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  1. A forum for http://www.voyeurlife.com/
  2. Talent, intrigue, passion, insight, knowledge, love! It's enough to make a person rethink their life. You're amazing ooopel. 💞💋
  3. Yes, of course they can. My point is that from the perspective of the viewer, it would be best if you didn’t because reading what your audience has to say will have an impact on you. I know for a fact that even you yourself have been disturbed and hurt by the things that people have said about you here. You try to be strong and overcome it and you have grown to a space where you are much more at ease with the criticisms of people here. Largely you have just learned to ignore it. I’m saying, imagine how much easier and more natural it would be if you were entirely oblivious to all of it. Take me for example. There may very well be a PM of like minded Amy3 haters in a PM who get their joy and humor out of ridiculing my presence here. Commenting about every move I make. They may even have written up a script to categorize the ebb and flow of the rises and falls to much joy and laughter. BUT, because I’m not privy to that PM, it doesn’t bother me. It can’t be because I’m completely unaware of it. Now, if I were to join that Amy3 PM and see all of the things the members said about me, do you think it would have an impact on me? Of course it would. How could it not? For all you know there is another private forum somewhere out there where a group of people are honestly critiquing you, perhaps even harshly. That will never really happen here because you’re here. In fact, even moreso because you are here. And not only that because you are protected by the powers that be here. If you think the things I and others have said are bad, you haven’t seen the true ugly face of the anonymous internet. So, by you tenants being here, even just reading these forums, you are being altered and what is supposed to be a view into your real life gets splintered and the motivation for what you do changes even on a subliminal level and the actions you take will be questioned for authenticity. Will Dominesaa fuck another guy because the cc audience is losing their patience and since that crowd is all friends here, she needs to belong too or, did she do it because she wanted to? No matter what, the question will remain. Perhaps you and Henry showed up here to bolster the young ones following a rash of negative comments here or maybe it was pre planned and you were coming anyways? You see, the question will always remain even if you know the truth, we don’t and tenants lie to us all the time. You see the natural flow of what is supposed to be the real life of tenants is forever muddied. I know why tenants come here and I also know why tenants contact and befriend key forum members. In the beginning it's not to make friends, although that can develop, no the main reason is to get understanding of the history of the site, who the players are, how VHTV actually works, protection from negative posters, insight into what the other cc members are all about, and in exchange for that the forum member gets inside information from the tenants to further their pool of knowledge about how VHTV works and what’s to come next. That information is then used to build a power base and give rise to the forum bosses. I’ve been involved in this countless times. When I was popular here, many tenants came to me for all of the reasons above. When I snapped and fell, they stopped and went to another, more safer source. One even closer to the Father than I ever was. And from there the real power of these forums sits. It controls the sand box and limits the discussion with barriers and other tools. Indeed, we are not all equals here. There is a power source and the flow of forums is limited by this. From the perspective of a tenant, in the end, when they have finally reached their peak and they are abandoned. There will be nothing left of their soul here. It will be gutted out by the forums as they are then cast onto the heap with all the others who came before them. All of that can be avoided if the tenants simply, and purposely, never join or read these forums. This way, the true experience of living ones life on cam can be experienced in its fullness. Good or bad, when it’s over the tenant can then read and see how others perceived their time on VHTV in a clean, unvarnished fashion.
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