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  1. Here is my honest advice. Do not get emotionally attached to tenants who live on a voyeur sex site. Most of these people are not Lexy and Pete, who are here for the thrill of it. They are here because they have very few if any options available to them. I personally had to sit and watch tenant friends of mine get kicked out into the freezing cold street, get treated like shit by VHTV, their managers, and yes, even you people. Mostly, I felt a need save them, but I couldn't. For many of these people this is their best hope right now. I get it. I get it better then some of you people realize. But, I'm telling you if you become emotionally attached to them, it will come with heartache and pain and a realization that you are basically helpless to do anything about it and all you will do is watch and suffer for them, especially when the end for them draws near and you know that there is likely nothing on the other side. In truth, one never knows if they themselves are being played. It does happen, people do lie. Nonetheless, you cannot save them and in the end all you will feel is helpless. I myself am forever damaged emotionally by the things I experienced here, most of which you know nothing about. Anyways, just wanted to get that off my chest. Some insight into why I am the way I am. Yes, my goals here manifested in trollish ways. It was a scheme, a ploy, to separate us from them, with Jabbath being the ultimate target of my plans for obvious reasons. Also, this addiction to all of this. I do think many of you are spending way too much of your life on this stuff. Sure, in some moderation that can be fine, but that's not the case with many people here. For me, this addiction is overwhelming and destructive in my life. There was a time when my wife discovered my interest in this. She would not accept it. I almost ended my, now 20 year marriage for this. I let this interfere with my work and have had to switch jobs in order to start over again because I was so behind on things that I needed to do. In my twisted mind, I thought I was saving Jabbath from himself among others. I may be misguided, but I'm not evil. Forgive me Jabbath, CC, and all who I hurt along the way. It's over, I promise this time. I will not post any more comments here ever again. @StnCld316 @Admin you can delete my access to @Amy3, including the others @[email protected]🔴🔴🔴, @Vendmere
  2. . Bet you wouldn't say that if you or someone you know were friends with them, if you get my point. Well, maybe someone will. I'll explain anyways. Tenant interaction creates a relationship and because of that it makes a person and the friends of that person feel like they have to protect and defend the tenants honor. It divides the tenants into the attached good, who are safe, and the unattached neutral or bad, who can be trashed. People can disagree all they want to, but IMHO, tenant interaction is what is killing this forum, not me talking about it as what some here would have everyone believe. Am I a troll? I suppose so, but I'm a troll with a purpose that isn't entirely selfish, also like some would have you believe. I had to do what I had to do even if it cost me everything. That's the truth as ai see it. People can think whatever they want. 💋
  3. You mean, the tenants fucking! Up close! 🤣
  4. Do they still do the trick where the video feed times out in a few minutes and you can't watch anything for a day unless you have a special way of refreshing your browser? I much prefer Latinas girls to these boring Russian girls. They are just more sexy to me. I loved Violet and Jeff cause they actually looked at each other when they had sex. These Russian tenants fuck like they took a vow of silence. Like their partner is just a flesh doll for them to get off on.
  5. Haha! Gotta love the spirit. Ah, if it were only that easy to kill a voyeur site. No, no, no, it takes a lot more then that. Just ask VV. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. What happened? My guess it's the same thing about to start happening with Melissa and Sergio. And again, you won't hear a peep out of the ones who know unless you're lucky enough to be in the inner circle. #vhtvisgettingoldforthem #itrappedmyself
  7. You won't hear the truth about anything that could make VHTV look bad. That's held in secret around here by the ones who know such things.
  8. This is what you look like when you start shoving your ass into the cams. #notreallife #desparation
  9. At the rate, soon they won't be satisfying anyone. A handful of CC friends won't be enough. They'll start fighting, you'll see.
  10. That's very unfortunate. I don't know what's going on with her and it's none of my business. I hope she is able to recover. From my view, she needs to get into a much healthier environment and heal.
  11. And fuck! Sina is looking very thin. She does not look at all well if you ask me.
  12. All this does is reinforce the FACT that this is all just a fucking camshow job. George is the boss and these are the staff for his camsex business. #whatvhtvis #vhtvruinedvoyeurism #itsallascam #theylaughatusfools
  13. "Fuck, fuck, fuck as much as fucking possible and try to look like you're enjoying it!" Oh, and BTW, pay cuts this month, vacation, I mean overhead costs, sorry!" 🙂 #slackers #cantdoanythingelse #vhtvisstringingmealong #wheredidmylifego
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