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  1. Freddy

    Yep, once before dinner. 😁
  2. Pavel & Alice

    Dinner is over and I'm getting ice for those margaritas. ❤️😁
  3. Mira & Henry

    Ok, bye I'm out! ❤️💋 Peace!
  4. Mira & Henry

    Swingers or not are you telling me that you'd fuck another woman on your girl's birthday without her being there. Again, I know that Mira is cool with it. I'm asking you guys if you would do that and feel good about it. No need to reply, just in your own mind would you do that?
  5. Mira & Henry

    Mira isn't going to care. Duh!!! I care. Do I have a right to say so or not?
  6. Patty & Melany

    I will not!
  7. Mira & Henry

    It's her BIRTHDAY! Would you do that? I wouldn't that's for certain.
  8. Mira & Henry

    How do you know they are married?
  9. Mira & Henry

    For me it's another day that Mira gets left behind. It's HER birthday after all. I'm sure she's totally fine with it. I know, I know, but I just can't imagine spending my girl's birthday with another woman. Headache or not, on my girls birthday, I'll be with her no matter what. Guess that makes me one of those moralists huh Jabbath? Oh well, so be it, I guess I am.
  10. Violet & Jeff

    If there is a bath and Violet is in it, it's going to be sexy, always. Love the pic Major!
  11. Patty & Melany

    Did you type that or ctrl+v cause that alll you seem to be able to say. I think it's safe to say that voyuerism is not your thing. You should go find what you love and do that instead.
  12. Mira & Henry

    To bed! Sorry, I don't care much for sex swapping when both partners aren't there. Just don't care for it. They can do whatver they want. Fine by me.
  13. Patty & Melany

    @CamaradsOfficial I think the focus of this cam needs to be moved to the left a bit more. It should focus on the entire couch not to the right side. Notice how Patty gets fisheyed and out of focus?
  14. Patty & Melany

  15. Patty & Melany