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  1. Amy you haven't hurt anybody, if anybody said they were hurt, they don't belong in a ADULT site

  2. Hi my lovelies! I'm letting go. To anyone that I hurt along the way, I'm sorry. To anyone who supported me along the way, thank you. To all of you who loved me along the way, I love you. This part of my life has been full of amazing and enlightening experiences. Maybe I'll stop in a say hello from time to time, but I cannot be here anymore, I have to follow a new path and find new enthusiasms. Peace be with you all! 💋

    Love, Amy3 ❤️❤️❤️

    @ooopel I love you so much my dove! You are a miracle and a dream come true. Please smile! I will think of you often and do they same. It always works, always! 🦋


  3. Amy3

    Eugene, Jane & Wolf

    Yes, see, it's a hassle I personally don't want to deal with. If a site won't allow direct uploads then for most people, including me, were out of the game.
  4. Amy3

    Eugene, Jane & Wolf

    This is true! Even if they say no, in the RLC bin they go and let them deal with the DMCA orders. Would be nice if we could do direct uploads.
  5. Amy3

    Eugene, Jane & Wolf

    Then how do you suppose Spygasm thought to issue the take down?
  6. Amy3

    Eugene, Jane & Wolf

    ....and LifeUnderCam too?
  7. Amy3

    Eugene, Jane & Wolf

    I'm curious to see if this becomes a widespread problem in this forum. Keep us posted @StnCld316 if Spygasm says anything. Thx! ♥️
  8. Amy3

    Eugene, Jane & Wolf

    Yep! They probably issues the take down and then lightpics banned your account. It's too bad that Spygasm and the other voyeur sites aren't cool about posting pics here cause if they did they would probably experience the success VHTV did because of it. People don't want to deal with the hassle of using a third party host. I don't anyways.
  9. Someone one else can keep up with this if they want to, I'm done! See my last status update if you want to know why I'm done with VHTV!
  10. Added Angelica and Artemida.
  11. Boycott VHTV! Cancel you sub, don't renew, don't make comments! 

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    2. Amy3


      Indeed! It is a shady business. VHTV has it figured out, they only deal with the managers and the managers are free to do just about any crooked deal they want. If it wasn't for me and my "CSI tactics" to get to the truth of these things, many of these kinds of things would still be happening. I liked to think that I played some role in holding VHTV's feet to the fire so that these managers couldn't get away with treating the tenants like shit. Ultimately, VHTV decided to ignore me cause they got sick of me exposing these issues and they want to be able to run their shady business in silence. I won't offer VHTV any support anymore. I won't post any comments there anymore.

      As for ruining voyeurism, they absolutely did ruin it. Before them, the idea of a voyeur site was to try and create a fly on the wall kind of space where the tenants to the degree possible lived as if the cams were not there. That's what I consider voyeurism. If VHTV wants to call cam shows voyeurism they and their subscribers are free to delude themselves all they want to, but it's not what this genre of adult entertainment was meant to be about. We already have a gazillion choices when it comes to cam shows, but voyeurism is special and worth the price of entry. What VHTV did was steer this industry into a model where staged cam shows are required into order to maintain the audience. Any site who tries to be a "fly on the wall" type voyeur site can not make it anymore because of what VHTV has done. In my opinion they absolutely have ruined this niche. They tweet announcements of daily events to come, they have contests where they pay bonuses to tenants in exchange for doing cam shows into the #FREE cams, they have a store where a stranger can pay to outfit the talent and even make them wear VHTV branded panties for purchase. These aren't the kinds of things a site that honors the tradition of voyeurism does. All it does is draw further in an audience of porn addicts who don't want to follow and observe the talent, but rather want only to see sex, sex, sex with a constant push for more progression into group sex and gangbangs. Then, after that has run it's course to the extent that the talent will progress and then they are abandoned. As it is now, a couple who does not swing cannot last on VHTV (Clara is special, don't forget that.) With the departure of Paisley and Cletus, it has now reached the point where even swingers can't survive long, at least if they have to earn the minimum that AlexLina require. Porn addicts don't give a shit about voyeurism, they only want to see something new. This is why VHTV allows AlexLina to run their scam that rips off the tenants most profitable time on the site. AlexLina are incentivized to kick them out and bring in new people, they make a shitload more money on new victims then they do just charging cam rent and their manager fee. Put it this way, if a tenant passes the trial with the minimum viewer pay rate, AlexLina are guaranteed $1800 and the tenant gets about $300-$400.  They don't give a shit about these people. They take their money and dump them and then get more desperate people to run the same scam on. VHTV looks the other way and cashes the checks. Fuck AlexLina and Fuck VHTV! Boycott them!

    3. Amy3


      @apricot Thank for the die hard support! You're an angel! Get back in there and have fun. THANK YOU! ❤️

    4. Amy3


      @apricot Thank for the die hard support! You're an angel! Get back in there and have fun. THANK YOU! ❤️

  12. I am. I said I would keep up with this thread. Any new panty girls? I'm not writing any comments in other threads. 😎
  13. Hey guys, I'm going to take a break from posting comments here for a while. I'm just too negative for my own good. I am interested in maintaining this thread, however. If you come across any new panties being worn, post a name and a pic and I'll add them to the list. Love you guys! ❤️💋
  14. Ok my lovelies! Sorry, but I must take a vow of silence for a while. I'm just too negative at the moment and it just needa to be done. I'll miss you during this time. Have a good time and smile for me! ❤️❤️❤️

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    2. Robwin


      I find that very hard to believe babe but know what you mean, I seem to have lost all interest recently and often can't be bothered to read whats been going on. I have an odd peek from time to time but nothing like i used to. Don't know if i will get the interest back or not but will just have to wait and see. Have really enjoyed our banter in the past and will miss you and Ashley a lot but have to see how i feel. You take care and don't do anything i wouldn't do :rolleyes: :heart::heart::heart:

    3. ooopel


      oh, would to say you my dear, just take care of yourself ,and let anything go as where wants to go and you better to return to my heart in quickly and safely,my arm's and my spirit always open and are waiting for you, just curious i haven't asked about north!! actually i asked you about south,exactly where's St dingo in the map!! ::)expected any time my angel will make visiting to you in very soon..love you always..:heart::heart:


    4. squish


      Just make sure you come back OK?

  15. @n&k Ok, landed safely in San Fransisco! Listen, I'm going to take a vow of silence here for as long as I can. Nothing against you guys, I'm just too negative for my own good and the good of CC. I'll be keeping an eye on you guys though. I want to see what you have planned with this amazing bra. All the best! ❤️❤️❤️💋