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  1. Hello, Man of Many Faces. Hope you've been doing well. Sorry for the belated response. I decided long ago that I'm not a very good voyeur. But CamCaps allows me to meet and converse with people from other cultures and discuss different aspects of our otherwise meaningless existence. Now days, since I can't afford to appreciate the Goddess, I only check RLC to find out who came or left the apartments, since a Mod should try to know what the fuck RLC is up to. Since Agent Dog was sent to live (under guard) with Snowden, I have received much less Intel on RLC people. 'Tis sad, but we do have some hilarious and fun people on this board, and they are more interesting to me since the Queen abdicated her throne and the Goddess is now heavily censored.
  2. 502 is a server problem, on their side. I suspect they are loading a revision of their software. The Russian situation, no matter how bad it gets, would not affect the Barc or Balkan apartments. RLC has plenty of money coming it, and no doubt a bundle of money going out. The question is whether they have enough money to bribe the proper Russian officials so that they will be able to retain the Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, and St. Petersburg apartments should Russia enforce their "porn production" and anti-Internet laws. Personally, I'm tired of RLC's shenanigans and its hostility to users and CamCaps. I'll miss the tenants. I take web-stat sites with a grain of salt, but this is today's Alexa graph for RLC:
  3. I was already here, remember? We took a picture of you when you scored your first ban on a spammer.
  4. Our brother Jugghead has decided to steer us back on-topic. Good. That way I won't need to ban myself tomorrow. Hopefully StnCld is busy banning spammers instead of following this thread... Happy Birthday, Leora.
  5. How can we liberate Leora without knowing what is the truth? So much fake news coming out of RLC, and too many CC members competing for her attentions. It's a high-stakes game, with only one rescuer who can survive and become her beloved King. I suspect StnCld is up to his mischief again: Even these people agree.
  6. Probably a secret Russian Inteligence code.I think you are supposed to reply, " cykа блять! " (Especially if Paul is at your door...)
  7. Please re-post the video where Putin puts his arm around her and sniffs her hair. We non-subs always miss these events now. ☹️ Thank you in advance! 🤣
  8. How about we only ask them to support and defend the Constitution and swear on their personal honor. That way they can immediately go home and we can rebuild our government so it works as originally planned.
  9. I'll be gone a lot this summer. It's usually over 100F here. But, if I drive up the big hill, within an hour I can play in the snow. There, I can drink hot toddies to stay warm, and when I go back home, I'll be drinking margaritas... That's my strategy for dealing with Human-Created Global Warming. I suggest everybody do the same thing and increase the value of my liquor industry portfolio. TIA.
  10. All this brew-ha-ha news reports about power shutdowns are a false flag operation to divert attention away from the real perpetrator, the Canadian government. They alone have master-minded and control cyberwarfare. For them, maintaining their winter vacation homes in So. Cal and Florida is a matter of their national security.
  11. I did not sneak into your comment and edit it (I have that magic power, you know.). So obviously you've been hitting the cat-nip too much lately. They are not a very social couple. Leora has a few long-term close friends like Bangs who visits, one or two others, and no doubt the Australian pizza delivery guy. She feels safe and comfortable with them. I've never seen Paul having any friends visit. Even when they lived in the same complex with the other old-time RLC couples, they were never seen visiting with them. They simply are not an active "social butterfly" couple. "Under Maintenance" happens frequently enough without the need for a massive power outage. If this was the cause, then Krasnoyarsk would be suffering a massive outage on both sides of the river at the same time.
  12. Well, excuse me. I'm the lovable furry-tailed moderator with the brain of a squirrel. I have reinterpreted your statement. And everyone here is no doubt frothing to see more videos like the quality of the last couple of videos. Nice captures. Be sure to give "up-votes" to the original posters of such gems, and a message of thanks.
  13. I had no problem with the link, and the video is just fine. It is a huge file, and takes quite a while to download, so perhaps you experienced an error in transmission. I suspect paying members of AirBridge have a quicker and easier time. Thanks, OP.
  14. No. It's reversed. I'm a Mod. I do those tricks with the CC humans!🤣 ---This is now my favorite CC thread! --
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