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  1. Good question, she was very sad a couple of days before and now she dancing from joy, maybe because she is going to stay more?
  2. And Elvira also, these two girls are great together.
  3. Elvira has no mood tonight, she is like this all day.
  4. Elvira doesn't look happy, i don't get it she looked so happy yesterday when she went to B1.
  5. When Gina was in the bath with Sera?😄
  6. But now since Sera has a new girlfriend she will be only a friend with Mila, which is not bad.
  7. I notice she worn pontyhose under her jean trouser which is unusual, so i guess she will change clothes somewhere.
  8. Mila and Elvira left from B1, so probably they will return to B4 together.
  9. Maybe the club has some kind of locker room.
  10. I assume she has more clothes in her backbag.
  11. Yeah i noticed that, she doesn't go to the gym as Mila, and she stays more often inside....but i like girls with curves😉
  12. I wonder where Elvira is going to sleep, she will return to B4 alone in the morning or she will sleep at Sera's?