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  1. Should CC get rid of the RLC section? Neutral this time

    I agree with Army Sniper. But we are free to discuss the events that happen on RLC. They can't halt that. If VHTV moves into Krasnoyarsk and picks up Leora, I wouldn't care about RLC at all. Less shit to moderate for me!
  2. Maya and Stepan General Chat Comments Aug1,2017

    She's got her artwork there. I speculate that this is a temporary leave of absence.
  3. Lana & Robert - Chat Comments and Quotes

    It has been a long standing rule of courtesy on CC: DON'T BEG FOR OTHER'S ACCOUNTS, AND DON'T BEG FOR VIDEOS OR PIX IN THE PUBLIC FORUMS. Thank you for abiding with the etiquette. Now, back to the topic.
  4. Barcelona attack

    Some jackass just ran over a bunch of people in people in Barcelona. Damn.
  5. Maya and Stepan General Chat Comments Aug1,2017

    This was one of those horrible decisions you must make when you have no other choices. Myself, if I wasn't a mod, I'd be hanging around VHTV, Camarads and VV and I would ration RLC to just Leora, Maya, and Julia -- and I wouldn't give them much screen time, either. The newer sites are developing; they are accumulating some interesting tenants; and they appreciate us. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, and I would encourage anyone who has the money to consider trying out a subscription to these newer sites.
  6. Leora and Paul - General Chat Comments

    I think he knows exactly what he has. She's probably much more comfortable with a emotionally-distant and somewhat stern male in her life: perhaps a father-figure problem. Russians are far more patriarchal than most other cultures. Anyhow, I've noticed that whenever she gets him wound up with her teasing, she then suddenly plays "hard to get" and he gets dissed. They both partake in interesting power-play games that I've never seen in a couple. Perhaps this is why she bates so often in the free rooms: she can have a feeling of power by controlling us -- and she gets a decent apartment out of the deal. Now I'm going to scamper over to Maya's place and try to figure out WTF was with her love session with that boyfriend... maybe I'll just change my avatar to "" and leave it that way...
  7. I'm already invested in virtual, intangible, and unreal currency. It's called the US Dollar. Let me know how it works out. I think that letting governments manipulate currency is not necessarily a good thing afterall.
  8. Juke Box Split #6

    This guy left the building August 16, 1977. I'll just leave this here for our favorite beloved tenant ladies...
  9. I didn't detect an accent, but that might just have been the song or that particular concert. Suffice to say, both these girls have some amazing talents. As for Doe Eyes; I think she's pretty sweet. I don't have a problem with these girls except for the fact that they probably would not be interested in romancing a old male squirrel.
  10. If you are talking about the woman I think you are talking about, I have a video of her singing (can't post it; it's outside material). She sings beautifully, and can sing in English without an accent.
  11. Leora and Paul - General Chat Comments

    I'm really not a foot guy, but I am certain that because of my addiction to the Goddess that she could make any shoe look good when she wears it. Just like everything else she wears. Too bad she doesn't wear squirrel fur...
  12. FUNNY

    God help me, but you reminded me of this. It's your fault. It really is.
  13. War with North Korea?

    Obviously, it's not difficult enough. One dirty bomb can ruin your whole day.
  14. War with North Korea?

    Saying that you will use nukes is a very good response for a nation that might be attacked by nukes. 1) Nukes are a game changer. They prevented a land war in WWII after the Germans were defeated. Stalin had to stop at Central Europe. Find me a Central European populace that thinks that Stalin liberated them. 2) Nukes are a deterrent. Anyone notice that gas was used by both sides in WW1? But not in WW2? It was because the results were unpredictable and could not be controlled on the battlefield, and it would invite the use of them by the enemy, with unpredictable results. 3) I think we all understand that the results of a nuclear war are unpredictable; perhaps because we won't be around to see the results so the point is rather moot. 4) Somehow I'm reminded of "Boy and His Dog," and Mad Max movies.
  15. Ideas & Feature Requests

    There's a point where the scroll button is your friend. Use it whenever you feel the need. I can only just jump through so many damn trees modding the place in one day; and I'm just a part-time Mod squirrel. I don't fucking care about gays, heterosexuals, breeders, transgendered, or multi-sexed aliens from outer space. As long as not laws are broken, and there's no spam, I'm a happy camper and would just scroll along through the trees if I didn't have this damn Mod badge on my avatar. I'm old school. If you don't like what someone says, or what a post is, just fucking scroll past it. Thank you. (One more section to Mod on this place, and I'll go berserk. You don't really want to see a Mod Squirrel go berserk, do you? And no, I'm not personally fond of Gladiator movies, but that's irrelevant.)