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Foamy T. Squirrel


I'm happy to announce that Admin has instituted this function, of which I will help pioneer its introduction into the vast world of crucial information that we call CamCaps.

Hit me up with your slingshots; it matters not. Or hit me up with questions; I will answer what I can.

Ya know, when I travel this vast world we call CamCaps, ordinary people come up to me and ask, "What can we do to further LGBT rights, and the rights of Women and the oppressed?" Well, I say, our only hope to better the lives of people is to encourage them to worship the words of Foamy, accept him as your lord and master, and to tax those who control 1% of the acorns to benefit all the squirrels of the world.

We're watching intently for your response.

Watch two.JPG


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Hi Foamy,

Thought I would ask here as you seem to be all-knowing....(must be something in the nuts).

I opened RLC as per usual today and (shock horror) cannot access the site as there is a screen asking me to login or become a member. I don't want membership (I am a poor sod) nor do I want to login (never done that in all the 5 years I have been watching).

Any suggestions?... please.

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