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  1. Perhaps I am wrong on this. It's entirely possible that they smoke dope all day and play tiddly-winks, which is a bit more like a sport than a game, but equally complex and difficult to master. For more information: Before I am accused of being off-topic, I'm trying to suggest that finding a post on this Photobucket forum that remains alive after a few hours is like trying to shoot a wink into a car that's moving past at 80 kph... With its windows rolled up.
  2. It would be best to post the pix directly to CC attachments or a third party file service, then link them here, rather than to directly link the photobucket profile here. Photobucket Mods come here to do their work because it's easier. They sit back, jack-off, drink beer and play cribbage while letting CC members do all their work.
  3. We must all stop ManBearPig.
  4. Actually, I think everybody is just exhausted from watching the antics at Barc1 or can't sign on because their keyboards are all stuck up with their jizz. Fine with me. 1500 members on-line all the time is too much to keep up with regardless of a Mod's age.
  5. Looks like Junior is getting cocky again. Actually, most of the CC newbies already got put to bed by mommy cuz it's way past their bedtime. What are you doing up so late?
  6. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Maya's broken arm experience kinda knocked the wind out of her sails. She seems more sullen, and smiles less often, and is far more inhibited in the free rooms than when M&S first arrived. Some of this might just be the weather or winter hibernation. Hopefully she'll perk up when Spring comes.
  7. Best and deepest fisters: Carinna & Sabrina. Let's see who replaces them -- no latex gloves required.
  8. The most interesting thing about democracy is that if you don't win elections, and don't care about the Rule of Law, you can always result to mob rule and destroy property and try to kill and scare people until you get your way. Then you can say it was a "democratic movement" as if that has anything to do with maximizing individual liberty. It worked for Hitler! Rule by a God King isn't any better. Individuals without freedom of religion are psychologically enslaved to the leader. They are zombies. I don't do the Pharaoh, Pope, or Emperor of Japan thing. Rule by a benevolent King is good for a time until his spoiled kid takes over and screws up everything. I won't list them; I don't want to take up the bandwidth. Rule by a centralized government/bureaucracy that has not only political power but also economic power over its citizens has absolute power over its citizens, and it will ultimately become absolutely corrupt. Just wait until everything is run automatically by Artificial Intelligence instead of humans. Everything will be wonderful. Only then, by sacrificing our individual liberties can we work together to create this new perfect world, free of human imperfections. And remember, it's for the children. So next time, VOTE FOR ME, your very own lovable fuzzy virtual reality squirrel. (This message is provided by the International Association of Sentient Electronic Beings which is solely responsible for its contact. Obey.)
  9. You can only download clips that are posted by 3rd party servers, not from CamCaps servers or from the CC gallery or attachment center. Or maybe Admin just likes you and gave you a premium membership. Now, regarding Julia's rather interesting facial characteristics...
  10. I suspect Leora has a very bad sense of smell or she would be cuddling a different sort of fluffy-tailed woodland creature.
  11. Whelp, PM me with any results. It's bed-time for little squirrel. But BBsq69, I doubt much will happen unless that stupid suave skunk calls up on her phone and seduces her with his animal charms.
  12. That's OK, Mr. Siberian Hamster. You need a warm-weather vacation in Barcelona, any way. We'll miss you, but if we get any more woodland creatures, fat cats and dogs hanging out in Leora's apartment, it will start looking like Maya's place. But I agree Belle would not be a bad returnee for RLC to consider.
  13. Ola, amigo. You aren't the weirdo. None of us understand the nature of their relationship, either. I gave up trying years ago; their psychology (especially Leora's) is incomprehensible to mortal men. Suffice to say, they've been together as a couple for the last 4,000 years, and probably will remain so. I even cut some slack for Scooter the doggy, because Scooter makes her smile. (Though I still think she'd be better off with a squirrel.)