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  1. No you don't. It's not fun. It's just addictive and highly taxed to fund creeps who we continually elect to state government. My friends in Mendocino County could set you up with something that's much more to your liking, since you are, after all, a bull. Bulls and Cows eat grass. Then you could change your display name to "Cosmic Dancing Giggling Harley." Be sure to buy a bunch of ice cream and potato chips first.
  2. AAAARRRRGH! If it was a computer (I mean a real one, not a phone one) I'd say go to the browers preferences, and see what the hell happened to your home page as well. I have no experience with such issues, but will scream holy hell until someone sees your post.
  3. The Rants and Flames section was specifically created to have a place to dump sewage and rotting dead meat from the apartment sections. It's a matter of hygiene. Leora prefers clean apartments. I wish more members would use that section when they have the urgent need. Think of Rants & Flames as a port-o-potty that just doesn't get cleaned out often enough. Myself, I'd rather clean up apartment threads than come here. To act as a navigation aid, we archive busy apartment threads once a month to eliminate endless scrolling (a fricken pain for you phone users), and archive the entire apartment when the tenants leave. That's plenty of work. But, as I said, we want Leora to be happy with us. Spic and span. Shave everyday and you'll always feel keen.
  4. It draws traffic. It's the VH version of RLC's Barc 1 with better production quality and a professional cast.
  5. To get back on topic, the girl (Leora) reads real books. And except for Anabel and Efim, who read printed music notation, none of the other tenants do. They text on phones instead. Not the same thing.
  6. The sweet sounds of German depend entirely on the speaker. Leora, whispering Schopenhauer in your ear, would probably be much more soothing than some French former Sumo wrestler whispering Sartre in your ear. Unlike the French, Germans, Russians and English use consonants occasionally when speaking. The French only use vowels. It's difficult for us foreigners to master a language that only has 5 or so letters in its alphabet.
  7. Little squirrel concurs with the big fat ass cat for once, but only on this particular issue. Everything else he says is sneaky and suspicious. But nothing is happening with L&P right now, so I'll just leave this stupid off topic link and ban myself later:
  8. The nice thing about Leora is that she's a universal language that all can understand and appreciate. Whelp -- at least all functional heterosexual males can appreciate her. Understanding her is not an option for us. I'll let Paul try to figure her out.
  9. Hablo un poco español después de 4 años de estudio. Ich studierte Deutsch seit zwei Jahren an der Universität. I am surrounded by immigrant Germans and Spanish speakers who only want to speak English here because it is the language of commerce, thanks to the Royal British Navy. The rest of the Americans here have forgotten their native tongue entirely, and only speak a bastardized version of British English. Hence, I have not had a need for another language, except when I think of squirreling in and whispering sweet German philosophical phrases into the ear of the goddess. Of course, I'd have to get in line behind the goddamn skunk, Siberian hamster, a fat cat, and Scooter.
  10. You mean naked?!! Wow. I haven't noticed that. I was too empathetic about her artwork, her personality, and the fact that her psychology is a riddle wrapped around an enigma to pay attention to that sort of thing. Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Read more at:
  11. Yep. Krasnoyarsk people can buy everything the world has to offer now days. It wasn't that way during the reign of the Bolsheviks. It's called global trade. Every one of the tenants owns products made throughout the world. And they all operate with operating systems designed by Americans or Europeans running chips designed by Americans and manufactured in Asia.They all watch "The Simpsons," created by Americans and illustrated by Asians. Most of them have TVs, marketed by the Dutch (Phillips), using Asian LED screens. All of the tenants have the choice of ASUS, HP, or Apple Computers, depending on their desires. I've seen more KFC buckets in Krasnoyarsk than I've ever seen in my entire life in America. It's nice to see that when people trade goods through peaceful commerce, they have less incentive to resort to warfare to get what they want. I'd prefer to know that when I die, L&P and M&S have had a good long happy life, and had the day-to-day products they'd like to use and enjoy.
  12. Has anyone here wondered why she's not a model? There are other professional models on RLC, but somehow Leora could wear a potato sack and make it look great, while the Barc girls would look like Russian peasants.
  13. Nada, mi amigo. Private message me and we'll work it out.
  14. Yes. We must stay on topic here. Since language is derived from the Latin "lingua," which means "tongue" in Latin, I suggest we vote on which of the Barc girls we would like to "talk" to the most, and which girls have "talked" to one another the most. They might not speak our language, but a bit of licking and sucking communicates better and is universal. See how nicely I got this back on topic? No academia here! (I promise to ban myself for this remark.)