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  1. They need a bottle of Wine or Two then you may see some going forward. Alcohol causes loose lips.
  2. Maybe next time Paul shows up Leora can snowball him and see if he swallows.
  3. Apartment Topic for Master Dean. Link to this Apartment: https://voyeurhouse.com/live/master-dean/lobby Please Note: When Uploading any Pictures a Third Party Host Must be Used. For the Time Being Please Do Not Upload Using Attachments.
  4. RLC has scrubbing Software that scans their boards where Pictures and Videos are posted. Once those are scanned it tells RLC the hashtag# , the uploaders username and the site the uploader had used to upload the content. All that information is stored on a Cookie that RLC can trace to obtain your IP Address then that IP used is added to their Blacklist. Then all RLC does is send the hashtag# within a DMCA Report sent to the Host the file that has the uploaded file and then the third Party Host removes the file and it becomes a black spot on the forum when the image or video is no longer there. Then they get marked as No Longer Available.
  5. There are ways that make it easy. It all depends on what type of connection you have whether it be ADSL or Cable and whether you are strictly on a Modem or have a Router connected to the Modem each plays a different part. It can be easy for some and harder for others. If it's too difficult to change then one just call their ISP and request an IP Address Change. I myself have 4 Routers so when the IP's get banned on one I just switch Routers. By the time I get to the 4th Router the IP's in the first one have been cycled out to some other user and when used again it's presented with a new IP each time. Each Router has 2 IP Addresses. There is also a TMAC Program that changes the Mac Address, that also changes the IP Address but one has to be computer savvy to operate TMAC as one small mistake can make your ISP drop your connection.
  6. Just came on the news British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been taken into the intensive care unit in hospital after his COVID-19 worsened, his office said on Monday.
  7. Most people that post Pictures and Videos in the Open Forum Boards do not have RLC Accounts. The most they suffer is a Blacklisted IP Address and IP's are quite simple to change. Ones that do post Pictures & Videos that have a RLC Account are very short lived as usually within an hour or two after they post they have been banned from RLC and they lose their $44.95 they paid for Subscription. Some lose more as many have paid exchange rates to convert to USD.
  8. It will be felt Worldwide. More cases are adding up and more death still reeking havoc. China is now starting to get their second bout of it. So it's going to be awhile before this COVID19 thing blows itself out. The City I live in the case numbers are rising each day. Only 2 Deaths so far but it is expected to be more in the coming days & weeks. So far I have avoided catching it. No matter where you go they have everyone treating everyone like they are a Leper.
  9. The watermark removal technique no longer works. RLC has blinking dots that appear on the RAW Image. Basically impossible for anyone to bypass it now.
  10. Seems the only time he wants anything to do with her is when he wants something to eat or wants to get sucked and fucked. He'll learn someday when he awakes and finds himself a lonely man.
  11. Likely went to get Food at the Grocers or Items at the Drug Store. That's about the only things that are open. Their clubbing days are over for the next month or so.
  12. That's what happens when a commander in chief hasn't got a clue of what he's talking about. Now he's trying to convince Americans to take some drug that was for made Malaria. Trumps own words, "What have you got to lose" His ignorance is out in full force.
  13. I just looked at the Apartment list. Seems they are off the list.
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