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  1. Explain to me how you determine this. I want absolute facts, and I want them to be as convincing as Hillary's admission that she violated the Espionage Act and contrived with Russian intel agents to create a false narrative in hopes of screwing up the 2016 election results. I would also know why rich pigs leftist Democrat/Marxists like Pelosi take a salary from the tax payers, while Trump didn't.
  2. It's obvious to me that if you are in law enforcement, you should not do your job unless you are in a White, Asian, or Hispanic neighborhood. Not when any black person is remotely involved. Now days, everything is about race, and no one cares even though the perp is in the act of commiting a felony or poses a danger to others. Liberals do not believe that African-Americans are smart enough to get an ID, cannot and should not follow the requests of a police officer, and don't want any law enforcement in their neighborhoods.
  3. Yes, maybe so. I have not seen the full footage of the video. The "Don't Shoot!" narrative was bullshit. Everybody jumps to conclusions about these things. These things should be understood rationally, and when true, be adjudicated in a Court of Law.
  4. The idea of starting a race war to divide American citizens is not new. Lacking a peasant class and an economic structure, Moscow suggest through the Second Communist International that such a conflict should be fomented. Read the history of the ComIntern. And read it quickly before it gets wiped. It is a mistake to say that the US won the "Cold War" when the Soviet Empire collapsed. The US was already dying from a poison pill.
  5. I guess that some clowns around here want us to eliminate civilization and would prefer to get ready to rumble!
  6. If electricity was shut off 18 hours per day, and people required to stay at home assembling jigsaw puzzles instead, then man-bear-pig would starve and we would live in a happy country full of unicorns. And then Earth would love us as much as it loves North Korea.
  7. Decreasing the size of the Federal Government would save trillions of dollars for the common people. Each region could use that saving to fix their bridges, help churches take care of the homeless, enforce the law, and make social improvements as they saw fit. Hell, in San Francisco those people might even be able to clean the needles and feces off their streets without begging for money from other states!
  8. I really want to post the Muppet Show song here now. They cannot understand humor, Ridge. They are operatives; much like Siri or Cortana or whatever robot you want. I have my preferences. I wanted to post the Muppet Song, but I'll go with this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMhwddNQSWQ
  9. How many wars did Trump start? How many did he work to discontinue? Inquiring minds want to know.
  10. Hi there. Regarding election laws, which are simple, we do understand that people of color are not capable of obtaining any sort of identification. They therefore must be cuddled, and should not be required to identify themselves in order to vote, just as they are not required to cooperate with law enforcement. They were all enslaved, I am told. And all white people were their masters, and need to be thrown in a ditch. Anything less supports Jim Crow Laws. You know, that thing Democrats supported. Also, since Social Security numbers and driver's licenses (often entailing birth
  11. Only Stalin can save us. After all is said and done, it's who counts the votes. While we're at it, it would require a change in the Constitution. This could get dicey, as the validity of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic only has legitimacy because it was enacted by the individual States. There will certainly be a problem with this. And though, if Commies pack the Supreme Court sufficiently, it might work. But it will not be considered legitimate.
  12. I wasn't aware that all 12 of their members were destroying downtown businesses, occupying cities, burning up federal buildings and raping and killing people for the past year. They must be trashing the hell out of New Jersey and New Yawk cuz we ain't seen 'em here on my side of the continent.
  13. We were all waiting to see if a bunch of "protesters" were going to get free wide-screen TV's from Walmart after the verdict. I'd like a new wide-screen TV. In fact, I'll take an old one, since a wide-screen TV would be a new experience for watching shit.
  14. I live on the Left coast. I don't go downtown. I don't go to Frisco. I don't go to Portland. I don't go to Seattle. I have friends and family that all live there. They come to my place, where we are still civilized, and the leftist army is not in control of the streets.
  15. Your people failed to assassinate him. So don't blame Libertarian squirrels. Respect the trees.
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