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  1. Julia & Eric - Videos (2018)

    It is currently working for me. But I suspect it will get the axe from RLC soon. You might have software that blocks it perhaps? I use pretty tight net security and none of my filters are flagging it as a bad link.
  2. Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    We lover her mirrors, too.
  3. Trump Will be Impeached

    Nonsense, StnCld. Both Trump and Biden stand to gain a fortune beating up each other in WWE. Stay tuned...
  4. Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    I'd be more concerned about the situation in this apartment, but my brain screeches to a halt whenever I see Eva's beautiful face. And nobody here wants to see a blubbering in-love zombie squirrel hanging around this thread anymore than they want to see that blubbering skunk hanging around the L&P thread! (And what the fuck is Sam thinking????)
  5. 5 G TECHNOLOGY 2018

    The theory of cryptographers is that there are coding systems (used by Intelligence Agencies) that could take the age of the universe to figure out with conventional computers. Quantum computers could shorten that out to weeks, minutes, or even seconds. Cray-style supercomputer development is still alive and well, living at your friendly neighborhood NSA. And probably the FSB. And in China. And elsewhere. That race to break the enemy's code has a rather interesting history, and it won't stop soon. The warfare of secrecy is as important as any nuclear bomb. I suggest "The Code Book" by Simon Singh, most likely available on Amazon (but watch out -- they'll trace your purchase! ) -- and it also has a nice section of crypto-currency, PGP, and pretty much everything else regarding cryptography for the young, budding, cryptologists and cryptographers out there.
  6. Modding

    There are two ways to post; the drag-and-drop attachment function at the bottom of the comment box, or by linking to it with the link gadget that lives in the top of the comment box. They are not the same. There are limitations on what a non-Premium member can do and see on our boards, that includes cut-and-paste (aka, the attachments). It's OK to link to a third party file service, but RLC watches for such pictures and videos and then issues a take-down order to that file service. Hence, if you see a link, it will soon be dead so grab it while you can! VHTV is more generous; they only ask that the VHTV logo watermark be kept in the picture. A link in the text of the comment can be seen by guests, registered members, and premium members. Guests cannot see attachments, which reside on CC servers.
  7. Julia & Eric - Videos (2018)

    Keeper31's suggestion worked for me. I admit, the interface is confusing. Thanks, Keeper31. Or maybe not. Sad memories: none of my ex-girlfriends would put on this kind of a solo show for me back in the old days. Dammit!
  8. Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    I think it took much more time for them to realize their relationship was finished. Like months, maybe even years. I think Maya's just gone off to pioneer a new life, leaving her old baggage behind. The question is, what is she buying to replace it? Is it decent quality? Does it suit her needs? Will it last? Stay tuned . . . I think she'll be around a while longer.
  9. Trump Will be Impeached

    Yes, obviously we should spend years and millions of dollars more to pay Federal law enforcement to check out the urine samples from the girls Trump paid to piss on the bed Obama slept in when he visited Russia. DNA samples would be impressive evidence. Maybe we should have the fastest sperm that was there testify in Congress about what he saw. It could run for days on the news cycle, and conclusive proof would dribble out if not be spewed out in a huge load. Inquiring minds want to know. I demand that our dick heads in Congress subpoena that sperm so he can can cum quickly and testify!
  10. I've never disliked Dasha. I know she's educated and talented. She's hard to dislike, but also difficult to figure out. She's a cross between a corporate bean-counter personality at times, and a counter-culture hippie at other times, and hasn't decided which should be dominant. (Maya's going through the same revaluations of her values these days.) But I know our member philo is the official CamCaps President of the Dasha Fan Club. He speaks with an aura of authority; I shall listen.
  11. Looks like they kept their friend from falling down the stairs in her drunken stupor. Methinks it's bed-time for Bonzo. If there's going to be a party, I think we'll need the Queen to arrange it. And a whole lot of espresso.
  12. Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    I'm thinking that perhaps she jumped out of the old relationship too late.
  13. Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    I think Maya been going through a personality change. (Duh.) I originally thought she met him in an local artist co-operative, and he was helping her with a sculpture on occasions. That would suggest they are kindred spirits. But now I'm not so sure. Now I think he's just a clean and order freak. On this, they certainly are not kindred spirits. She'd do the Spring cleaning in the past, but that was generally because Stepan never did a damn thing to keep the place under control. Other than that, cleanliness and order took a low priority and she generally preferred a messy creativeness. Maybe Boy Toy will encourage her to pull out that sexy maid outfit she once wore around the house again. I miss that. (And the Queen Khaleesi costume looked sooooo hot on her, too.)
  14. Without question, Leora and Zoya have been the most skillful painters on RLC and Maya the best sculptor; but all the Barcelona girls have been very experienced with body painting, and it's always fun to see them perform their art. They seem to enjoy it as much as we do. Somebody hand me my paint brush -- I think Belle needs a little touch up...
  15. Voyeur-House.tv

    Go to this link to express negativity, hostility, or self-righteous condemnations. I don't like cleaning up after food fights. Thank you.