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  1. I can just imagine Bogdan dropping the soap and Alberto boring him a new corn chute.
  2. Don't think you'll ever have to worry about that happening.
  3. I've done a few crazy things through life but I have never pissed on an electric fence.
  4. Friendly Seagull Barks Like a Dog.mp4
  5. If the topic is not locked then you can use the (+) on the left side of the Quote Tab.
  6. She'll likely bate under the covers on the sofa and no free cam open too see.
  7. If I get authorized to lift it, I'll open her topic board back up. I would need a PM to do it. At the moment she's offline for personal issues.
  8. Now they can dissolve the monarchy and they'll save billions.
  9. I have always had a thing for keeping the girls names first. If it wasn't for the girls the guys would be nowhere.
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