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  1. Kelly was such a nice lady to meet. Here’s something to consider. Still gorgeous as ever! 😍 https://youtu.be/9Hj9iQ2PWXU
  2. VHTV hasn’t made a blog entry since New Year’s. Maybe their goose is finally cooked. Wouldn’t surprise me. Camporn shows with below average talent is not really sustainable. The porno guys will get bored and just go back to watching better quality porn. The voyeur guys just plain left because of the anti-voyeurism that VHTV is selling. 

    Either way, I guess there’s just nothing worth blogging about. #slacking

  3. So, I'm supposed to believe that all of these old VHTV CC members, who used to post like 100 posts a day have just all of the sudden scaled back huh? The question you should be asking yourself is why haven't they invited me? Can you be trusted? 😁 It's funny cause when they do show up, they still seem to know everything that's going on. I'm right or they are lonely. 🤣

    Bubble Boy Quarantine GIF

  4. Yes, there's is something to that, but until we know the fact of it, it's just a guess. For now, the numbers are what they are and the mortality rate is significantly higher then the flu. COVID-19 is not the flu, it is a novel virus that humans have basically no protection against. The risks far exceed that of the flu and a don't worry about it attitude is what China did for far too long.
  5. The 2 are not comparable. The flu has a mortality rate of 0.1%, whereas COVID-19 has a mortality rate of about 4%. So, even if the contagious level was the same then, which it’s not, you’d be looking at 1.2 million COVID-19 deaths in comparison. People who support treating this like the flu are saying that we should just tolerate 1.2 million deaths.
  6. The point is simple, containment. If you don’t make an effort to limit the possible spread you will leave more and more people exposed. Because this virus is highly contagious and can stay viable for days on objects the risk of spread is very high. China should have stopped air travel in January. Everything except for essentials for safety should be on lockdown for 2 weeks. Failure to do this will only make the problem worse. Just ask Italy!
  7. VHTV - "You're watching real people in real homes in the real time."  

    Um, no you're not. You're watching people getting suckered into living in an apartment shaped camporn studios that are operated by sex thug managers, who make them do regular sex work or get kicked out. Do you see any personal belongings here?  Any pictures on the wall?  Anything at all real about it?  No, nothing! Just an empty sex set. 

    #vhtvkilledvoyeurism  #whatexactlyareyoupayingfor  #thinkaboutit


    1. Robwin


      Yeah rather sad really but whilst people pay for it it will live on destroying many of the tenants in the process. When you think that those that pay are only helping ruin their lives. Still most are young so they can always go and fuck elsewhere 😁💕

    2. Amy3


      Some here consider this a great achievement. I call it a walk of shame. If these people were on the site as their own manager, making their own deal with the site, then I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it. I take issue that most of these people got sucked into this by these managers. The other problem that I have with it is that living a life on a cam site like VHTV is not good for a person.  This is destroying their life.  Can anyone here honestly say that Melissa living on VHTV for over a year has been good for her? Much less, Grace, Ary, Mira, Alan, etc..... Not in my opinion it hasn't.


    3. Amy3


      I wanted to add that I think if these people were just living their life despite the cams then sure, what difference would the time make? This would just be their life in their home, but it’s not just their life in their home, they have to work in their home performing for the cams that pay their way. That’s where it becomes a life stealing bad choice. One that supporting them to stay in, becomes sick! VHTV has become sick in this regard. 

  8. https://youtu.be/yVR13BwY2pY

    shaking train tracks GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski

  9. Chickstream huh? Oh I see, a place for VHTV and it’s sex thug managers to sling their cam whores and collect tips with interactive sex work. Oh my! I would have never guessed this would happen. What a fucking joke VHTV is. You people are paying like $40 a month to follow the broken lives of D level porn star wannabes, who are being scammed out of their sex life for a few bucks and you think that’s a good ole time and this is somehow good for them. 


    I have to wonder just how much the pimps are taking for their platform?Probably 1/2!

    #keepyourbitchinacage #performformedamnit. #mylittleplaything

    Fuck you VHTV and the evil filth that you are selling. 

  10. Oh I know how this works, you can insult me, but I can’t insult you back. Give me your best shot loser! The truth is you dish is out around here like you’re somehow more important, while you hide your hammer behind your back and then when someone tags the bully you whip it out and swing to settle the score. Go ahead call me delusional and crazy again! Don’t be acting like you’re innocent and pure. Go ahead and delete, delete, delete, but if you swing that hammer on me, my point will be proven and you can live with it knowing exactly who you really are around here, a bully.
  11. This forum will always be less bad ass without Amy3! I’ll be watching and laughing! 🖤 

  12. Stop thinking that I give a fuck cause I don’t. Especially what an idiot, liar like you, thinks about me. This forum is a walking corpse and it has people like you to thank for it. Go ahead let’s see your mighty power as you walk around here with a billy club telling everybody here that they just don’t understand you. Moderators with opinions aren’t moderators, they are just forum bullies with power. There! Ignore that!
  13. The most popular thread on CamCaps is a political thread that amounts to people throwing shit at each other. #forumisdead
  14. I always get a kick when the VHTV workers try to pull Ze81 back to the VHTV forums with posts about boobs and then he just flat out ignores them. I know what some of them really think about you Ze81. Stay with RLC if you know what I mean. 😉

    1. Amy3


      Oh, it worked that time. If he only knew. Oh well! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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