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  1. Lisa & Grant

    Yes, so awesome!
  2. Lisa & Grant

    Party down! 😊
  3. Ok, me too, but let me have the last word. Yes, it becomes about the views, but there is a great risk that the subscriber will unbeknownst to them view through the free cam and viola! The tenant has no way to earn their viewer money anymore. You become irrelevant to the tenant at that moment and VHTV rejoices because they are back to earning 100% or your worth. To tie this back to this apt. Cam 5 is arguably THE BEST view in the living room. So, the risk of subscribers viewing through that cam are enormous. Probably 9/10 will be watching through Cam5. So, if that's the case VJ will be lucky if they earn 1/10 of the possible viewer money whenever they are in the living room. I don't know why this is so hard to understand. The free cam must always be the worst view for this reason. 😉 Breath Amy breath. Ok, I'll be ok. Lol!! y'all have a great evening. Sorry for the hijacking yet again, but I think it was a great discussion. ❤️
  4. No, it's not. The free cam always pays $0.00 no matter what. James confirmed this.
  5. Think of like this. What ever the subcriber pays a month that's the sum total of their worth to VHTV. Divide that amount by 30 and that's your daily maximum daily worth. Take half of that away off the top cause that's VH's cut. Then from the other half, subtract the managers cut. What's left is the tenants cut. But, here's the thing, if a subsciber only watched the "free" cams, the tenant would make $0.00, but VHTV would still make 100% of thier cut, plus, 100% of the other half that won't get paid out to the manager or the tenant because it wasn't used to view the cams. So, the only amount of your worth is to the tenant is the duration of time that you watch them. If you don't watch anything at all that day, VH takes 100% of your daily worth. You see? It's the job of the tenant to get you to watch for as long as possible so that they can get to the cut that's available for them to earn. If I were a tenant, I would make all of my cams pay cams. No question about it. Or, at the very least put the free cam in such a crappy position that only non-members would ever watch it.
  6. To you it doesn't matter, but to the tenant it matters a lot. I happen to care about the tenants and them getting as much of the money as they can.
  7. Yes and they don't need to care. They leave it up to the manager. The rationale is two-fold. One, why pay for staff to do that job and two, they think having different managers doing the job gives the site a more "real" feel. That is, not a cookie cutter, everything looks the same feel. VHTV is fine with the setup as long as the cams work.
  8. They are thier own managers, but if the time came to give them the boot for whatever reason, it would have to be VHTV to make that decision, not another manager.
  9. No, they don't. James himself confirmed that the free cams pay nothing ever no matter who views them. The rationale is this. Since a non-member isn't paying for the cam, why should the subcriber. I think it's stupid too, but that's the way it is. A free cam pays $0.00 all the time. Sorry @jabbath1987 and @golfer06, I have tried to redirect these kinds of discussions to another topic, but they pop up and no one wants to go somewhere else. I don't know what I can do? I guess just not talk about them, but people do have an interest.
  10. It would come out of thier pocket though. We complain about the apts a lot, but the truth of it is that any place can be great if the cams are set up right and the lighting is done right. The problem is that VH has no standards when it comes to the set up and the managers always pick the cheapest, least time consuming way to set it up. They need a dedicated team to set up the apts. The first premise should be no black boxes. The second, no cam can see any other cam. The third, lighting is important make it work! I talk about all of this im my school.
  11. Yes, the tenants pay the rent. If they don't make enough to pay the rent the manager is on the hook to eat the loss and decide what to do next. This is suppoed to be the way it works and tenants are supposed to drop off by attrition. Thing is that a lot of times these people know each other and they have compassion for their underlings and so it's not the usual case that tenants get axed right away because they miss a rent payment in a month. There's a lot of ebb and flow and understanding. VH cleans their hands of the whole thing by forcing the manager to be the bad guy when the day comes. The real interesing ones to keep an eye on in this regard are the apts where VH is the manager. For example, Maria and Ary/George!
  12. Did they have sex in the tub or was it just a bath?
  13. Other then the ugly big black box, but damn, what to do?