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  1. It seems less than a Month ago Leora' Apartment was UM for a 24 Hour Period or Longer.
  2. I guess you didn't see what I was like Five a Half Years ago when I began on Cam Caps.
  3. No matter what she's enduring she needs immediate Medical Care not a bunch of Girls sitting around not knowing what to do. She Needs to go to the Hospital.
  4. In November Russia is supposed to be Disconnecting from the World Wide Web and have their own Independent Internet. Don't know if this will have an effect on the Apartments Broadcasted from Russia or not. We'll just have to wait and see what happens when the time comes.
  5. Only 68F here in Southern Ontario, Canada. Our Illustrious Liberal Party just declared a Climate Emergency trying to Brainwash Canadians that the Earth is Warming at Double the Speed than what was predicted which is a Crock of Shit. All their trying to do is suck more Tax Dollars out of everyone's pocket plain and simple. I'll be glad when these Cocksucking Liberals in Canada are Decimated October 21st. Time for Canada to put these Fucking Liberals to Sleep once and for all.
  6. Has been Corrected. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I would have likely never known otherwise.
  7. Sign of a True Alcoholic. I hate to inform her that Her Demons will be the Winners.
  8. 11GB for 52 Minutes is overkill. Would take 50 Minutes to an Hour to Download that size at 100MBPS.
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