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  1. Well... that fucking changes before and after Ulyana. no more love for Gina he just come to fuck the shit out of her in this fuck seasons lol
  2. damn.. this guy is real macho, how can he fuck every girl he wants and even disrespect them and they still want him
  3. this Apartment hasn't seen such a sex season a long long time I am in rlc nearly for almost a year and half, this season full of b/g sex in B2. glad of this season of girl. wish for more like them
  4. Anyone has noticed how many times that dude ( who has been kicked by Fiora ) tried to hear up over the door when curley fucked Ulyana I can guess what went in his mind: " fuck.. why all fuck with Cisar and i cant get some never whyyy" Kind of combination of bad luck and not attractive . damn I feel sorry for that dude really
  5. Well, girl always prefer to fall in love with the bad boy of the neighborhood I dont blame Gina , all girls the same, they love the MANIAKS , the boy whom always show her that he has second options and he may leave in any second something strange in human female nature maybe came from our ancestors to be attracted to the alpha male
  6. RLC Replay REPLAY.REALLIFECAM.COM Watch your favorite cams in 24-hour recording 12:14:24 after the sex : Ulyana: your girlfriend 😫 Brunu : I have not a girlfriend Ulyana: Gina Bruno: Gina is not my girlfriend Ulyana:very bad... I am very bad girl 😪 Bruno: not bad, she is just not my girlfriend ..you know.. Uluana: i know.. Bruno: i need to see what's going..
  7. Wow Mimi , for me that was a surprise, casual sex is also rare in B2, unless he is her BF how can one tell he is not her BF ? any clue ? they fuck without condom also looks like they knew each other before
  8. Well you have enjoyed all the time of the girls were Quarantine , time for us to enjoy some party Today I Celebrate with them
  9. and i have a video he is fucking her on the Sofa and Irma watching it
  10. both of them, one in the bed room and the curly took her in the living room in front of all
  11. according to cam 4.1 at 23:03 the dude back to the kitchen window after he was asked to leave 2 times but this time he back aggressively you can hear them ask him to leave with the word "please" in Russian "pozhaluysta" several time. then something went wrong and seems Lucian kick his as, Rama tried to separate and just make him leave without more damages
  12. i've never watched Carla and Yanai can anyone explain me who are these guests? and what that strange fuck room ?
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