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  1. Re: the current Administrations policy on election integrity: I'm sorry that black people can't get IDs. I think that is is a shame. This means that black people can't vote in the United States. We need to do something about that, because if they look young, black people can't buy adult beverages at a store or purchase a legal firearm; they can't fly on airplanes, and they can't drive an automobile, or get a Passport to escape such imprisonment: truly they are all enslaved. There is a way for them to do all these things, of course; but Democrats think that black people are too stupid to get any sort of identification. Since they're too stupid, they can't vote because of racism. Hence, we don't care about the qualifications of people who vote. Everybody votes! No matter what! And therefore, there is no reason to mistrust the integrity of our elections or protect the people's right to vote, because that would be racist. In fact, questioning anything about the government's policies is racist. Or sexist. Or unwoke. The Third Communist International should be very proud of their accomplishments.
  2. Hey, Golfer -- do us all a favor and tell your honey pies Psaki and Harris how to ride a fucking horse. Thank you. Besides, explain to them reigns are not whips. (I would think they would be familiar with the use of these items in the bed room if not at the border.)
  3. Game Time is ON! Let's rock: You now have ONE minute to list all of the Biden administration's achievements which benefit the United States of America and its allies. Get ready, set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.)
  4. Yes, it's ancient, but it's a classic.
  5. Trump called Biden a "Loser." How do you guys feel about that? Myself, I think Trump is mistaken. After all, Biden and his state department routed the best equipped, best trained military force ever known, and beat them in record time.
  6. Yes. It's easy. Just apply to the Ministry of Propaganda, Beijing, China. Chances are, they all ready know about you from your on-line postings, so no resume will be necessary. Use the DNC as your reference. Joe has a lot of pull and influence with the members of the Ministry, so I'd say you're a shoe-in.
  7. So, one day Jesus is out at the golf course. Moses is his caddy. Jesus approaches a water trap, and lines up the shot. Moses says, "Don't do it. It's an impossible shot." "Nonsense. I've seen Arnold Palmer make this shot," Jesus says. Jesus swings his club forcefully, but the ball lands right in the middle of the water. "I told you you couldn't do it," Moses grumbles as he walks to the water trap. He parts the water, trudges through the mud, and retrieves the ball. "I've seen Arnold Palmer make this shot," Jesus repeats, and then he tries again, and again the ball goes into the water. Moses retrieves it again. "That's the last time. Look how muddy my feet are! You try this one more time, and you have to get your own ball." By now, other golfers are piling up behind Jesus and Moses, hoping to continue their own game. So Jesus takes a mighty swing, and the ball goes right into the water again. Moses just stands there and tells Jesus "You get your ball this time." So Jesus walks across the water, reaches down, and pulls the ball from the bottom of the trap. Another golfer, seeing this, shouts "Who the hell does he think he is, Jesus Christ?" Moses turns and says, "No. He thinks he's Arnold Palmer!"
  8. What kind of jackass would give $80.5 Billion dollars worth of military tech and equipment away to a terrorist state that wants Americans killed? No need to answer it. Obvious is obvious.
  9. US judges decided which Nazi doctors who performed abortions could be held guilty of war crimes. A fetus has the same DNA as a human. All humans are granted by their Creator the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's part of the Supreme Law of the United States. Other countries "constitutions" don't agree. Fine. Yet, unlike people, a human child has no right or choice to exist until after it exists the womb. Its rights are decided by the convenience to his or her mother. That's the Legal issue. Unborn babies have no rights to an attorney to defend them. But as humans, do they have any rights to continue their life? The Constitution was written in the 1700's, when the terms "Man" or "Men" was a contraction for HUMANS. (The word for "women" was independently derived. They were simply men capable of giving birth, but they were still humans.) It took a while, and many lives, for this concept embedded in the US Constitution to be enforced and enacted. So obviously, it's a Political issue, also. If you have been a party to such an abortion, unless you are not a sentient being, it will also be a very important Moral event you will consider for the rest of your life. There are no easy answers to this. We all agree. The only answer is for individuals to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. (Damn, little squirrel is getting old school on you...)
  10. I am very much involved in genetics and history. Technically, there is no such thing as a "pure" race, incidentally. Just thought you should know. --- Ich interessiere mich sehr für Genetik und Geschichte. Technisch gibt es übrigens kein "reines" Rennen. Dachte nur, du solltest es wissen. Demographics of Afghanistan - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  11. Actually, Afghanistan people are generally Caucasians. They're mostly tribal; they rule by force; but some are aware that there is a better way to construct a civilization. Those are the ones who will be beheaded.
  12. Starlinght28 is highly educated: 4chan.org/b training. Operative directives from Communist China or Russia apparent here. Obvious troll is obvious.
  13. It's true. Cosmic rays can fuck up your internal biological computer, too. But Tito's is more fun.
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