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  1. A little about love, another country and desperation. The two of them could hardly understand each other. I understood even less, but it leaves a uncomfortable Impression. Very very uncomfortable. I wish I hadn't heard anything.
  2. Sorry, but I think you're wrong. There is a lot of real life in RLC. Maybe you don't notice it, because real life is often just ordinary and boring, or you're not really interested in it so you just overlook it, but it's clearly present. I always say RLC is more than just porn. Just like a soup is more than just water. And just like for a soup, too much or too little of one ingredient can spoil everything. Barcelona often lacks the true life, because the real emotions are missing. At the same time it is completely oversalted. All girls are always naked, stretch their asses exactly into the camera and give one pseudo lesbian show after another. Every day, in an endless repetition without any real emotion and completely lifeless. Admittedly, there are problems in many of the other apartments as well, but nowhere as constantly bad as in Barcelona. Here the soup is actually only salted water.
  3. To see what RLC was all about you would have to look into other people's windows. Not the other way around. 😉 The idea of RLC is to give the view to the private life of other people. Barcelona is so stupid, because they give fake shows instead of continue to have an actual life. All you can see is lifeless and dishonest.The real emotions are simply missing.
  4. Just a sign more how fucked up Barcelona apartments are now. Anyway, I still think that with more male visitors, in the end more and more normality would come into the apartments and finally there is room again for real emotions and therefore also for real life. Just look Amalia and BF around 15:38. The two have a relationship with real feelings and it's not just a stupid show.
  5. A girl with her BF in B1 is finally good news and a chance for more real life in this apartment. 👍 All those pseudo lesbian shows Barcelona is currently so flooded with would finally be reduced or even completely eliminated.Maybe we'll finally see some real emotions and some life there.
  6. Even though these kind of events have happened a disappointingly long time ago, all the guests she had sex with in the apartment were guys. Furthermore, over all the months Angie and Samatha have lived together in this apartment there were only two events of this Kind and one was a incomplete threesome (with one guy). No, Samantha is most likely a hetro Girl. She may just gave this pesodo lesbian show to see if the audience's going for it. At least I don't think there was any real attraction between them.
  7. I really hope this apartment won't be another copy of the pesodo lesbian show apartments in Barcelona. Samantha (as most likely 99% of the Girls in becelona) is for sure a hetro girl and that's what she should continue to be. Isn't it enough that the Barcelona Apartments are totally destroyed? It's time for more real life in RLC and definitely not for even more stupid shows.
  8. The funny thing is that I always hoped RLC would have the courage to start a roommate apartment with an international cast. Imagine that, just four (two men and two women) or even more living as friends (not as couples) in a vibrant apartment. Many guests and at least the possibility that something develops between the residents. Sure, RLC would have to explain the experiment with a few words, but the possibilities are endless. If they now, just label two people as a couple, even though they obviously aren't, the whole thing just seems extremely wrong. Why only two, and why pretend they're something they're obviously not. The other way around, the whole thing would be much more exciting.
  9. I have to correct myself and scratch out anything. I have no idea what these two are doing in RLC. Meanwhile, I'm convinced they're not even a actual couple. All interaction between the two was as if they met for the first time in the apartment. Now, it is day three and they sleep separately, spend hardly any time in the apartment together and don't really seem to have sex with each other (with the exception of one very very strange event where he actually ask her to stop). What the hell is going on here?
  10. A new apartment, or a guest in one of the real apartments might be a good idea. 😀 A visit to Barcelona would only mean another artificial girl giving stupid shows instead of real life in RLC and is certainly not desirable.
  11. Also makes a very friendly Impression, but without any bit of a pocker face. 🙂
  12. The guitar player and his girlfriend have been to the apartment before. They were then with VHTV for some time until they became parents. Really very sympathetic people with a high openness towards the camera. If I'm not mistaken.
  13. Some nice guests to visit. Two of them were already in this apartment and at VHTV. Good to see them again. 🙂
  14. We've discussed the same subject before. It's like reality tv without censorship, but sex is not an extra but a not to be neglected part of it. The thing becomes a show when the participants have sex not for themselves but for the audience. Then the whole thing quickly becomes meaningless and artificial, as for example in the Barcelona Apartments. In the other apartments, for a long time also in this one, the opposite is a problem. People who actually only stop by to sleep and not to life and censor essential parts of their private life (including the sex) because of the cameras. Kamila was one very extrem example for this.
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