉 So much space and only girls in the cast.
  7. I think it's going very well. It is the strength of Nelly and Bodgan, they are simply very sympathetic and have nice guests. The guests also make a very nice and interesting impression. It is a pity that RLC does not have a larger apartment where both women and men are welcome.
  8. I think they both knew that one body part would have been of special interest to the girls. 😉 But I'm afraid we won't see them again. Why do something in front of the camera, what they can do somewhere else in private? 😔
  9. This is just for B4, because it is too big for just girls. The deciding difference is that I think it's important not just to pretend. Asia and Hakeem are no real couple. The apartment's a bad joke.
  10. Nina and Kira, are have a real relationship, have actual friends visiting very often. Sure, I dislike cam shows, but they happen, at least not so far, in the VHTV apartment.
  11. That's not the case, I'm a big fan of Nina and Kira. Like I said, realism is what's important. I think differently. Especially considering RLC hasn't really tried anything like this yet. The closest thing a GOV apartment with guys was the roommate apartment with Kristy and the Angles. I really think this has been very successful. Anyway, I don't think I know anything better than RLC. I'm just describing what I think RLC might could improve.
  12. I don't think you get my point. That starts with that I think RLC is or at least was all about REAL LIFE instead of CAM SHOWS. A SHOW is something that only happens for the audience. Simplified: No spectators, no event. The idea of RLC is/was to give a glimpse into people's lives. Simplified: REAL LIFE is something that happens all the time even without spectators. That's a fundamental difference or even the opposite. Anyway, you're right about one thing. We can never be sure that something we see on RLC is actually genuine. Only this isn't the problem. The problem is that at the moment we clearly see that so many things are fake. So many silly Shows without real emotions and without real life. There is so much missing that it is only an empty shell. I really believe that two are three male residents in B4 would give a step in the right direction. Sure, this also means that new girls have to be cast who are really willing to participate in the project. But in the end it can only get better.
  13. I'm a voyeur. I like to watch real people and not shows. That is all. The only difference is that I have no problem with guys being present. Rather, I find it nice when the girls have fun. Therefore, because most Girls like guys, i think it is best to have some guys in the apartment. At least if it sa big as B4.
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