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  1. Edda & Joe

    We will always have some name problems here at CamCaps. As long as the person can be indicated through the context of the post, and where the post is located, then I think we will survive as we have survived our multiple language problems.
  2. Edda & Joe

    Just In: Here she is in better times... "You guys not be mean talk about my Nora and boy Kiko. Kiko good man." Nora's Mom, 2013
  3. Juke Box Split #6

    My mother was an Elvis fan. Big time. I inherited lots of vinyl, and then tons of Elvis CDs. Somewhere along the line, being a bit rebellious, I got involved listening to Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry instead -- only to realize they all shared the same love of the same music, and often sang each other's songs. I have never heard of any instance of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin not respecting and being inspired by the work of this earlier generation. A simple search of Jail House Rock, Johnny B Good, etc., shows how much these songs were treated endlessly by a plethora of musicians. I try to collect them all. (Yes, I like ELO's version, too.)
  4. He'd better work on cloning more. There are not enough of her to go around.
  5. Paul has a twin brother, too. I saw him several years ago at the old apartment. If I were RLC, or merely a tenant, I'd be fervently dedicated to fucking with the audiences' heads.
  6. It's a problem over here in the Colonies. I suspect cyber warfare --- the evil-doers are messing with the Atlantic under-sea transmission lines again. I'll suggest that StnCld make a Rule about that so we won't suffer any longer.
  7. Same here. Hopefully it will clear up. I've also experienced seeing Leora in two different rooms at the same time. There is a bit of a transmission problem -- Outer Limits or Twilight Zone stuff going on -- but I don't think it's on our side of the server/client issue.
  8. No, I did not get to bed. My Zombiedom force me to check in on our beloved. First, she's all happy and rubbing herself, lost in music. Then she goes to her bedroom for the quickest bate ever. Then she returns to the GR from a shower, nicely dressed in her birthday suit.Then she gets on the computer, gets totally frustrated, and then she tries on every outfit she has in her closet, then pulls in off and tries another. All of it frantically, while jumping forth and back to her cell phone. And obviously she feels insecure because every outfit she tried on looked just fine on her. All outfits look fine on her. Must be an important gig to get her this manic-depressive and flustered. I certainly don't understand it.
  9. Well, I'm off to bed. Let me know if anything fun happens in the GR so I can think about strangling myself at breakfast tomorrow. Thank you.
  10. She knows she's loved here. She does what she wants and we acquiesce. It gives us a chance to forget about the worries of the day; the complexity, the challenges that face our intellect at work and at home...it allows us to be mind-numbed zombies of love for a few minutes. You know, kind of like being in junior high school when you get a super-hot substitute teacher.
  11. Hey Pepe ---- looks to me like she's having trouble signing on to your web site. She's obviously frustrated. I would think she would be fluent in French by now...Time for that customer service help call...
  12. I didn't expect her back in the GR so soon. But the outfit she is wearing is my favorite.
  13. For non-subscribers, you must admit she's perfect when it comes to seduction and prick-teasing. From the sounds of it, Scooter feels the same way we squirrels do. Dammit, I just knew she'd run off to Subscriber Land...
  14. Live Streams of Breaking News Events

    Some of us are not thrilled with the behavior of North Korea, either. It appears to be the largest concentration and death camp ever engineered. Those people have no way to protect themselves from their tyrannical government, either.
  15. Live Streams of Breaking News Events

    Getting really close there, dude.