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  1. I'll just leave this here.
  2. Foamy T. Squirrel

    R1 (Kristy) General thread February #3

    3K's are off UM. That was quick.
  3. Foamy T. Squirrel

    R1 (Kristy) General thread February #3

    Are you suggesting that RLC might cut back on their Russian apartments? If the Russian FSB goes the way of Ukraine, RLC is going to have a lot of problems... and this forum is going to be flooded with tears. Fortunately, Old Dudes is on high ground. I'll be over there at the bar. Put some sad music on the Juke Box...
  4. Foamy T. Squirrel

    R1 (Kristy) General thread February #3

    Until it becomes official on the RLC marquee and apartment listings, I will withhold the standard CamCaps goodbye song...
  5. Foamy T. Squirrel

    R1 (Kristy) General thread February #3

    Well, I told you I was late! 😁 Wrong party, too, but it could apply to just about any of the tenants who get burned out with their RLC lifestyle.
  6. Sorry to be late, but check this site: https://gardenerdy.com/blue-rose-meaning This would suggest that either: 1) you did not receive a message from Kami, but a troll, or 2) Kami explained that she has new goals that don't include RLC.
  7. Allandino -- my comment was not a reaction to your previous comment. You explained why you dislike her -- and you did not call her a cunt, bitch or whore. I am accepting of different points of view. However, overall, other threads and other posters have been unjustifiably hostile to her. I was not speaking of the opinion you expressed. Yes, most of the tenants check in to CamCaps. They can access CamCaps from Russia (we don't block them.) They might just want to see how they're viewed, but I seriously doubt they take action on the negative comments that some members post. It's quite highly possible that Kami simply wants to leave.
  8. This is not in reply to any current post here. It is only to clarify my opinions over a long-standing issue of how we should treat the tenants on CC. It is OK to be critical of certain tenant's behavior, but you should explain why you think that. No tenant is obligated to show you his or her reproductive organs. In fact, tenants are only obligated to be there in the apartments on occasion. Simply calling someone a cunt, bitch, whore is not acceptable. We want evidence and reasons. There is no reason why a beautiful girl like Kami should suffer such abuse, nor should any of the male tenants. They are here. They did not sign up for this shit. And when you click on RLC, subscriber or not, you were not promised that they would be your personal jack-off slaves.
  9. Foamy T. Squirrel

    MAGA Fail

    Obama nationalized GM. The people who owned shares in their retirement accounts lost their holdings. Major control of the company was handed over to the United Autoworkers. The union leaders then built a new factory in Mexico. This could be wrong, because it was widely reported in the general media, and we now know we can't trust them either.
  10. Foamy T. Squirrel

    US General Domestic Politics Part #2

    ¿Cómo se dice "Hey hoser, cómo 'un juego de Beer Hunter" en español mexicano? Como se dice "You're next."
  11. Define "legitimate police." Do they have them there?
  12. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Voyeur-House.TV (2019) Part #1

    In the United States, this kind of law enforcement action could be referred to as a "St. Valentine's Day Massacre." Somebody didn't pay off the right officials...
  13. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Yulia and Ivan General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    To my knowledge, real names have not been used on RLC since Nastya and Zheka had a problem with stalkers. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
  14. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Ulyana & Marat - Videos (2019)

    This is the best I can dig up on her RLC stage-name. http://russian.languagedaily.com/names/russian-names-for-girls
  15. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Russian politics

    The implications of this action are far reaching. https://www.euronews.com/2019/02/12/russia-planning-to-disconnect-from-global-network-with-separate-internet-system