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  1. Lyree

    Real Life Cam

    and RLC's vile hatred of picture posters have kept me away the main forums.
  2. Not total freaks, just a little different.
  3. So difficult not to follow her lead. 😀
  4. Breathe deep young man, if you only knew what they do here.
  5. Lyree

    Eva & Sam General #1

    je suis heureuse d'être de retour, de votre sourire serait réchauffer mon cœur de voir.
  6. Lyree

    Eva & Sam General #1

    I am sorry. Did that shock you? 👄
  7. Lyree

    Eva & Sam General #1

    Yes, that is what happened, sort of anyway.
  8. Lyree

    Eva & Sam General #1

    Been there, done that . Loving Eva and her friend tonight.
  9. Miss you Love 😍

    1. Lyree


      I miss you also Curtis. I do miss all of my friends in the states and on CC, but you most of all. I do wish that we could have meet before I moved.

  10. I have had Catfish, here in Paris and once in New Orleans, Preferred the New Orleans style. As for the others, I am not familiar with. Sounds wonderful.
  11. What type of fish? How will it be cooked? If such discussions are allowed here.