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  1. They had a lot of evidence stated directly from Videos from Witness Testimony which was produced. That's something the GOP can't produce since they don't seem to want witnesses to testify. I think it would be interesting to hear what John Bolton has to say. We all know that whatever happens the GOP is not going to remove Trump unless there are 5 or more Republican Senators Break from Trump and hang him out to dry. Come November the Voters will decide if Trump Stays or Goes. I think he's going to need more than the Electoral College and the Evangelicals to save his ass this time. One has to remember just because someone goes to Trump Rally doesn't Guarantee that everyone there is going to vote for Trump. Some just go there to watch Trump make a fool out of himself.
  2. Stopped to look at the phone too see when the next client arrives.
  3. OK I see what it is now. I thought it was a malfunction of some kind that's why I had inquired.
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