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  1. That number can change very quickly. There are ways to make it move in direction to make the numbers come down.
  2. hi StnCld316... I am having RLC issues again where it says 'daily playback is limited for non members'

    I believe you helped me with this issue some time ago ? maybe reseting cookies?? or something . I have beat through all my settings and permissions etc and could not find a way to reset RLC in any way... after a full day being blocked  nothing    but this morning for 2 minutes came on after I hit refresh but then back to' daily playback is limited for non members'

    any suggestions how to get RLC back in play... many thanks and appreciation for any help or ideas 

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      ya I am enjoying the free cams time to time but this 'daily playback is limited for non members' used to happen a couple years back ???? I used to close out RLC more than 24 hours for example and maybe it worked but this is back and I thought it was you who suggested some ?? eliminate cookies or something .....oh well maybe it will sort out ... TBH other than  Ulyana being back I don't care for RLC so much the past few months .... 

      thanks anyway if something crosses your mind let me know .... ciao 

    3. StnCld316


      All I ever done before was clear the cookies and temp files and then refreshed the page.  Daily Playback is for all non members who don't have an account.  There's no getting around it.

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson


      I just restored my cookies and permissions and it's back??/? for how long will be the test...

  3. New girls or more of the same ole recycled crap that keep coming back like snot on a screen door.
  4. Watch Sometimes They Come Back... For More (1999)
  5. Watch Sometimes They Come Back... Again (1996)
  6. Enough germs around the place. Even Howie Mandel would never come visit.
  7. Next time just tell the neighbor to go fuck himself. Get Well!
  8. They did fix one good thing and that was the back up process. When I was running the Beta Version of Win11 the backup was a long and drawn out process of having to back up 3 or 4 attempts before it would work. Since I got the RTM Version installed I have not had any further issues with the back up process with it EFI Errors. That was the only issue I had with the Beta. As far as gaming goes I am not a gamer so all the other stuff I would not notice any difference in performance. I'll still install all the updates whether they come from Microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA. The BIOS Updates can be a little tricky if the specific instructions are not followed.
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