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  1. Just hope she's got Health Insurance Coverage or it will be a costly venture.
  2. I see what you mean now. Not very often a Video gets posted from a Paid Area unless the Uploader has Money to Burn on RLC Accounts.
  3. The Videos can still be placed on the Forum but they just have to be Downloaded from the Site and Re-Uploaded using a Host such as Mab.to or ZippyShare or similar sites. If Attachments are used then they have to be placed in the Premium Members Only Boards and not Directly in Open Forum Boards. Direct Links to Tube Sites will be removed.
  4. Nothing wrong with Taking Matters into Your Own Hands.
  5. ana & Luke + that idiot doing fake acting or what

  6. I guess her Mother never told her doing stuff like that will make you go Blind.
  7. Life hasn't been lived until you jump with the Roos.
  8. They have to read the Labels. The Instructions show how to open the Bottles.
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