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  1. Well, that is very interesting. Myself, I prefer to show myself off. Like a boss. Like a squirrel that will trash your attic, etc., if you fuck up on the fucking rules. Think of me as a Donald Trump sort of squirrel, but sporting pointy ears and big eyes instead of a pompadour hair-do. I must maintain my branding. However, some people would probably not be publicly seen in their full nakedness reading posts on CamCaps, lest they be destroyed by their enemies. So thank you for providing such a good service, sir.
  2. Really? Is it really white supremacy to allow blacks and hispanic citizens to have job opportunities? Or would racists prefer to have blacks entirely dependent upon government so they can go back to living in the government supplied projects? Are they supposed to go back to the plantation and vote for whom the master demands?
  3. More than 50 Martian Aliens and Unicorns endorse Biden "We want in. We know that Trump has condemned white supremist groups often, but Biden hasn't ever insulted Antifa or Black Supremacy, or illegal aliens, and since we're undocumented and are generally a rather dark green, we'd rather take our chances with Biden." --- Marv, spokesman for the civil rights group "Rights for Invaders from Mars." Valdimir Unicorn, representing his special interest group, added "We're coming to California! The wishful folks of the People's Republic have been begging us to immigrate, and have made a perf
  4. That would be Masha. All four sound good to me. I'll also take Maya to sculpt my huge manly squirrel physique. While Nelly plays violin.
  5. This is pure gold. We need to get her, Leora, and Zoya together to paint my portrait.
  6. All California squirrels attest to this description of an obviously leftist opportunist who would do anything necessary to gain power and wealth over us unwashed masses is true and correct.
  7. Only on Thursdays. The rest of the time I work on the "Biden for Senator" campaign. 😁
  8. I wonder if this comment will be "disappeared" by CamCaps management since it has been on all the leftist social media outlets: "Hunter Biden, China, Ukraine and 50% to Daddy." I'm waiting... (Later-it's still here! I guess we're not trying to compete with FB or Twitters.)
  9. Geeze, boys. What dirty minds you have. I think the OP (Admin) was thinking more in terms of landscapes. (But maybe not.) Here, we see two young Thai boys enjoying the vista.
  10. the Krasnoyarsk pizza delivery guy is fair game. He looked like Crocodile Dundee with his half-flipped up Aussie hat and one time I swear I heard Leora shout "Oi Oi!"
  11. Nicholas is correct. Such information is not for PUBLIC Display on the threads. We're not here to help stalkers.
  12. As usual, the stupid squirrel is late for the topic... let me make amends ...
  13. Cheese: the Wonder Food... There is an entire universe of possibilities when one makes ham & cheese sandwiches. I always entertained the idea of starting a restaurant that specialized in such a wonderful creation. Beyond "Build a Bear", aa person could choose from 100 different cheeses, or combinations thereof; 100 breads; and, well, ham. I might add pulled pork and a stiff cocktail to the mix later on... It's not good for reducing salt intake, but cheese is always good for enjoying life. I'll have the extra sharp cheddar with ham on rye, and a hearty red wine with a nice Sc
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