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  1. i don't , but they could be. did you see them?
  2. i finally seen them new titties😍 , not to bad, i don't think there any bigger but there a little pointer 😏than they where ..... im sure they will be a nice set of cum catchers ....🥖.💧💧 what do you all think???
  3. That's so sad , she had a beautiful set going as it was ,now she is all fake tittys. Smfh WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!😩😩😩😩👁👁
  4. 🤔does anyone know whats up with Mirukawa breasts ? she keeps holding them like she is in pain, did she get a boob job?💥💥
  5. jerk off twice before going to the beach ....that should kill any urge to get hard ....
  6. ( agreed ) theirs just something about two girls fucking and sucking one another with true lust that just get me turned on . i lived with a couple in my high 20's that would let me watch if i let there male friend that had the hots for me suck my dick... (so i did) im not to proud of it..lol... but it was amazing and have done it again.... cause they where hot as fuck and i got off....lolol hope you don't think less of me...lol
  7. 😲WOW i had no clue Martina liked to eat pussy.... 🤪 im so turned on by this .. is this something new or did i miss this whole side of her?? her and Nelly get each-other so wet you almost feel like your going to drowned....🤤
  8. the one thing i can say about Martina & Alberto is that when the mood hits it hits hard weather cooking doing dishes watching TV or just walking into the room ,pants come down and the banging begins... bravo to pure animal lust...
  9. this girl has so much potential to be a freak in the bed😈,she can take a cock deep n her throat😮 and i have notice that her pussy is always gaping🕳️ when getting fucked , makes me think fisting🤜 has been something in her past..... she seems sweet and quiet , but they say the quiet ones are the most kinky🤡.... and don't even get me started on that clean tiny little button star fish she has for an ass hole.....😛
  10. such an amazing ass she got ,,,, cant wait to see it nude...
  11. that is so hot kylie fucks rus with a dildo and he is loving every inch , pluss she pukes off balcony from going to deep wile sucking his cock !!! id fuck him and her and it would be a free for all
  12. is it me or does lorna look like she has been high on something? she used to be sooo sooo pretty but now has the look of an addict on pills or >>H.... its really sad if she is a pill popper now.
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