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  1. Yea...i remember that incident and the conspiracy theory behind this....forgive me but i don't think there is a driver who kiss his passenger without know him very well.
  2. Good bye Elvira....i will miss your smile and your laughs. You were a very nice and fun girl. I will never forget your moments with Mila...they were unforgettable! Have a nice trip and i hope i will see you again in RLC....with Mila!
  3. Mila is a great and beautiful girl, and when she was in a good mood B4 was always fun to watch it. But i think one of the reasons that she became distant the last month of her stay was when RLC put Laura next to her and moving Elvira from her own room to the double room with Adelita. I like Adelita but RLC should put her to Laima's bedroom after laima left. When this happened all the shows between Mila and Elvira which we all have enjoyed...stopped. I am wondering....WTF they were thinking in RLC by doing all this changes. The other reason was Bea.... that girl especially last month was always got in between Mila and her friends and she never let her alone to have fun with her friends...every fucking night was in Mila's bedroom. If that useless left earlier from the house i believe Mila would behave differentlly.
  4. She is going to live with Sera? Is this true? Now I get it.....happy April the first!!😁
  5. When Loraine is with a friend like Blair she is behaving differently...that's why i think she could be the same with Mila...but we will never know. And don't forget....we are talking about Mila....not just every one. Even Laura which was clearly not into girls did a show with her.
  6. After last night Loraine's show i am thinking that she came to B4 rather late...she should be here during Mila's stay...we would have seen some great shows between them since they were friends....or even better RLC should put her next to Mila instead of Laura.
  7. No, this happened before Adelita joined the project and it was all because of Bea...and when Adelita came then Bea turned to Mila and stuck on her like a fly on shit.
  8. I agree...although Mila was likely bored the last weeks, still...it was way better than now.
  9. She was a (very) bad influence and always intervene to some girls. I consider her responsible that Mila and Elvira moved away from each other and they were never being together again. I hope i will never see again her useless ass in RLC.
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