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  1. As usual a lot of attention for something that is a total waste of anyone’s time really. VHTV and it’s managers are learning how to more and more easily play you guys like a fiddle.
  2. Was just reading back some old PM stuff. Gosh I know so much about how this place actually works behind the veneer. It’s ridiculous! Jokes on you. Well, always it’s on someone anyways. Always!
  3. I purposely excluded the silly side talk. My comment reflected on what I have read into the comments here in regards to VHTV. By in large, they are almost all negative in some way towards VHTV, the managers, or the tenants. It’s ironic to me because I thought that was what so many people here were trying to get away from. I just find it interesting that’s all. Carry on! 😎
  4. Regardless of what the number of hits to CamCaps are, the VHTV forums on are in the absolute toilet when it comes to anything worth actually reading about. Same predictable dribble day in and day out from the same handful of people. Pretty boring!
  5. I don’t expect you to do anything fairly. Power has its privileges and influence buys protection. You’re biased, it’s that simple. Good day yourself
  6. Um, they did target me. You just don’t get it cause you’re not paying attention and you want to keep your place in the club that you like to visit regularly. That’s how it works. For reals! You are a biased moderator. It’s really that simple.
  7. Oh so because there is no name there is no insult implied towards me? That’s dim on your part.
  8. @moos54 So you’ll remove my defense but not their offense to me. Figures!
  9. There's no chance of losing When there's no chance at all As time goes by, I forget why From a distant view it might still be true There's a part of me that lives for you. 🦋
  10. Yes, Camarads has issues. I don’t particularly like how they treat their talent. They have too much control over what they do and they don’t seem to really care when things go bad. A long time ago I reported a rape that happened there and thankfully they did kick them out. The truth of the matter is that this is a seedy business, run by seedy people who could give a rats ass about these people. They only care about making money and staying clear of danger from authorities.
  11. No, you’re right. The tenants left are in scam mode. It’s not voyeurism, it’s a business adventure in scammery! What used to be about us taking from them is now them taking from us. The subs are fit to be laughed at for paying for it.
  12. Jabbathcaps better have a team meeting soon before it loses its members to RLC. The troops need a moral booster badly. 😁
  13. Wonder how long it will be before they go back to RLC.
  14. Not big into the pets on these sites, but that is one cute dog.
  15. If it were VHTV it would have already been cut off and the timeline scrubbed and only the people on the inside would be privy to it.
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