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  1. Old Dudes is for mature minds. It's not about the years, it's the mileage. It's different from Rants & Flames and Worldwide Politics. These people have some class. Tell the bouncer at the door that Foamy sent you, and they'll let you in.
  2. Off-topic insert: FYI, new international travel topic has been created at Old Dude's. Join us there and post!
  3. Foamy T. Squirrel


    Here we talk about which places we've visited, where we would like to visit, and share suggestions and advice with our international fellow CamCaps members.
  4. Foamy T. Squirrel


    Next year, I will ensure that my children observe all of these dates as Father's Day. 😉
  5. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Military History and War Machines

    My interests in sci-fi and military science usually revolve around the effects of technological development and how we as humans interact with our technological abilities. Hence, I read voraciously about WW1, which is arguably the most important war when it comes to innovation in weaponry. For example:
  6. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Sam job

    Just guessing. He's a white collar worker. I suspect something to do with tech, and I suspect he travels occasionally on business. Most likely works with the other two white shirts. Maybe a field service tech or engineer. This is an absolute GUESS. Sadly, Eva has not contacted me for love making when he goes away, and I don't even know where her panty drawer is...
  7. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Thoughts on Illegal immigration?

    It is not possible to use intellect when discussing politics, nor is it possible to persuade or convince people of one's opinion. Essentially, the purpose of this thread is to joist. This helps keep the verbal violence and the 4chan/b antics out of the Apartment Threads.
  8. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Thoughts on Illegal immigration?

    Please research the Flores decision.
  9. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Thoughts on Illegal immigration?

    Finland did a pretty good bang-up job on the Soviets once, as I recall. The USA would have kicked ass on Sweden except for the fact that Sweden has such pretty women. It mesmerized them. Same with Russia. That's unfair. One Leora is worth an army. Still, my part of the country is developing a secret weapon: better wine and better buds. And we have no immigration policy here. So tell your babes to come over here and have some margaritas at the beach with us. (PS: the only force in history to conquer Afghanistan was Alexander the Great. And that didn't last long either. The place is the dumpster of civilization. Just ask the Brits...)
  10. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Thoughts on Illegal immigration?

    Many of us don't want to identify with the most powerful nation on Earth. We were happy on our own. Life here was good until Europe blew itself up twice in the last century and we got dragged into its problems. I happen to enjoy German and Russian women. Maybe there would be more of them if we Yankees had stayed the hell out...
  11. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Thoughts on Illegal immigration?

    I really wish the US adopted European standards. That way, we would not have the crime and drug problems created by the creeps who invade us. It's so pleasant there in Europe, ain't it...
  12. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Thoughts on Illegal immigration?

    Sadly, even liberal media has reported that the practice is long-term. Probably against their regulations, of course. The simple fact is that I would separate the illegal alien families, use investigators and counselors to interview them separately, and ensure that they were actually families and that the kids were not cargo. Then, I would put them together and tell them to re-enter under legally standards -- much like other countries do.
  13. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Thoughts on Illegal immigration?

    It was never his policy. It dates from 1997, under Democrat rule, and the Congress (which is ultimately responsible for this shit) drafted the legislation. The pictures you saw of kids in cages (fenced in) were taken when Obama was king. Trumped has reversed this Congressional law with a Presidential Order, which are not actually dictates, but a statement that the Executive Branch has decided to do something that the Congress itself is too chicken-shit to do. There is a serious problem of child sex slavery here, Coyote's smuggling, and Organized Crime here incidentally. Somehow the US has not been enforcing immigration laws like all other nations, and now it's being invaded. It's not a controlled situation. Why would they come here? Possibly because they obtain the same rights as citizens (health, education, driver's licenses, welfare, etc.) as people who went through the procedure to enter legally, and as people who are legal citizens. The legal people here work very hard to support them, and they are not happy about that. Can you blame them? I'd be happy if we'd adopt Mexico's immigration policy. It's not racist at all. Right? That would work.
  14. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Gia & Anthony

    It's a bit off-topic. But the witty banter settles down arguments when nothing is happening in an apartment thread. We really should move this stuff to the saloon at the Old Dudes thread...I promise to ban myself for going off topic.
  15. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Gia & Anthony

    I'll write you into my next unpublished novel. Is that good enough, hon? I'll make you a spy at Starbucks along with Nastya & Kiko. Maybe a scene with Leora and Scooter. I really should start avoiding Walmart and CamCaps for my character studies...all that stuff gets banned, even when we sell the books with a free barf bag.