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  1. All girls go through it from time to time with being uncomfortable with cramps. Wait another 35 years when they develop Hot Flashes. Then you have to send in the to Tame them Down.
  2. RLC has gave him a few whacks. Hope85 posts content from the Free Rooms so he doesn't have a RLC Account to lose. They just nix the IP but those type of things are fast and easy to bounce back from. I don't have a RLC either but I have my ways of getting around whatever RLC throws my way.
  3. I don't think Sedvid has a download function.I have never seen one on that Site. The only way to download it would be with a Download Manager. That would grab the link for Download.
  4. Shouldn't make no difference . She banged him while girls were in other Apartment.
  5. schoen is a Dutch Word which means Shoe in English according to Bing Translation.
  6. Irma should move her things back to the Room before some other Squatter Claims Rights.