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  1. Only areas that fall on the North and South Poles or are in very close proximity to either, experience a 6-month-long night and day. It`s a common misconception that all the places in the extreme north experience this phenomenon of a 6-month-long day and an equally long night. Although there are parts in the north of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Russia, Canada, Alaska (US) and Finland that experience such long days and nights but it`s just that in the summers, days get very long and in winters they get very short. It`s not like there is an extremely long period of only daylight and then a long period of darkness.
  2. 9 Liters is only a case of 18x500ml bottles of water. She'll likely take it on the flight home with her. Water is not a Banned Substance.
  3. She'll be leaving Thursday the 25th. Tomorrow is only the 24th so she has all day to pack.
  4. I just checked. She arrived February 25th. Her 90 Days is in the Apartment would be May 25th. She'll be packing her things tomorrow for her flight home Thursday.
  5. She likely has a Schengen Visa. It allows them to travel around the Schengen Zone 90 Days out of a 180 Day Calendar Period. Since she was away for a few days she must have went outside of the Schengen Zone. So the amount of days she was away would be credited toward a little bit more time.
  6. It's not the size of the wand that counts but how you use it.