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  1. The other apts seem to be working fine, so perhaps it's the "shitty" connection in the USA. Either way, the site needs to find a way to fix it. It's impossible to watch.
  2. I think there too many people watching and their setup can't handle the load somewhere down the line. It sucks and it's unwatchable. Sgt Miles and Miss D know a lot of people in the porn business and perhaps there are a lot of people watching this free cam. The site is actually pretty stupid to leave open this bedroom cam. It's the best cam in the whole apt and it's the one cam that everyone watching would be watching through. They really should make the other bedroom cam the free one and keep this one locked for subs. The people running this site dont have a clue. Thus! 👇
  3. This is my second favorite song. I recommend listing to this with headphones in a quiet room with your eyes closed. 122k views in 8 years. Sad! Somehow I found myself here today. Awakened to these thoughts and feelings, Or an oceanic sense of lucid dreaming? A strange sort of spherical sensation, With an overwhelming sense of apprehension. An emptiness that thunders out From beyond the mind’s horizon. So far beyond our reach, Where consciousness coalesces Like the billowing loom of thunder clouds. The streaming runs of thought go ‘Round and ’round and ’round. Till the dancing funnels of wind touch down. And the earth bows down in reverence, Lest it should be torn to pieces And blown into oblivi-essence. And all who live will run and hide And do what we’ve done since the dawn of time. Everyone flees from the cyclone winds of One’s own mind. But if one day we should stand on the canyon’s edge, Peer out through the beating rain, the pounding wind You’ll find that everyone is everyone And everything is everything. (Verse One) Open up Your hearts and minds. ‘Cause I remember Nothing. One day now It all falls down. But love must keep on Loving. So start the show, Here we go. (Chorus) Dark to light, The day from night. A roll of a mountain, A rip in the sky. Turning the dust to flesh And ashes to breath. A pull of a muscle, A pin the eye. An initial spark To get this heart of mine pumping. And another To get these feet of mine running. But sadly they’ve just taken me To a place Where all is devoid Of your embrace. So baby now we’re falling Baby now you’re falling Baby yeah, yeah Baby now we’re falling, baby yeah. Tripping and tumbling, Flipping and fumbling. Flowing on the rivers of sadness That have been forever rumbling. But from dawn until now Of all the paths that I could have gone down Of all the valleys That I could have been flowing through. In spite of all the chaos And all that has come between us, How is it I still find myself Here with you. (Outro) So somehow we find ourselves here today, A feeling in this oceanic sense of lucid dreaming. A strange sort of spherical sensation, An emptiness that thunders out From beyond the mind’s horizon. And all of us, we run and hide, Do what we’ve done since the dawn of time. Peering out through the beating rain, The pounding wind, Everyone is everyone And everything is everything.
  4. @HarleyFatboy This is currently my favorite song. It has 1437 views on YouTube. Lol
  5. I listen to all sorts of music. Good for the soul and is a reflection of one's mood.
  6. Sadly this apt has become unwatchable. Maybe they met a lot of people at AVN who are now watching this apt and it can't handle the load? All I know is that it's not watchable. 👎
  7. Laundry day. On the floor Miss D! 🐶
  8. Everyone thinks Ozzy is ill, but he's really living on voyeurhouse. 🤣
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