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  1. Too much booze and things just got out of control. They will get over it. 2 things I know. Megan and Holly probably aren't going to be best friends now. 2nd I think Holly got a more than proper B4 initiation.
  2. they left with a bottle of booze and one if mixer. I guess they didn't get enough action tonight.
  3. Megan is going to wait a damn long time for Holly. She's too busy with the other girls.
  4. I have no idea who Polya is but she didn't impress me last night. I mean this morning.
  5. I'm guessing she will be 23 by the time they get that bathroom cleaned up.
  6. I didn't see anyone give Damira the huge Hello Babe balloon. Did I miss that?
  7. I figured Damira, Anabela and Debby would get together later but it looks like Debby has her eye on Megan. We'll see what Holly thinks about that.
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