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Which of us is a woman?

Guest andrew

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Guest NullBurner

I don't know how many are really here but I know three.

LezVoyeur, Jade1 and friedel.

-1 for you, because you're not female ;)

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Guest Squirrel

I don't know how to sex frogs. I don't know how to sex trolls.

I'm just a Flying Squirrel. If you are actually a female, go over to the Old Dudes section. They don't care about your age. Or tit size. They realize the importance of a female viewpoint.

You will, of course, need to sit on their lap. It would help if you have some class, can enjoy fine cigars, and drink fine whiskey straight out of the bottle. That kind of rebelliousness in women is attractive to them.

They have lots and lots of money, incidentally, and are very generous. They are all wear silk suits, black ties, cufflinks, stick pins black shades and white gloves.  8)

You'll be crazy about 'em, I've been told.

Here's their theme song for their first week of operation:

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Guest Squirrel


The club has Shirley Temples and sarsaparilla, as well as the usual soft drinks available.

Don't let the men with shoulder holsters alarm you; they're there for your safety.

Compliment them on their fine fedoras.

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