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  1. The Apartment has been Online since they left. The Feed just hasn't been suspended. So all you'll see is an Empty Furnished Apartment and possibly some Cleaners.
  2. Leora & Paul ~ Videos July 2017. to ?

    Using Zippy Share or SendVid a Video will only Survive 4 or 5 Hours before it's Removed. Though it has been known that it has been removed within 1 Hour in some instances depends on the time RLC makes their rounds. I assume they have some sort of Crawling Software as doing it Manually checking every Posted Picture and Video for the Hash Tag and the Server Posted on would be too time consuming Mab.to the Video is Timed on their Servers for 48 Hours and then it's gone.
  3. When you buy that Product you are supposed to Read the Terms of Service Agreement. Nowhere in those Terms of Service does it say the Tenants have to be Nude or have Sex. It's classified Strictly as Adult Entertainment. I. Adult Entertainment The Sites offer online entertainment services that may be deemed adult in nature and which may contain graphic depictions and descriptions of explicit sexual activity. You acknowledge that you are aware of the nature of the content provided by these Sites, that you are not offended by such content and that you access the Sites freely, voluntarily and willingly.
  4. Actually they have quite a bit of Traffic even though not much gets posted in the Forums. They have installed the Alexa Certify Code which measures the Traffic on their Site. The numbers show they are not struggling. No problem with the OT thing. It doesn't happen all the time.
  5. They are working on getting it resolved. I think the biggest issue behind it is that 1080p Resolution and to many using the same function at once. They most likely need additional servers to split up the Territories. When you get thousands at a time viewing and using the same function it takes up a lot of System Resources which will slow things down. Adding Additional Servers could relieve the Stress of the System Resources. That's my view of the situation.
  6. No Problem. This Apartment never lasted long. VHTV will likely have another Tenant very soon.
  7. Adeline and Markus

    Beats the Hell out of watching Lev.
  8. RLC will likely say 33 Cams is more than enough for one place.
  9. V.O.I.P.

    I'm quite satisfied with my VOIP Service. Never had any issues with it yet. Only downfall is if you have a Power Outage you got no phone to use but that's not a big issue. I can call anywhere in Canada for $10 Per Month and includes 911 and 4 Calling Features.
  10. Trump and Jerusalem

    Protesters burn an effigy depicting President Donald Trump during an anti-U.S. and Israeli protest.
  11. All of the Active Apartments now have Dates on them when they Started on VHTV. The Archived Apartments have Dates of when the Apartment Started and when the Apartment Finished on VHTV. The Archived Apartments are in Chronological Order by the Dates when they Finished in the Project. Example: The Last Apartment Offline will always be on the Top.
  12. There has been other Lesbian Couples in RLC but they have come and gone. To find Lesbians in these Barcelona Apartments I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to come along, it could be awhile. You can post in this Topic about the girls doing some Lez stuff. They have been known to dab a little here and there but they are rare occurrences.