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  1. Hey guys, I am stopped my subscription 3 month ago. I am too lazy to read what is lately going on. Anything new worth the renew of the subscription ? Thank you
  2. And NANA came to Childish the environment. i really like Nana she is cute, but everywhere she is found, she makes the environment childish , only laughing and playing . these shit not fun for long time
  3. Well, my heart with that dude, Nana's BF./ she don't like him, she hates his touch, cruel girls still using him cuz he is omega male. if that dude was my friend and told me about his strange relationship i would advice to him to leave!! dont be a toy
  4. Tesla has the potential she is full of energy , i love her the spirit she makes in the Villa unlucky she has impotent bf
  5. a competition between the twins and the T N R V team, whos bullshit worth watching more
  6. Well, he did his best,Nana is cute and had fun this night but she is not ready for it, and I dont think she will be this season. So sorry for the guy , choosen the wrong girl. Tesla was on fire this night. But sorry for Tesla, choosen the wrong guy, who has preferred to go play football rather than having fun in the Villa with the girls. Sorry for every girl who would spend time with this football guy. I know this typeof guys, he would be busy watching football or playing football or talking with friends about football.
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