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  1. Gina should be on her way soon as well. I heard she was exiting on June 25th.
  2. The Chat Box has Returned. It's located Underneath the Voyeur Style Cam Sites Board.
  3. The names have now been removed. Sorry about taking so long. I was busy with other Forum Duties this evening.
  4. Name has been added.
  5. Version 3 has been removed. Go to the very Top Post with Version 6 it should work when you click the Download Button.
  6. One thing about May she only obtained a Minority Government. Those Minority Governments could fall at anytime to a Vote of Non-Confidence and send everyone back to the Polls.
  7. Their Security Certificates have expired as well.
  8. OK Thanks. Since her Cams have been off she hasn't even visited Gils place. I have tried almost all the VPN Servers and each one produces the same result. Sent an e-Mail to WatchMe247 support but the support is like talking to a brick wall. They are Mute with the responses.
  9. I'm all caught up. If anyone needs me I'll be at Leora & Paul's Threads doing some Archiving.