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  1. I will try and survive. Will send nudes.
  2. Happy New Year to both of you and all that are here.
  3. Not here. There must be a Spaniard in the works.
  4. They seem to get along well. Talk smile. B1 should take notice.
  5. Sera and her resting bitch face on the couch. No interaction with Amria and Karina.
  6. This is going to be a mess for a while. If they are shuffling around. Reminds me of the interactions of the ladies/girls in the sorority, they live in same house they do not interact with all of them. Groups form and change. Just put a load of girls, some who know each other, some who do not. There can be hair pulling at times.
  7. It is late. Good Night guys, it has been fun.
  8. Not right now. Oksi half undressed and back on the bed.
  9. I am not sure what is happening now.
  10. You say that like it is a bad thing.
  11. As you know I am not to proud to admit it.
  12. I am there with the rest of you.
  13. Sera "OK, I will sit on the bed, but nothing else, maybe."