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  1. 2120 LOL. The World may or may not be in existence by that year. I won't be around to verify the fact. Jesus or Satan will have other deeds for me.
  2. I don't even watch them. I just look through the topics on a daily basis and when I see something of interest I place in a little Humor every now and then.
  3. Not much excitement from this couple yet. Only 37 Comments and/or Quotes in 3 Days.
  4. That $23 Trillion Debt just wasn't created by Debts, War and Waste on Loans to Third World Entities. There are many hands in the Cookie Jar siphoning from it constantly. It costs American Taxpayers $400B a Month just to Service the Debt's Interest Payment. Eventually when Interest Rates Rise it will only get worse for most. The only ones that will still be smiling will be the 1%'s. People think it's bad now, they haven't seen anything yet. Wait for the Workforce to turn completely over to AI there won't be much need for Human Intervention in the Workforce. Everything will be 90% Robotized (Automated) between 2035 - 2040 or maybe sooner.
  5. Once every 2 Months. About once every 2 to 3 years having a 3some. 🤣
  6. When Nelly was there when the Russian Apartment was still going he got upset just because Nelly & Masha were kissing in the Bathtub awhile back. You want your relationship destroyed then just go to Masha's.
  7. It's a good sized Axe Wound. 🤣
  8. Some girls just aren't cut out for that.
  9. Maybe Bogdan found out that Masha had squeezed in and ate some pussy when Nelly was there.. 🤣
  10. Nina reverses every once in a blue moon and gets in there to eat some pie. 🤣
  11. I guess as long as she washed her ass before letting the other dive in it shouldn't be that bad. 🤣
  12. She better hope she doesn't fart. That will kill the moment. 🤣
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