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  1. Amy3

    Alice & Spartak

    Cum update if you don't mind. GN❤️
  2. Amy3

    Alice & Spartak

    Yes, I like that about your caps, cause like my server now knows, I like to zoom in. 😁
  3. Amy3

    Alice & Spartak

    Stunning pic! This is what I like! Perfectly timed clear as can be caps. 👍
  4. Amy3

    Sina & Jules

    Figures! Boy George must be a in trouble lately. Just nothing happening with his crew. The chick that was at Kira's was the bomb, but I think the old guy over there has hit the ditch. I guess I just want more. As in more interesting stuff. The guest enter, guest sex, guest leaves, repeat model is getting long in the tooth.
  5. Amy3

    Sina & Jules

    Has George fucked Sina here or anywhere? Just curious.
  6. Amy3

    Alice & Spartak

    These are supurb as well. Thx! @medeo 👍
  7. Amy3

    Alice & Spartak

    One of my favorite caps from today! Thx!
  8. Amy3

    Alice & Spartak

    It's too bad, cause tattoos are such a turn off for me. These girls have such great bodies too.
  9. Amy3

    Ary & George Part #3

    This picture is just plain awesome! ❤️ Thx @jjkopite
  10. Amy3

    Ary & George Part #3

    I like the bra drapped across the chair. My guess is Anni is 34c and Ary is 36b. @Sexygirl Is it too much to ask yours and Anni's bra size? Ok, how about at least the cup size?
  11. Amy3

    Zack & Blonde

    Nope! I tried to pretend she didn't see it. But, i know she did. 😊
  12. Amy3

    Zack & Blonde

    .....and I was zooming in on this pic when my server at the restaurant came up behind me. Oh dear! 🤣😂🤣
  13. True! My best guess is that it is a viewer killer and so no one does it anymore.
  14. Jabbath, do you have an opinion to explain why there is no more gay or bisexual activities on VHTV anymore?