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Foamy T. Squirrel


Feel free to bitch at us Mods here. We also have a suggestion thread in General Discussion, but it is not used nearly enough.

If you have ideas that you think would improve CamCaps, feel free to post them on this blog, and I will consider them and discuss them with the other mods.



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I have an idea
I'd love to open my profile by just clicking with MMB on my username in the top right corner.
Why don't you make it an <a href="https://camcaps.net/profile/%username%/">? and pour some preventDefault() on it's onclick event listener (if there's no such instruction)

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Id like to be able  to filter the activity log so I can see content with attachments only. I'm the kind of guy who prefers to look at the pictures in a magazine over reading every word. perhaps other filters such as posts with hyperlinks etc. :) other filters could be most uprooted for the day / week / month kind of like reddit

also i wonder if it would be possible to give a like or up vote (not sure what  it is called (green up arrow)) to the person who posts the original content as we'll as the person who quotes the post.

for instance person B quotes a post with a photo in it posted originally by person A. Person A see's that person B has 10 likes on the quoted content with no words even attached athother way around would be to not allow pictures to be quoted this would stop doubling up in threads

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On ‎6‎/‎8‎/‎2016 at 3:16 PM, Foamy T. Squirrel said:

I'll pass that along to the master.

I don't do code on this site. It's not my site. Besides, I coded my own games in the early 1980's and I'm now old and sick of writing code of any sort.

I generally just go lamer and click on a person's avatar to get their profile.


how do you post pics in pics section, cut and paste does not work.  And a suggestion, don't post members comments on the home page just pics if they come through, comments then remain in their respective forums.  Thanks.

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There are two ways to post; the drag-and-drop attachment function at the bottom of the comment box, or by linking to it with the link gadget that lives in the top of the comment box. They are not the same.

There are limitations on what a non-Premium member can do and see on our boards, that includes cut-and-paste (aka, the attachments). It's OK to link to a third party file service, but RLC watches for such pictures and videos and then issues a take-down order to that file service. Hence, if you see a link, it will soon be dead so grab it while you can!

VHTV is more generous; they only ask that the VHTV logo watermark be kept in the picture.

A link in the text of the comment can be seen by guests, registered members, and premium members. Guests cannot see attachments, which reside on CC servers.

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