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  1. OH MY GOD!!! SOUND THE ALARM!!! NORA HAS MADE A SPAGHETTI DINNER FOR THE GIRLS!!! She's really progressed from the soup and dangerously baked bread days... Don't worry Noldus; Nora lovers never die -- they just fall in love with Leora and Eva (the human one) now days.
  2. Agreed. She paid her dues building up RLC, and now, for her, it's just a place to visit: we call this a turn-key business the in the U.S.A. I think it's obvious that she knows the girls personally, or they probably wouldn't be there. As for me, I don't mind seeing the old gal again.
  3. There seems to be some sort of argument going on here. It's not too hostile at this point. Both sides have a point. It's obvious to me that RLC added the "all girls Barcelona" apartments in order to expand their market share by catering to an additional audience that prefers to watch pretty girls who could easily adorn Victoria Secret catalogs or Sports Illustrated's bikini edition, rather than the previous audience that catered to "the neighbors next door" couples and girls. The reality is that sex sells, especially when you suddenly find yourself competing against sites like VHTV, VV and Camarads. To each his/her own.
  4. Viki & Kate

    I think, after all this time, you've finally expressed what the CamCaps experience is all about!
  5. Still, if they wanted to spend the night partying with a male squirrel, I could suggest which squirrel they should pick...
  6. I don't pay to watch this apartment, but certainly Kami is a classically beautiful woman, and Kristy has the most fun personality I've seen on RLC. I would have dated her in the old days and we would have had a blast, so she'll always be 10 points ahead of most of the other women on RLC just because of her personality. But I understand and agree with Moos' point. We all come here for different reasons, and some of us have enough money to enjoy the tenants 24/7.
  7. I like N&K and nice, interesting, talented individuals. They're real. They're not obnoxious and threatening, and they don't resort to bloody violence when they have a tiff. And they're real. That has become a rare commodity on these various voyeur sites lately. Say what you want about RLC, but it's not sold as a competitor to xhamster.com
  8. Maybe Maya will be kind to Stepan and sculpt a sex doll for him. Sex dolls don't care about their man playing video games 24/7. Then she can go back to her boyfriend full time, dress up like she once did, and get back on track and smile more often. Poor gal seems miserably unhappy...
  9. Leora & Paul ~ Videos July 2017. to ?

    ---Official Business related comment:--- Nice work guys, but sadly we need to establish a system for how many hours a video link will survive on the various 3rd party servers. If anyone wants to help by tracking and listing their retention times, have at it.
  10. I remember the good old days when there were fewer apartments. If RLC got quiet, we could all go over to Maya's and Stepan's and watch the kittens paw incessantly at the aquarium fishies. Now, we're left with nothing but watching Maya evolve her bizarre and somewhat morbid sculptures.
  11. The Athiest Delusion

    Apparently, the US Embassy to the UK is the biggest we have in Europe. (You ought to see the size of the Embassy we have planned for Pyongyang!) Which reminds me, I think my ancestors owe you for a loss of some of your tea in Boston Harbor. I hope all is forgiven. Now I wish those animals in the Middle East would get their shit together after all these years of abject inhuman stupidity and overthrow their reigning warlords...
  12. The Athiest Delusion

    I think we should move the US Embassy for the United Kingdom to Bath. The weather's better and the traffic is a breeze compared to London.
  13. The Athiest Delusion

    I wish to hell people could get specific about WHO is the one true god when they're talking about Him, Her, or It. If you're going to attack Christians, they call their god Jehovah. For Jews, it's YHVA. Muslims, it's Allah. Buddhist's god is both a process and a state of being. Marxist consider the Almight State to be their god and provider. There are tons of religions in the world with people believing different things, from the Cargo Cult (one of my favorites -- I like free stuff) to the worshipers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, to basic Statistics, but ALL RELIGIONS appear to have one thing in common: In all cases, Humans consider their "god" to be the PRIMAL CREATOR. Hence, although I am spiritual, and agnostic, I do not argue with atheists because if they are correct, then there was no creation and hence, they don't exist. ------------------------ As for Jerusalem, if you've got a problem with Israel existing or having its capital in Jerusalem, complain to the UN about it. The UN is the responsible party. It's none of my business. At least Israelis don't want to kill me or shove their ancient religion down my throat. They are also civilized, educated, and some of their IDF women are damn good looking. http://www.guns.com/2013/03/22/girls-of-the-israeli-defense-forces-37-photos/
  14. Nelly & Bogdan

    I notice once again that Cam 2 is ahead of Cam 4 by 30 minutes. I really don't understand how RLC can make their cameras time travel like that.
  15. Katie & Phil

    As you know, Amy, the Foamy Award of Mother Fuckin' Approval is only given out on rare occasions for CC members who have bravely posted excellent material in the line of duty. However, seeing as how tenants need to be supported for their brave deeds, too, I here by entrust you this stamp of approval for meritorious conduct by tenants who appear on our pages.