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  1. I fell asleep in my recliner waiting to find out anything about Pam. I hate when I do that. Now I'll have a hell of a time going back to sleep. It's good to see Pam is home and sleeping peacefully in Amalia's bed. If she needs anything during the night her friend is there to take care of her. Hopefully whatever it was is no longer an issue and she will be fine. Hate to see any of the girls hurt or sick. Going to TRY to go back to sleep now.
  2. I just watched the replay of right before the apartment went UM at 01:15. Pam and Amalia were both naked in Amalia's bed and you could tell Pam was in pain. She got up and went to her own bed and continued to have a pained expression on her face. It's odd that they were still naked if they had called for an ambulance. You would think if Pam was that bad that they put the apartment UM and called for help they would have put some clothes on.
  3. I see the UM has been lifted. Nobody home though except Damira asleep. Amalia must be at the hospital with Pam
  4. I just got home and fired up RLC and the forum and see B1 UM and read your posts. I really hope Pam is better soon. I don't know much about kidney stones other than that they are incredibly painful. I've read that if they are too big to pass they can be broken up somehow with some sort of electronic device. Whatever happens I know everybody's thoughts are with her. I'm surprised the apartment is still UM though after going on 2 hours. Certainly she must have been taken to the hospital so I wonder why they haven't lifted the UM.
  5. Oh I intend to. Alright gents, time to head home for a shower and a change of clothes and off to see Monica. Unfortunately I'll only be gone about 4 hours so hold down the fort and I'll catch up later tonight. If all the girls go clubbing I doubt I'll miss much.
  6. Well now that we have that settled.....................................☺️
  7. The girls are all looking good and I'm glad to see they aren't all in black which seems to be what most of the club goers have all worn in the past. If 7 GOV girls were going to the club 6 of them would be wearing black in the past.
  8. Sorry Naga, you're a good gent but I'm afraid I don't share😉
  9. I'm preparing for a Monica night. I hope the GOV girls have as good a time as I'm going to have. 😉
  10. I do believe you. That is what I suspected right from the start but had no proof to back it up.
  11. I know you believe that Chris and Damon are still in Barcelona Harley and I'm not saying you are wrong because I don't know. I can't believe that RLC would be footing the bill for their accomadations and not have them seen anywhere in the GOV apartments so if they are still in Barca how are they living? Barcelona is far from a cheap city to live in and for them to be there they must have left their jobs wherever they came from. Also if they are not going to have any involvement with RLC why would they even want to stay? Amalia, Damira and Pam obviously aren't spending any time with them because if you are following the GOV girls almost all of their time is accounted for.
  12. Amalia and Damira, please read this post as I'm sure you check out any that pertain to you. I wasn't able to watch what you did a short time ago but you can bet your hot little tongues I will be watching in on replay shortly. From what I (and you) have surely read it was very well received and enjoyed. Of course it made top cam as well. We cry out to you for reality in what you girls do and tonight you gave it to us. No fake show with dancing around and getting stupid. There is no need for that. It doesn't make points with us, in fact it has the opposite effect. We aren't asking that you go down on each other every night, we just ask that whatever you do, make it real. RLC will reap the benefits from us and I'm quite sure you will reap the benefits from RLC. It's a win win thing. Please pass these comments on to the other GOV girls so they know how we feel. Great job girls.💘
  13. Must have happened while I was picking up some dinner. I'll catch it later on replay. Sounds good though. Something different from all the fake shows we are getting flooded with lately. I can live with that😊
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