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  1. Food and Drinks they have to buy their own stuff. The only time RLC buys Alcohol for them is when a New Apartment opens they usually put a Bottle of Wine on the Table for them. After that they have ot buy their own. The Girls of Barca hate having to buy their own but when you get 2000 Euro a Month they should be able to buy their own.
  2. RLC has Lesbian Apartments. It should be no different if they ever put Gay Males in an Apartment. There's a Flavor out there for everyone.
  3. Tenants of RLC don't pay anything. All they come in with is the clothes on their backs and a few personal belongings. When they move out all they take basically is what they came in with and what they bough along their life journey.
  4. 200/300 Euro. They were Grossly Overpaid.
  5. Chad & Todd

  6. Chad & Todd

    Has been moved.
  7. Trump Will be Impeached

    I don't know on what grounds but the Democrats and some withing his own Party Ranks will think of something that will put the finishing touches on him. He's not a very likeable guy.
  8. Trump Will be Impeached

    Trump doesn't know yet but when the USA has Midterm Elections and the Democrats take Control of the House, Impeachment will finish Trumps Presidency.
  9. Trump Will be Impeached

    Good luck on trying to collect that. The Taxpayer will get fleeced again.
  10. Freddy & Jeson

    No need to stop posting. You're entitled to your opinion as everyone else is.
  11. Trump Will be Impeached

    I wonder who's going to pay for it.
  12. They are living their Real Life. Some couples just don't have sex that often.
  13. There is nothing in RLC's Website that says the Girls have to have sex.
  14. Adriana & Daniel

    The DMCA is on the ball today.
  15. A woman doesn't have a Prostate unless their Transgender.