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  1. Foamy T. Squirrel

    The Climate Change Thread

    I like profits. It represents a surplus that can be invested to hire more people or to develop better technology that increases productivity. In this way money is redistributed based on merit. It works so well that there is money left over to help the infirm and needy. This is called charity. The only way you can obtain profits in free-enterprise capitalism is through extreme thrift and efficiency. That means zero waste. Wasteful people and corporations go out of business because they can't compete. Governments aren't free-enterprise capitalist. They are a state-capitalist organization that can use force to do as they please. They do not have to produce anything, and they don't need profits. Through the miracle of governmental coercive force, they can derive their sustenance by taking it from their people who produce the surplus. They can also take it from other governments -- we call this "war." War is extremely wasteful, and really bad for the environment and bad for business. War industries are the exception, but they are sustained by tax-payer money and are in league with the government, whether they are Bomb Inc., or People's Factory #11. Hence, these also are State Capitalist organizations. The US still has a bit of Free-Enterprise Capitalism. Last year economic productivity increased substantially, while US emissions decreased. This flies in the face of those who support the toothless and useless Paris and Kyoto environmental accords.
  2. Aha! Is this thread my chance to invoke my squirrely wrath? Excellent.
  3. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Here we piss and moan about CC Mods

    No middle ground. But we do have a no-man's land! It's this section of the forum. Carry on, troops. With any luck, we'll all be home by Christmas...
  4. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Maya - General Chat Topic #2 November/December 2018

    I have some friends. They had a kid. The kid played video games all the time. His schooling achievements suck. The parents became concerned. The kid grew up to be a master at a particular on-line game, became a pro and was paid lots of money to compete in world championships. Tired of the fans and the lifestyle, he went back to college and is now designing better games. Me, I sucked at Defender and Asteroids, so I got stuck with finding pecans (that biz went well) and modding CamCaps (that only pays peanuts.)
  5. Foamy T. Squirrel

    The Climate Change Thread

    These are not good choices, so, you betcha I don't support them. Destroying technological economies that produce capabilities to clean up our act doesn't sound like a solution, either. If we wish to all become cave people again, all we have to do is kill off 90% of the human population so we survivors can go back to hunting and gathering, or just get enslaved to a tyrant who doesn't feed us much and likes us to be freezing in the winter and having heat-stroke in the summer. Luddites do not have the answer.
  6. Foamy T. Squirrel

    The Climate Change Thread

    According to predictions made by man-made climate change computer models, we're already dead. Therefore the point is mute. Move along, nothing to see here. We're already dead.
  7. Foamy T. Squirrel

    The Climate Change Thread

    I'm here to spread global CO2 awareness. It's kind of like spreading Vegemite or mayonnaise.
  8. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Russian Aggression in the Black Sea

    It's a strategic spot on Earth, apparently. But it wasn't important to the Obama Administration when it was annexed by Russia, so it's not important to the world. So I have been told. And everybody in the world loved Obama. The Obama Admin told me so by their actions, so Russian activity here is not important to the world. It's just the general normal normal it's always been with the Black Sea. Nothing new to see here. Move along, move along.
  9. Foamy T. Squirrel

    The Climate Change Thread

    I will gladly sell you indulgences from the Church of Foamy, so that you may be forgiven for your sins. Special discounts apply to Premium CamCaps members. Just email me your bank account numbers, social security or other national ID numbers, and photographs of yourself and wife or partner in compromising positions. Hurry now and get a 10% discount. And eternal salvation. Thank you. Protect the Earth; protect the squirrels. And feed us pecans. We're tired of these shitty peanuts. (PS: I have read the FOIA compressed E-mail discussions from the "experts" of East Anglia. Their methods differ greatly from the scientific method I was taught in school. They would have flunked even my 5th grade science classes. I'd upload it here, but Admin probably would not approve of the huge waste of bandwidth. They are extensive and damning.) Have a nice day.
  10. Foamy T. Squirrel

    European General Politics

    So far it's not looking good for the EU either politically, culturally, or economically. It's not that pride and nationalism are the problem. It's that the EU's Imperialism is not compatible with the various cultures that constitute the various nations of Europe. Then there's the problem of democratic socialism -- they've voted themselves free stuff, and the free stuff is now too expensive for them to afford. This is at the heart of the current troubles in Paris and Brussels. Think of me as a free-trade capitalist and globalist when it comes to economics; and a nationalist when it comes to culture and politics. A European Economic Union idea is fine with me because it promotes trade; but centralized political control from Brussels looks like a non-starter. There's a reason why the French are French, the English are English, and the Germans are German. It was Nationalism that destroyed the Holy Roman Empire, and nationalism that defeated the Soviet Imperialism in eastern Europe, and it was Nationalism that destroyed Hitler's united Europe. Nationalism not the bad thing that Macron said it was. Viva la France. I hope they work it out without much destruction and violence.
  11. Foamy T. Squirrel

    What size monitor do you use?

    I use two 27" LGs 14 inches from my face. I now detest doing anything without dual monitors, and absolutely HATE cell phones. My Kindle is great for reading straight material, but all video and intensive multi-tasking happens on my dual-monitor battle station with the fast video board. I'm spoiled rotten.
  12. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Maya - General Chat Topic #2 November/December 2018

    Mysterious boyfriend isn't a tenant, so RLC hasn't assigned him a stage name. I don't know if anybody has heard his real name, so Boy Toy, or BT, is what most of us are using. Stepan was nice enough to Maya as far as I knew, but usually played video games by himself. I think she just got tired of his lack of ambition -- I think free rent and no job does this to a male. It seems to have been common mode of behavior for years on RLC. We've also seen plenty of females just languishing around the house, but they don't get faulted by CC members if they show their tits and asses. I'd never do RLC, but if I were their age, I'd work and bank the money and save it to buy a camera-free house, or use it to get the hell out of those countries. (Might make an exception for Barcelona, though. The weather's so much better than the other RLC cities. I think I'd turn into a beach bum and girl-watch 24/7.)
  13. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Juke Box Split #6

    Once upon a time, all music was generated by kinetic machines, and all of the music we have is based on the music of the past. I'll just leave this here for my steampunk and technically minded friends:
  14. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Sorry, Squirrely couldn't find out where he buried it if he ever had it. He's an old squirrel and suffers from CRS (Can't Remember Shit). 😟
  15. Foamy T. Squirrel


    I'll just leave this here. Sorry, it's written in English. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll