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  1. I lost that argument long ago. The policy was made for people who use mobile media and don't like to scroll forever when they just want tiny naked pix on their devices. We'll accept thank-you comments in the pix section, and I don't mind pix that illustrate a point in the comment section.
  2. I suggest the jack-off stuff go here: Even with two big screens, and real keyboard, and a scrolling mouse, it's a pain-in-the-ass to scroll through. Plus, it pisses off her and the fans that respect her as a woman, and they fight, and that in turn pisses off Mods. Thanks.
  3. You missed the sight of the skunk under the couch. 🤣
  4. Not a lot. It's a house of smoke and mirrors. We call these various places "internet forums."
  5. 1) I don't think she's living a normal life that she she would accept. She's doing it because of her circumstances. 2) Agree. She doesn't care for the orgy life, or the porn life. She dislikes the entire cam-whore scene. She's at war with herself about it.
  6. Leora is not a social butterfly. That's obvious. But perhaps her friend "Bangs" will visit again and cheer her up. But as for lesbian action, I would recommend VHTV.
  7. That's well said. I understand. All the deacons of the church would like all the basic elements physical union, but they also want the mind-meld. They yearn to discover how her mind works. And they are as frustrated as the guys who just want to fuck her with their dicks. Procreational instincts are always in the background, even when the most moral and elevated intentions are in involved.
  8. Quick easy poll: Does Leora really want to be on RLC? Would she rather live somewhere else in the world and have a "normal" non-Internet life? Would she rather engage in RLC or live where she can paint, read, and take care of distraught animals?
  9. Little squirrel thinks perhaps I should slack off on the Rules in this thread if I can get approval from the Almighty Committee of Admin & Moderators. (ACAM, the controlling body of CC.) Let the church services be held in the Church of the Goddess without such distractions. It upsets the Goddess when she read the comments (if she still does) and angers her zealots and followers until they turn into vigilantes and hang the insulting son-of-a-bitch. This results in food fights, of which we Mods hate. Let the Church of the Goddess services continue without distractions, and post really negative comments here instead -- please. (This is posted as a member. You may complain about this view to your heart's content for now. If you don't like Leora, GTFO or post tits, or -- at a minimum, post your bitching here, not the main Apartment Comment thread. Thank you.)
  10. We're not hibernating. With no free cams, RLC non-subscribers have little to talk about except opinions and idle (and sometimes ridiculous speculations.) It was better before RLC pulled out of Russia, of course.There are no rules regarding fantasizing over an attractive tenant or expressing it in a discussion thread. We Mods have bigger fish to fry. I usually just scroll past anything I think is boring; but not everybody has the same opinion about the value of comments as I have. So, let it roll.
  11. You are correct. However, idle speculation, even if ridiculous or absurd, is just a guess by the poster, and is acceptable. And if you can't say something nice about a tenant, you should explain why you feel they misbehaved. Specific real information about the tenants that could harm them or affect their lives outside of the apartments should be kept to yourself and perhaps your PM friends. Also, if a poster irritates you, put them on your Ignore list or just scroll past them. It's rather simple to do either one.
  12. And now, the song that was voted CamCaps Official Corporate Song for 2010: And it's still appropriate to this very day! 🤣
  13. It's easy to post comments in the appropriate sections, and other users appreciate it when they do so. Is that clear everybody? Now, where did I put my Moderators choke chain? 😎
  14. Please post political comments over at: https://camcaps.net/forums/topic/12362-us-general-domestic-politics-part-2/?&page=52#comments (PS: I agree about SF. It's now trashed.)
  15. This again. Geeze. At least it's in a appropriate section... If you don't like a poster's comment, they can easily be put on an ignore list. Or -- do like was done on Usenet and BBS systems in the old days: just scroll past them. Simple. If you react to an infuriating comment with your own reply, then you are violating a rule of all Forums: Don't feed the trolls. The apartment threads are for discussing the tenants, not our own personal vanity or by perpetuating vindictive flame wars and feuds. We have a topic for that. And harping on the same belabored opinion is not conducive to any sort of constructive discussion. We don't ban any fucking "dirty" words here. Everybody: and this is for EVERYBODY, please just stay on topic for the section's topic, don't flame bait, and don't feed the trolls, or we Mods will get pissed. We hate dealing with this shit. Simple.
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