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  1. Foamy T. Squirrel

    What is the best voyeur cam site of 2018?

    Attention! Don't forget to check out our newest site that we include on our extensive coverage. It's at: https://camcaps.net/forums/forum/455-lifeundercamcom-6-online-apartments/ They have a very decent user interface, and I hope they do well. Check it out. If you liked the original RLC, you might like to investigate it -- https://lifeundercam.com/
  2. Foamy T. Squirrel

    What is the best voyeur cam site of 2018?

    Welcome to the zoo which we call CamCaps, or CC for short. We have lots of creatures here, just ignore the ones that you don't like. We're essentially a soap opera digest, and we'll deal with anything voyeuristic or dealing with music, political discussions, and whatever. We're not too hard regarding rules. Just read them (at the general discussion read me section), and all will be well. Make friends. Much can be gained from from friends who have similar interest to yours. Happy to have you aboard, bonpsenserio2! Have a great time!
  3. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic July/August 2018 #2

    Paul has free rent and no mortgage payment. This concept might be a relevant piece of data for the current discussion.
  4. Foamy T. Squirrel

    RLCF down hard?

    Reallifecamfan.com is a sister site. Camcaps gets along really well with RLCF, and most members of each are members of both sites. It's handy to have a membership in both sites, so if one goes down for maintenance, you'll be able to figure out what's going on and still keep up to date with the "voyeur" sites. RLCF is great if you like to chat. CamCaps is great if you like to get drunk and start brawls in the saloons...
  5. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Adeline & Markus - Videos (2018)

    You're doing well, although this is a video forum. Therefore, I shall lead you to the Wonderful Wizard of CamCaps via the miracle of linking for your further training, Grasshopper. So we're off to see the wizard...
  6. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic July/August 2018 #2

    Somebody's about ready to get their ass banned and sent to their litter box for a time out!
  7. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic July/August 2018 #2

    Haven't you heard the gawd awful screaming and whining of cats trying to fuck? They make more noise than even that damn Scooter dog does.
  8. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic July/August 2018 #2

    Maybe he runs a website, which can be done in the convenience of his own apartment. If so, I speculate that it's called hornypillowdog.com.
  9. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic July/August 2018 #2

    All the time I've been coming to CC, all the the male tenants get dragged through the mud. Usually, it's just a matter of jealousy, and the complainers specialize in insulting the size of the tenant's penis and/or his lovemaking technique, as if they could do better. I am certain that all these RLC guys are aware that they'll need to put up with that. Regarding his employment, I've heard several rumors. I suspect he may be working on-line, just like I do. I am also aware that he studied engineering, he fixed people's electronic equipment and did engineering projects (the antenna and clock) most likely for school, he does not spend his computer-time with a game controller in his hand, and Leora loves him more than Pepe or me despite the well-known fact that we're better hung and have better love-making techniques than Paul. 😁
  10. Foamy T. Squirrel


    No, I leave that chore to our elected officials...
  11. Foamy T. Squirrel


    You mentioned belly buttons, ashleyxyz. For that, as part of our CamCaps educational value, and in service to humanity, I include this important Public Service Announcement: https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Belly-Button-Lint
  12. Why is it that so many of our members love to hang out in the GOV threads, and then gripe about the girls? Granted, it's not exactly RLC's original concept of "real," but they are real models on a paid vacation and they're having a good time. And some of them love to show off . . . occasionally. Your opinions are invited.
  13. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Ary & George Part #3

    I really enjoy tenants who have fun and vivacious personalities and can project these attributes over a camera. These would be women I would have dated in my youth, or now, I'd just like to invite them to my parties to make my guests have a more wonderful time. Ary, IMHO, is one of those exceptional ladies. 😘
  14. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Masha & Sasha, Dasha - Pictures (2018)

    I haven''t seen her much. Camcaps speculators say that she's down the street fucking Demid's brains out... 😆
  15. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Leora learned the pillow action from her mentor Scooter. Perhaps the dog is wiser, or more sexually advanced, though not as pretty. L,P & S have been a threesome for quite a while, so I suspect nothing will be altered as long as their lease and RLC contract holds up. If we see moving boxes, however, that will change and a forest full of woodland creatures will be quaking in fear.