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  1. Maybe the 3rd K will leave and then we can archive all the Agony.
  2. It's a start.
  3. When Kristy wakes, she should make herself useful and get rid of that Christmas Tree.
  4. Your Posts are Welcome just as everyone else's. If some don't like what they read then they have the Ignore List Option which I have mentioned numerous times in the past.
  5. She has quite a way to go to catch up with Misty on VHTV who has had over 50.
  6. You got a 50 - 50 Chance. Don't toss away the TP just yet.
  7. That's 2 Down and one more to Go.
  8. The only thing you'd likely derive from searching Blue Rose in Google is over Million Flower Shops that sell that product.
  9. I have seen some of that before. The Tenants get sloppy and forget themselves and they give little tips every now and then about themselves.
  10. That's the sad part. Once they get hooked it's hard to get away from it. It shortens the Longevity Process.
  11. It's an Epidemic Worldwide. Seems to be the everyday norm for a lot of people. I myself have done some crazy fucked up things in my 60 Years on this Earth but Drugs was not one them. Only Drugs I take is if the Doctor Prescribes them. At the present time I take Lasix have been on that for the last 14 Years.
  12. Then they can master the act of Licking the Split.
  13. This Apartment gets more Posts of Activity when someone leaves Permanently.