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  1. Being called an idiot by you, I' II take as a compliment. End of discussion.
  2. The fact that Americans tend to overestimate themselves, being anything but perfect, does not make it any better to do the same mistake. Covid-19 takes systems in the US and in Europe beyond their Limits and shows how unprepared some countries in the supposedly first world are. This childish, and above all despicable discussion really gets on my nerves. Both, the people who still praise this idiot Trump and People like you who don't even show a minimum of decency. FUCK YOU.
  3. Barcelona from home for Covid-19 | Barcelona City Council WWW.BARCELONA.CAT Find out the general and health recommendations to follow at home and for looking after children and vulnerable people, in addition to the municipal... I don't know, but I thought people shouldn't visit each other?
  4. Chances are high that it will be again only another show for the camera. Just like all the other events before. 😞
  5. If only there were decent tolittle paper to buy again. I can't stand Trump anymore.
  6. How are they gonna get home now? Covid-19 has not exactly helped to improve the availability of aircraft transport. I guess they'll be there for a while.
  7. I guess, nobody's against action. On the contrary, I would like to see more action in GOV. Only this action shouldn't be a show. A&A are boring, but the same goes for the porn show girls in B1. Irma will soon be the girl with the longest stay in GOV and despite that I think we haven't seen a real minute of her. All a superficial show for the camera. That's the point I'm trying to explain. Shows don't make GOV better. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that they prevent real life. Only when the shows are gone, RLC can get better again.
  8. Does it really matter? Who cares which show girl is performing this stupid events, RLC is selling as real life here.
  9. The "blance" idea is what I don't understand. From my point of view, show and real life are incompatible. What RLC must improve is the casting. It needs people who have an interesting life. Not girls who only pretend to be something they are not and make themselves completely ridiculous. Especially the Barcelona apartments have a great potentialIt would need a mix of girls with guys who are actually interesting for the girls. The shows are the death of RLC.
  10. The point is that an apartment where almost nothing happens is still better than an apartment with a silly shows, simply because it is more realistic. The main mistake RLC make (before conrona virus and now) especially in GOV is that they try to replace missing content with shows. This is a mistake, no matter what situation RLC is in. Especially when the shows, as in B1, become more and more extreme and out of touch with the actual life of the girls.
  11. RLC has invited the girls, now they have to accept their responsibility. However, the current situation only reveals an unfortunate development in RLC which has been taking place for a long time, especially in GOV. Just imagine if RLC had some really interesting people in the cast for the Barcelona Apartment (Ideally also a few guys). These apartments could be awesome. Instead, RLC has only boredom and trash shows on offer.
  12. Why should trash be better? I think the exact opposite is the case. Especially, because this more and more absurd and sometimes even disgusting shows destroy the last bit of reality. It is RLC biggest mistake that they have responded to the lack of content with shows instead of an better casting. To keep on pushing this mistake increasingly aggressive, is pitiable and sad. Especially B1 has fallen very low.
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