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  1. For those who don't know much about them I suggest check out the Premium Boards in RLC of Nina & Kira. It gives a brighter light as to what they are about.
  2. When I do my Videos I try to get what I can on my own accord from the Free Cam Areas since I don't have a RLC Account. Any Videos from the Paid Areas I find them on Sites while searching the Internet then I re-encode them to a smaller size before Posting them. I have been doing that for at least 6 Years. I have had some turbulent times with RLC over it but they can't do a thing to me. Copyright Laws are quirte different in Canada than they are in other parts. I am just a small potato's to RLC so they won't come after me as it will cost them more to pursue it than what it's worth to them. After all You Can't get Blood out of a Stone.
  3. It's not hard to tell them apart. Nina has a Tatoo on the upperpart of her chest. I believe she has on her back as well.
  4. They have had many cam shows where they have been sexual. Not every time on Cam is going to be a positive outcome. It's just one of those days.
  5. LOL Lots of Girls Put Wrong Information on their Cam Profiles. They are actually a Married Couple.
  6. It's fine to be critical and joking around. Some take these things too seriously and make a Mountain out of a Molehill.
  7. Maybe they get Paid in Bit Coin. Non Traceable.
  8. There's one Simple Solution. If you don't like what you see then don't look.
  9. Most girls on cam sites are lucky if they make 1,000 Tokens for a night of 5 or 6 Hours in front of the Cam. There are some that pull 10,000 Toens or more but there are not to many Elite Performers in the Cam World that can generate that in 3 or 4 Hours.
  10. The Girls only went to the Cam Show life after RLC suddenly closed the Russian Apartments out. This Cam Show thing is likely just a short phase hopefully. I wouldn't say they are scammers as there have been some great cam shows from them. Just seeing them once on Cams is kind of hard to make any judgement of them. They haven't even been on VHTV a Full Day and they are being mocked. Give them a chance and let them get settled in. Don't get too critical or you'll have @sturmchaser breathing down your neck.
  11. They are strictly Lesbian. There may be at times you'll see the odd Threesome.
  12. It'll take a day or two for them to get settled in but they'll be fine once they get rolling.
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