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  1. Hi, Arkay said that you can move his days to Ashley’s account. Thx!
  2. Nina & Alan & Serena

    I’m out! 💃
  3. Nina & Alan & Serena

    They probably are and it’s just a bunch of lies VH believes.
  4. Nina & Alan & Serena

    I don’t like Alan. I never did. Now, I have a good reason to despise him. Have your fun guys.
  5. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Sure. Fuck him.
  6. Nina & Alan & Serena

    He could have broke her neck.
  7. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Referring to the other gifs of him on the bed.
  8. Lisa

    I know, I’m sure it is. She looks about 21.
  9. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Ok, hadn’t seen that before. Fuck you Alan! Roughing up Nina like that. Hope you get yours one day you piece of shit! * justification for my words. Alan hurting Nina. Strong words are required.
  10. Lisa

    I don’t believe any of those birthday cake numbers. Been burned too many times. Lol
  11. Lisa

    Every tenant has to decide for themselves how they are going to manage to get views. For most it's raw sex. Easy! But for others who aren't that easy it's a different challenge and they have to then figure out novel ways to draw attention especially when it's just one person. Ultimately, Lisa is in total control and she only ever has to do what she wants to do. Nothing more, and hopefully nothing less. Groomy is right about that, the story must progress otherwise stagnation sets in. It's the same for all of them really.
  12. I pm"d Arkay. I'll get back to you.
  13. Lisa

    It is a reality show if Lisa wants it to be. She could do Casahot shows if she wanted too. The point is that she gets to decide what's she is comfortable doing not you or anybody else. I'm just asking the question that's all. If she says No then it's no problem at all and we carry on minus the interaction. I'm just curious to know since she has interacted with us. That is, she chose to interact with us.
  14. Lesbian sex or bust! Sorry, it's just the truth.
  15. Lisa

    Hey Nack! It's not for you to decide. Lisa may very well enjoy interacting with us via the shower telegraph. You could always not watch if you don't like it ya know.