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  1. A girl with a white tee, reclining on a sofa reading Dostoevsky is top cam for over an hour. I am confused.
  2. I still use complete sentences, the short cuts just seem like going "uh ha" when asked about something. But I do not use social media much to communicate, only posts and short description on Insta.
  3. I did not know that. Thank you for helping this "old lady" out as well.
  4. I am getting a little creeped out by Leora staring at the cam with the wicked smile. Like she is looking for my soul.
  5. Detective Fagen on the job, protecting us from mistruths.
  6. This June, you are all invited, wait, No. I do not need to explain why all these guys show up.
  7. Domestic things, vacuum, shower, shave my legs, check my bridal gown one more time. Go shopping then meet my love for dinner and sex. You?
  8. Not OK if you are on the West coast USA, It is now9:41 am. I am still cleaning up from breakfast. 😀
  9. Oh Harley, it is time for a nap. You have gotten all excited again. Love you special man.
  10. Happy New Year to both of you and all that are here.
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