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  1. No Doubt. There would be Billions of Truckloads around the World if it worked as they say it should. I'm staying with the Status Quo. When the Good Lord wants me I'm not Hard to Find.
  2. I don't know how well that stuff works but I'm not at that stage yet.
  3. They are Grown Adults. I think they should be able to take care of themselves.
  4. Likely was down for a brief Performance of Maintenance.
  5. I just checked it and the page seems fine to me.
  6. The Picture is from a Couple of Girls rolling on the Bed over at B2. Who they are I haven't the faintest clue but someone should be able to tell you once they see the Picture of it.
  7. I realize that the size of Fonts used can be annoying at times but how another Member constructs their Posts is solely upon the Individual.
  8. That's the only thing with the Ignore List it only prevents the Original Post from being seen if the user is on someone's Ignore List. I have brought that to Admins attention and Admin was going to put a Ticket in with the Software Developer. As for the other if there is a Report Button to Report such activity.
  9. The change was made because every time the Girls Outside Personal Life was brought up all it does is create Turmoil in the Threads as that's what Speculating does, it creates Turmoil. Since it's my job to keep the Topics and Threads flowing smoothly as possible the Girls Outside Personal Life can no longer be discussed. All the other Apartments across the Board the Tenants Outside Personal Life can not be discussed so it's only fair that the same Ruling applies to the Barcelona Apartments as well. Technically this is a RLC Board so the Topics and their Contents are to be RLC Related. What the Girls do on the Outside is their own Personal Life and is not a part of Inside the Apartment Activities. As for the other, everyone is entitled to an Opinion and it's expected to be respected. If you don't like what another Member Posts you have the Right to Add that User to an Ignore List or just simply bypass the comment as if it was never seen. If anyone does critique another Members Comment at least have the Courtesy to explain why you disagree.