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  1. Wonder what Winners Circle this guy was picked up from. The Girls obviously have chosen the Wrong Group once again.
  2. It's Linda & Tibor.
  3. General Chat Topics are Not Pinned. If a Member wants the Topic Pinned then they have to give 600 Points and the Topic will be Pinned for 7 Days. After 7 Days the Topic will Unpin itself. The System is Automated. Yes. When a Member Creates a New Topic they will receive 25 Points which will be added to their Points Total. The Amount of Points a Member has can be seen by Clicking the Members Avatar and it will show on the Members Profile Page.
  4. None of them are Natural Blondes. Since you can't tell from their Nether Regions the Eyebrows Tell the Tale.
  5. If a guy arrives then RLC should ship their asses over to be with Elisa & Fima.
  6. Lies are something Governments tell their Citizens each and every day of the week. They tell the Lie so often that they begin to believe it themselves. Take Donald Trump for instance. It's surprising his Nose hasn't become like Pinocchio.
  7. StnCld316


  8. OK cause I am just going by the Dates on the New Girl this and New Girl that Topics.
  9. I did. Technically Darina wasn't on the RLC list until May 3 but she arrived earlier as a Simulated Guest of one of the Girls.
  10. The thing I see is Serena on Apr. 12, Adri & Darina on May 3, Candy on May 14, Mila on May 17 and Malina & Anastasiia on May 22. @Noldus should be able to clarify it better as he keeps stats on when these girls Arrive & Depart.