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  1. Foamy T. Squirrel

    US General Domestic Politics

    Agreed. But I think the final vote (he works behind the screen) has resulted in more jobs for all Americans, a renewed economy, and a better foreign policy than we would have with another Clinton or other "progressive" socialist. The dice were worth throwing. In fact, even I didn't think he'd be as good. I am sorry for all the emotional trauma to leftists this has caused them, but nobody likes a loser who cries when they lose a game. There was no recovery during the Obama administration, and there would not have been under Hillary, either. I would suggest our Marxist-leaning friends shake-it-off, buck-up and quit their infantile hysterics. This kind of behavior doesn't sell anymore.
  2. She was named the Queen of RLC for a reason. At the time, the concept for RLC was "real life." She and Kiko did that well. He wrote code and did photography; she taught dancing routines, sewed costumes, and studied intermediate English. People who wanted to see real couples interact on a daily basis could do so back in those days. They had friends visit often, they watched decent movies on TV, and enjoyed nice wines. She didn't show much of anything in the free cams; she was a minister's daughter when it came to that sort of thing. At the time, Kiko and Nora had shown up in Barecelona, knew some immigrants from the Russian/Ukrainian theatrical industry, and embarked on venture we now call RLC. When she left, her fan club was EXTREMELY distraught. The saving grace was the sudden appearance of the Goddess in Lina's old apartment. Nearly all of Nora's remaining fan club fell in love with Leora. The "soup" reference, like the "baking bread" reference, was just a standing joke among us. We all really did love the gal. If you like to watch RLC now, remember it was because the original founding tenants got it off the ground. For that feat, they deserve some respect. And that includes Kiko and Meerkat!
  3. If you youngsters only knew how beautiful and enticing Nora once was and could still be...
  4. They need some of Nora's soup to fortify their spirits...🤣
  5. I always preferred her "girl next door" look when she and Kiko were in the original apartment. But, even then, we would occasionally see her transform herself when preparing for a modeling photo-shoot or theatrical production. She is a transformer by nature, and she has transformed herself into something totally different. Alas, I must endure this new version. But she was Queen of CC and no other female tenant could match her in the old days. She's just visiting, anyway. As for Irma, I don't mind her at all, but I doubt she's got a long-term visa so I expect Barc1 will be a recycle apartment for previous girl tenants who had gained a fan club.
  6. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Nina & Kira - Pictures (2018)

    Thank you for your posts, just man.
  7. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic September 2018 #4

    Tiviaccro: Je vous ai envoyé un MP concernant ce problème. Tiviaccro: I have sent you a PM regarding this problem. ------- If anyone else has this problem, just PM me and I will explain how to avoid such a problem.
  8. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Chloe & Tyler General Topic

    Same with Desiree. This is normal. I wouldn't say 30%, but I haven't had a chance to get over there for a close, scientific examination.
  9. Foamy T. Squirrel

    share your favorite app

    Whelp, my Atari 8-bit home computer is the first computer I ever bought. It still boots, and the kids still play games on it. I've dumped a ton of PCs in my time, however. They don't even rate closet storage. I stick with Firefox, LibreOffice, VLC and generally open source software whenever possible, since I have multiple operating systems in the house. Google Earth is also multi-platform, though I prefer not to use a lot of Google stuff due to their "Big Brother" totalitarian leanings. I've found Malwarebytes Premium to be extremely useful since I'm a forum Moderator, and it even works fine with Android operating systems. Irfanview is a must for PC systems. CCleaner and Glary Utilities are also great maintenance tools. My Fire HD8 has a terrific fractional calculator app, which is great for machining and carpentry. I hate multiplying and dividing fractions, or converting them to decimal -- an affliction I contracted in the US public school system.
  10. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Which RLC ladies do you think are underrated?

    A lot of our newbies don't understand what fun she was in the good ol' days of CC and RLC. They don't understand why her nick name on CC was "Supergirl Maya."
  11. Some of the kinder girls seem to go without much fanfare. It might be their modesty; or they just seem so much like the girl next door (sometimes those are the best); or for some other reason they don't flag your attention or get many hits or comments, but are quality women nonetheless.
  12. List the nice ladies on RLC that you could live with for the rest of your life.
  13. I think we might all be able to agree that Lana and Martina are HIGHLY under-rated. But that's for another poll.
  14. Foamy T. Squirrel

    Charlee & Liss

    As for the graphic image created by your comment, even though you were kind enough not to post your comment as a jpg, I unfortunately cannot delete it from this thread, nor from my head. What has been thought, cannot be unthought! 😮