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  1. Starlight 28: You haven't mentioned that Germany invented Socialized Medicine. In the 1930's. Canada and the EU: You are welcome to have Putin or Xi provide for your national defense, and have them provide charity and supplies every time there is a disaster. Nothing requires you to do business with the United States. And yes, this thread has now become a useless political blame blog when it should be more of a discussion about medical and biological science.
  2. I can understand why they don't want the vaccine. I got a swine flu shot in 1976 during an outbreak of the swine flu; it made me deathly sick for several days, and I didn't get any more flu vaccines until a few years ago when the usual aging problems cropped up. (In other words, my doctors put a gun to my head.) That 1976 vaccine was rushed to market without proper testing. Pandemics are usually a lose-lose situation for everybody, including the governments of the world. More info at: 1976 swine flu outbreak - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  3. When this started, all the experts were saying that Covid-19 (AKA, Corona, Wuflu, China Flu, One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest, etc.) would be ten times more lethal that our regular seasonal flu. We've had a vaccine for the standard flu for many years. Older people and people with medical issues are encouraged to get a flu shot every year so that they don't catch it and die. I wonder what the death rate would be without the vaccine, and whether it could rival Covid-19.
  4. Perhaps we should move this thread out of Worldwide Political Discussions and into a Science/Logic Forum. Politics, media, and politicians seem to fuck up every thing.
  5. Here is the link to the 880-page document that comprises the "stimulus package" that our idiot Congress is passing because they think we'll re-elect them if they raid the public treasury for us. Somebody should read the damn thing since Congress never does. Myself, I don't understand how billions of dollars for irrelevant shit projects and tyrannical feather-bedding is going to cure anybody's viral infection. You will need to simply sign up via your email and download it as a PDF. Then vote more wisely next time. https://www.scribd.com/document/453273118/Cares-Act-Final-Text
  6. Don't forget to stop in at the Old Dude's Library, and join the wonderful book club!
  7. If you think that Leora and Malia should do something different to kill the boredom of the apartment, then I suggest you have Amazon deliver several gallons of Canola oil to the girls so that they can have a "mazola party." That could definitely erase the Covid Boredom for us all.
  8. The number of detections will rise as more tests become available. The number in the US will certainly be huge, because the US is the third most populated nation in the world. Remember too, that the virus was being transmitted in Novemeber, at least two months BEFORE the Communist Chinese government alerted the rest of the world that there was any sort of problem.
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