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  1. Hey, letsdothis: Your work is appreciated. There was a time when I thought our pix and vid posts in RLC would become extinct. As for the older RLC cameras and video board technology at the time, we'll simply need to accept the quality available at the time and perhaps try to clean up the "noise" as much as possible, as you have attempted. Thank you for your efforts and contributions.
  2. Thank you for any video or pix posts regarding Maya. She's an amazing woman, a very practical and artistic woman. If I was a pioneer making my way across the continents of North America or Australia, she'd make the best wife who could create anything from nothing, and could kick serious ass when necessary. And the front of my Conestoga Wagon would have the best front-end body work ever...
  3. CamCaps has a system problem and is awaiting a Major Upgrade. Avatar changes do not work, and Private Messaging sucks 95% of the time. There are other functions that are fully quasi-functional, so any problems with CC are most likely not in your systems.
  4. OK, TBG and the others of you who can't speak squirrelish, just fucking mouse over the video, click on the gear icon, and set the speed to .75. Simple. Really fucking simple. It's important. Mainstream media is bullshit. Got it? Learn from the master... These brilliant masterpieces pretty much explain who I detest when I moderate this board. Or read the news.
  5. Once again, we seem to be missing Leora's long-time protector and friend. You know, the guy with the fluffy tail... 🐿️ Foamy T. Squirrel Don't let it happen again...
  6. I only have 6,737 comments listed as Foamy. And I assure you that 30% of them were on-topic. My only crusade is to save CamCaps from itself. The girls can do whatever they want, but I like them enough to worry about their future when they hit middle age and their body packs on the weight and they get saggy.
  7. I smell a skunk here. Did you notice that whenever Malia is on the phone, Pepe is not signed into CC? I'd say that's impressive evidence. That skunk will just not give up in his attempts to get close to Leora, even if he has to use Malia to do it. Remember when Leora would answer the phone and then masturbate? Pepe wasn't signed in or commenting on CC back then, either. I just hope that koala doesn't get the stuffing beat out of him one of these days...
  8. Why you skunks and koala bears get so much action eludes me. Between the odor and the sound, she really should be interested in having a comfort squirrel... Unleash the Glands VIDEO.NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM The sharp shooter skunk can have an accurate spray at over 12 feet. What wouldn't Leora love about having a rescue squirrel in her life? We're loyal. We don't scream or stink. We're more lovable and we have fluffy tails.🥰
  9. Hey, dude, your contribution is off-topic. It belongs in the "What to buy for Father's Day" thread. 🤣 Now, back on topic. I'll just leave the lezzie action here, but I'm sure the camera man came buckets watching this floss job...
  10. Hey, I did manage to mention Leora in the post. If it upsets you, I promise to ban myself tomorrow. Really. I'll use my ban hammer. I promise.
  11. It's a printing press. No commercial viability anymore. Maybe $700 on a good day. Needs moveable type, and ink -- the last one needs permissions from the Almighty State government here in order to use it or you get dinged with a $10K to $15K fine. So much for Freedom of the Press. It's made from soy bean and other vegetable oils, so it's very dangerous for the atmosphere and environment and must be tightly monitored, they told me. But this is about Father's Day so I won't get political in the thread. I got a fried egg, bacon, a croissant, a doughnut, and champagne breakfast in bed. Mrs. Squirrel gets something similar for Mother's Day, just more chocolate... and the kid squirrels gave me grand-squirrels, so I already have everything.
  12. Cordless tools are very useful in some situations. I often use tools I inherited from my father. They all say Made in America or Made in Germany; they don't use batteries; and they last forever. Some of them he inherited from his father. The oldest tool I have was made in 1871 in Meriden, CT., and it will never wear out.
  13. Sorry Pepe, I'm somewhat with Harley on this. If a man needs to live off his woman and exploit her sexuality then something is definitely wrong with the relationship. She grew up in a crappy ass socialist country with limited opportunities and though she's smart as hell, and well educated, I expect she could have gone further than this in life had circumstances been better. If she's happier doing this porn stuff instead of having a medical career, then that's her choice. I wish her the best. If she can exploit a man's natural sexual urges to make lots of money like the Barc girls, fine.
  14. Yes, Nicholas -- Nikola Tesla should have been named Time Magazine' s Man of the Century. But they're idiots. So let us also remember that besides poly-phase electricity, Tesla also patented the AND gate, without which a computer could not function, and that Marconi needed to use 17 of Tesla's patents to operate his wireless. In other words, without this man we would be stuck in the 19th Century and none of us would get to know or see Leora because we wouldn't have the Internet, Wifi, or even television sets.
  15. You forgot--- Hillary got all the questions before hand. Didn't help her much either, of course. But because Joe is so hilarious I'm looking forward to the debate. I think you could prep him with all the party-line propaganda and pandering you wish, but he'll still come up with entertaining, bizarre and amazing stories that are refreshingly off-topic.
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