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  1. He sits on his keyboard all night on some cam chat then Spanks the Monkey and Pops his Load on the Screen. Then goes to bed.
  2. Potatoes Thrown at US Troops as they Leave Syria. Potatoes Thrown at US Troops
  3. She's Back! Democrats' 2020 Race has a new shadow: Hillary Clinton Some Democrats are putting up caution signs for Hillary Clinton as she wades back into Presidential Politics.
  4. At least he never got a Majority. Trudeau had always leaned to the far right but now with a Minority Government he's going to have to go far left and give in to demands of the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP. If he doesn't then his Government will fall to a Vote of Non-Confidence. Then Government shuts down and sends everyone back to the polls to vote once again. If that happens then the Liberal Government will die for sure. A Non-Confidence Vote means Millions of Taxpayer Dollars will have to be spent for another election so these fucking fools can bash each other for another 40 Days. Trudeau is almost Guaranteed to fall because his promises made will never hold in a Minority Government. But we did mange to put some of the Grey Haired Bastards (Silver Haired Boys Club) out to pasture.
  5. By the looks of it the Cat left her a Present on the Floor. If you want animals please look after them. Anyone knows if you don't keep a Cat's Litter Box clean it will do its business elsewhere.
  6. Trudeau got Re-elected but this time he only has a Minority Government.Trudeau can no longer Pass his Policies on his own accord. His Government Reign will be surely be cut short one he gets a Non-Confidence Vote when he tables his Throne Speech or a Budget. I'll see Canadians back at the Polls in 6 to 8 Months for another Federal Election. The only good thing is Canadians did get rid of a few Grey Haired Bastards that should have been put out to Pasture 10 Years ago. Any Bills or Deals that Trudeau had done with his majority Government now have to be reintroduced and Voted on. All the other Parties were against the USMCA Trade Deal so now Trudeau is going to have trouble getting the thing signed since he can no longer do it on his own accord. Sorry President Bone Spurs but your USMCA Trade Deal may not get passed or happen. It's not that much of a big deal as Canada is still signed on with the NAFTA Agreement with the G7 Leaders. Trump was the one who was against NAFTA and wanted out.
  7. Just 2 Regions are snowed in but that's about at least 500,000 population.
  8. The Votes are coming in now.might take 4 or 5 Hours to get all the results but you can generally figure the way the numbers are after 3 Hours to figure who's going to govern and who's not. Out in Manitoba and Saskatchewan they can even get out their doors to Vote. 10 Feet of Snow has fallen on them.
  9. Minority Governments suck. It makes you go back and Vote in 6 to 8 Months plus it's a blatant waste of Taxpayer Dollars. So I am hoping for a Majority Progressive Conservative Government. Even though I don't support or agree with some of their Policies at the moment but Justin Trudeau needs to go. In about 2 or 2 1/2 hours I'll see whether my Vote made a difference. If Canadians give Trudeau another 4 Year Mandate then the ones who Voted him back in need to go check in for an Evaluation at the St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital.
  10. No one is going to win a Majority Government, it will be a Minority Government so it will mean back to the Polls in another 6 to 8 Months to Vote again.. Every Party is to Power Hungry. Minority Governments always fall on a Vote of Non-Confidence when they have their Throne Speech or Table a Budget. They get enough support so Government gets Shutdown.
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