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  1. Camarads has their own Thread. Please use it. This Thread is for RLC related content. Thank You.
  2. Irma will depart in 8 days so that should stop Alex from reappearing once she departs. The other girls have no real interest in him. They were just being nice to him for Irma's sake.
  3. Working fine for me at the moment. Maybe they might have had some Technical Difficulties earlier.
  4. There is no D.S.T. in Russia until the Year 2020. They have taken a Hiatus from D.S.T. since 2015.
  5. It seems they are walking the Plank by the looks of things. They just haven't fallen off the end yet.
  6. Once the nice weather arrives and they get into Spring and Summer the Girls presence inside the Apartment will likely become less. Then all you'll see of them is when they come home to Eat & Sleep.
  7. That will depend on how long she has signed the Contract for. Not all girls sign for a 90 Period.
  8. The way I understand it they can be out of their Country but remain in the Schengen Zone for 90 Days every 180 Day Cycle. So when she goes home it will take another 90 Days before she can obtain another Visa to return.
  9. Irma could stay longer but she'll screw up her Visa by going home late. Then she'll have trouble ever obtaining another Visa for an extended period of time before she can get another. So it's imperative that se follow the Guidelines set out in the Visa.
  10. If RLC gave her and another girl an Apartment back home then they would no longer have to bring them to Barcelona where Visa's have to be dealt with and their Flights. RLC likely covers the Fligh and Visa expenses for them. They would save money not incurring such expenses.
  11. If something happens in this Apartment someone will likely post something.