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  1. In the spirit of site cleaning, I'm thinking we should dump the whole topic. We're not here to re-sell subscriptions to other sites. But I'll re-sell my subscription for CC to anyone for $1000 cash any day! (or ten truck loads of pecans, whichever comes first!) 😁
  2. If Iran's government gets its way, it will conquer Iraq. Then it will slaughter the Sunni's, then Kurds, and Europe will see misery occur that is 100 times that of what has happened with Syria. Immigration to Europe will mean that Europe loses its identity. We don't need their oil. Europe does. And Trump and American citizens have no need to deal with Middle East or European problems except to help defend a few republics that still exist in that part of the world.
  3. There is a JukeBox over at Old Dude's. Share links to your favorites songs there in honor of this musicians you have enjoyed over the years. Look for JukeBox split 6. Share.
  4. Unrelated gifs will be removed as I have time. Please do not post them, as there have been too many complaints.
  5. You are correct. But she would be if PEOPLE STAYED ON TOPIC! Can we steer this away from the drivel before all the grownups leave, please?
  6. So could I. Kitek is a founding member of CC. I always listen to founding members. The people here who spoke Russian always disagreed on translations, anyway. All of them. Especially the Russian ones! I think it must be a vodka thing... 🙃
  7. Neo-Bolshevik Party. Children of the Ghost of the 3rd ComIntern. The Pelosi branch of the American Democrat Party are mild mannered Mensheviks. They don't play well together in the sand box, as you might guess.
  8. Some are lurkers. And many are still here. That will have to suffice.
  9. I don't blame you. I'll just say that Leora's psychology that I've seen is that of a very complex mind. It would be wrong of me that I understand it: Females always have this advantage over us males, regardless of our sexual predilections. And she's damn good at it.
  10. This is a complex topic here. Camcaps members have always ragged on the male tenants (jealousy, my-dick-is-bigger, stuff). Bogdan didn't get much crap from CC male members, but Kiko and Paul certainly did. Complaints about Paul don't really impress Leora. She chose to stay with him for a long time, and they still are at minimum, friends. I've always felt that Leora's personality and mind leaked through her presentation on the Internet (especially in the old days, when she was painting, sewing dolls, reading, etc.) She could of course had been play-acting. Paul shows nothing. He's reserved. And he doesn't give a damn about what any of us think. The question is, does Leora care? Or is it all about the money? Smoke & mirrors; speculation and fantasy...
  11. She should be out showing Paul the city. It's a beautiful place and a resilient town as anyone can attest if they read the history of human warfare.
  12. Whether for good or ill (at this point of time), Leora has had long-term bonds with Paul, and he would not be visiting her in Prague if it wasn't emotionally important to her. I don't personally think she cares a bit about the woodland creatures here, or the other members. She has never painted a portrait of me, despite the only difficult part is getting the eyebrows and ears right -- so I claim that as evidence that she must be more tightly tied to Paul than us. 😪 And no, I don't think he's a stupid man, at all. He probably know the real Leora far more than we do. That makes us the stupid fools. "beckett" merely repeats what many of us veterans have known for many years... 😜
  13. Note: we have two members here with very, very, similar names. Keep that in mind.
  14. Win a big lotto prize then. Buy your own yacht. I'll join you in the ship's bar and we'll snag plenty of fish whenever we want. I have several ladies in mind for your all female crew so we won't have to bother with the day-to-day routines. (Insert panting, frothing dirty-old-man emoticon here.)
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