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Almost caught!


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I don't know if anyone else saw it, but about 4 hours ago Nelly was on the couch, legs spread wide, causally masturbating. She was not really working at it hard with occasional bursts of energy and ecstasy.
All at once she sits up really fast and runs into the bedroom. Just as she's managed to get her panties back on and come back out, Bogdan comes in the door and she runs over to greet him!
I really expected her to jump his bones right then and there but he sat down at the kitchen table and started working on his lap top. 


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Thank you for the explanation. I had been watching her ,but stepped away and did not see the out come. She could have continued and let Bogdan help. I wanted her to go to the bedroom to finish. 

I would love to have both of them for an evening. I wonder if Nelly would ever do anything with a women?

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