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  1. No matter what anyone does it is what it is. America is divided on the issue so it won't help Trump much in a re-election bid. Even though the Judges will be in the favor of the Republicans, the Justices have still stopped Trump at many avenues along the way throughout the 4 Years as President. Judges have to be impartial and deliver fairness too all. If they can't do that then all it's is a Dog & Pony Show. Judges should should actually be Elected with Term Limits and not Appointed for a Lifetime.
  2. You lift their Kilt and a Brown Eye will wink back at you.
  3. When Hotscopes first began his sole library of RLC Videos started from CamCaps.net. After that began we Banned him from being on CamCaps.net directly but one can still get Videos from the topics without having an official account.
  4. Does it really matter if it's fake or not. No matter how she does it there are still thousands of viewers out there taking matters into their own hands.
  5. Apartment Topic for Monica. Note: We don't allow Camarads Uploads to Public Boards on Cam Caps.
  6. RLC just have to wake up and realize it. They worry more about picking on the little guys who upload the stuff instead of going after the source where it originates.
  7. I have brought it to Admins attention that Google Translate is not on the Forum Pages. All Browsers have an Add-on extension. You will have to install it from the Browsers App Store.
  8. As long as Irma keeps her legs closed and not allow dicks to enter she'll prevent herself from getting the Clap.
  9. There are still quite a few on Hotscopes that came from Cam Caps. Not all videos are from paid cameras. I don't know where the paid camera ones came from but be certain that someone has lost their RLC Account over it.
  10. Most of those Videos you see on Hotscopes that are RLC content originated from uploads here at Cam Caps. After that it's just a back and forth from one side to the other. The VHTV Videos someone has an account with VHTV and are taking Videos from the Video Library Vault and inserting them on those Tube Sites.
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