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  1. There are some members here who think Pepe finished the sentence a bit too early by leaving out "deaf," "dumb," and "deluded."
  2. He at least took time to pat her little tush. This is how he shows affection. Then, a few hours ago, she showed affection to him. There's something in their histories that bonds them about which we do not know. I gave up trying to figure out their relationship years ago. It's just so much easier this way, and I do not need to have my head explode thinking about the unknowable.
  3. Leora puts out what she wants to put out; but we always want more. Endless more. This is wrong for us to expect so much of the goddess. All I want now is just a portrait of a goddamn squirrel. That's all I ask. I'll even take one of her cloth dolls designed as a squirrel. I expect no more. The woman is worth more than RLC or her situation, or us begging for shows, or us criticizing Paul. IMHO.
  4. We do have some really kind members here. Although some of them eat way too much lasagna. That's an inside joke, son...we do that here on occasion.
  5. I'll just add that the topic of "Are you sick of RLC?" is a worthy topic of discussion. Please continue with your opinions. I'm just jaded since Queen Nora and Meerkat left.
  6. Note: Unlike VHTV, RLC does not like its tenants to converse with us. If you are contacted by a tenant, do not post it publicly. Keep in mind that you might be getting trolled. This has happened often in the past. Verification of a tenant is difficult, and some trolls are excellent with how they use information about the tenants to convince their unsuspecting victims of their veracity.
  7. Dammit, I came here to get away from US Politics. All of this sounds frighteningly familiar. Legislators only deal with raising taxes and limiting our freedom, then ignore the issues and focus on the usual crap to get campaign donations. Apparently, the apple does not fall from the tree, mate.
  8. Here's a fine example of the Pandering we get from our "leaders," only this one is aimed at the Irish instead of us US citizens. A refreshing change for us, but one that should not influence or interfere with either the UK or Ireland's decisions on the matter. She speaks with forked tongue. It's pandering, and cannot be trusted. No UK-US trade deal if Brexit risks Good Friday agreement, Pelosi tells Irish lawmakers WWW.EURONEWS.COM "f the Brexit deal undermines the accord, there will be no chance of a U.S.-U.K. agreement," the US Speaker of the House said on Wednesday.
  9. Dude; that suggests that the Earth's magnetic field will be pointing to St. Petersburg. If I follow my Cub Scout compass directly north, and find the right telephone lines, I'll be able to scamper over there and find our beloved Eva! Fantastic!
  10. Let's place our bets now. There are several potential scenarios that might be considered. 1) Since so much of Masha's stuff has been removed, she's moving out. 2) The "Free Love" trio has run it course, and been splintered by jealousy. See #1. 3) Dasha & Shasha will be going on vacation, conducting yoga classes on the Galopagos Islands. 4) RLC's Roman empire is collapsing, and the apartment will be shut down and turned into a mosque. 5) The tenants are trolling us, just for a good laugh. I certainly would do so if I were a tenant. 🤣
  11. I love it. The idea that Warner Bro's could hit RLC with a DMCA take-down order and shut down their servers makes me chuckle. Vindictively.
  12. Gee, and all this this time we were led to believe that she was getting herself hot over Pepe Le Pew cartoons!
  13. The statistics regarding the idea that "The US's firearm homicide rate is 70 times the UK's. 70 times is pretty remarkable. The worst in Western Europe is Italy which is still about 8% of the US rate and they have the Mafia," seems to have come under serious skepticism. I trust just about no statistics about governments except this one: U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time WWW.USDEBTCLOCK.ORG and its nested sub-topic: https://usdebtclock.org/world-debt-clock.html
  14. Anything new here in this thread? I mean, I've been through a few presidents. I think I'll go visit the Brexit thread and have a cup of tea. Cold. With Vodka, ol' boy.
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