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  1. You can capture screen videos with Ocam and Bandicam -- there are other free programs that do this, but these two are used by most CC members. You can capture streaming video on the fly with Internet Download Manager, which also has a free version. Make sure you download the programs from the original maker or a reputable site; there are a few nefarious sites with versions that come with unwanted programs or malware when they install. These are PC programs, but both Mac & Linux have similar programs.
  2. I appreciate what you say, my friend. But I would suggest that worship of a man-made state is equally and ultimately more dangerous. I don't like Marxists or Sharia Law; both of them regard the human individual as mere useless slaves. They do not allow individuals any rights. There are several gods worshipped here from shit-brained Hollywood Stars to people who just think they were created to be left alone to prosper without big-ass government. (I'm in the latter group.) I'm not suggesting that Trump is some sort of God -- he wouldn't even admit this -- and you should understand that he is disliked by those you people think are "Conservatives." He's an American Liberal, not a historical Classical Liberal (ie, Founding Fathers). They are different. The man is just another big government liberal state capitalist, only he's not so extreme. He's not what the Ghost of the Third ComIntern ordered like Obama was, so they will trash him endlessly. He also wishes the US to have the same rights to protect the US border the same way Europeans and Mexicans and every other soverign nation does for its borders and identity.
  3. I agree that this thread wanders around a bit, and we could start a separate thread for religious discussion to suit members who find such religious philosophy interesting, but abhor politics. Likewise, some members love arguing politics, but don't get enthused about religion. And, for the rest, there are plenty of threads available for the discussion of wine, women, music, and good ol' tits and ass... which are things we all agree are good in life.
  4. Whose God are we talking about here? There are lots of them to choose from. Is it a state of being, a force, a humanoid anthropomorphic imaginary creature, a jaguar, nothing, or everything? Granted, none of these Gods can be proven in a lab, but neither can the idea that there is no God. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. In nearly all religions, God functions as the Creator. If there is no Creator, as atheists contend, then we weren't created, and in that case it's foolish to argue with someone who does not exist. As far as the US Constitution is concerned, please notice the word "God." Which god and whose god is not specified. It does not say Jehovah, Yahweh, Giant Spaghetti Monster, Allah: it is generic. This is because the colonists were tired of killing each other over religion, and since they all got along quite well over here, they decided that a choice of religion was best left to the Individual, not to the government. This was a new concept, going beyond even the occasional tolerance of various religions in a society. The concept of government is similar to a stop light. Stop lights don't need a religion to function. They let everyone who arrives at a certain time to get through a light without considering whether the car in question is on its way to a church or a temple or a mosque or a satanic grotto. Having been abused so much by government, the people decided that the government has NO RIGHT to mandate or squelch the religious beliefs of the individual. This week, I'm very fond of the Cargo Cult, myself.
  5. Definitely snappy and responsive. Very nicely done; life in the fast lane!
  6. Actually, since their DNA is identical, it would be more like masturbation wouldn't it? I suppose I should place my body between their's just to make sure they don't do anything that might be considered immoral.
  7. gee, blackpanther22. Within 15 minutes of posting, we see that izajess has already left the building. Dang. That's Photobucket for you...
  8. Even The Legend salutes Admin's masterful skills.
  9. If anybody asks me what happened with the site today, I promise to tell them that "Admin upgraded the server to a Commodore 64 he found in his closet. Compared to the old TI99/4A, it's lightning fast." (Insert cheesy emoticon here)
  10. The problem with a single Europe is fairly simple: it would require that the member nations sacrifice their own individual cultural, historical, linguistic and national identities. People are stubborn and do not dump their traditional cultures easily without the use of force. A unified Europe was attempted twice in the last Century by Germany, and at least once in the 19th Century by the French, to ill affect. A EU government that can override the varying desires of such a mix of cultures would need to resort to fascism (meaning the use of coercive power, its original meaning) in order to attain its goals. The best that could be hoped is that the power of EU government be limited to coordinating common needs (can you say free trade and open commerce?), helping to mitigate natural disasters, working to stifle food-fights between its member nations, and encouraging each nation to do what its culture does best. Any government worth its salt encourages its citizens to be productive according to their individual talents; it does not seek to squelch the individuality of citizens or member nations. Hence, a decentralized and Federation with limited power is the best Europe can hope for. If such happens, fine, but considering even the US has failed to keep its Federal government from assuming totalitarian power, I would expect Europeans will follow suit, and ultimately split-up into factions at some point, too. I keep my vinegar and baking soda in separate containers. Both have their uses, but I avoid mixing them unless I want to make a mess.
  11. I've pretty much defended Paul, and Leora as well. They are somewhat reserved, and obviously do not hang out with a lot of friends and family like many of the other couples. They are not social animals. That much I know. But I think they're both decent; just more complicated to understand. Fine with me, and I don't think anybody here is willing to food-fight about it. We just can't figure them out. I'm fairly social. I am not an engineer, nor do I have the mind of one; but I'd drink a beer with Paul any day of the week. But you will NEVER see me on a RLC-type camera. Period. End of Line. I never even did an orgy in the free-love days. I don't see how Paul could function with a woman like Leora without exploding immediately, because that woman could turn any of us CC fans into jelly in 3.4 nanoseconds. He's got something going for him that she loves. He's reserved and never shows his personality. Thankfully Leora is different and shares her talents and personality with us just enough for us to really stay loyal to her. Just my thoughts.
  12. Skip Sesame Street books to teach your toddlers the alphabet. No need for Cookie Monster here. Learn the alphabet the Leora way. Lavishly illustrated with multiple exciting poses for each letter of the alphabet. On sale at Amazon Books right now -- and don't forget to pick up a copy of it's companion book: "Learn to draw Cyrillic the Leora Way!"
  13. I can tell when it's a boring night on RLC. I suggest we not get into food fights. Post pictures of your girlfriends instead in the misc photos section so we can rate your conquests, or try to come up with less hostile comments that are acceptable to the apartment threads. Thank you.
  14. Yeah, probably good idea. Belongs in World Politics. It's worthy of discussion, though, and I have no problem with such discussions continuing over there. Personally, I don't follow these girls much, and many others do not have access to this apartment, so it's a good idea to not wander too far off the topic of the girls, because generalizations about homosexuality and nationality can get pretty tedious, boring, and contentious.
  15. Gee, and we CC Mods thought we had a pain-in-the-ass job! So much for my dream of starting up a "ReallifeSquirrel'" website!