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GMT + 1 vs GMT + 8

Guest Bob

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I couldn't think of what better way to categorize them. If I knew what country the cams were in I could say that but the ones in the same time zone might not be in the same country. I'll just say 1 and 8 from here on out.

So the cams in the 1 time zone are really struggling lately. Aside from the fact that we get four cams in the 8 time zone the 1 cams are just not doing much. The only one on from the 8 time zone that is really worthless is Alina and Anton.

Lina and Mark are good. Lina is getting more and more open. Plus they have a good amount of sex.

Lora and Max are OK. Wish Lora would be naked more and not try and turn away from the cams when she is naked but they still have sex at least a couple times a week.

Elena and Artur are obviously still new but they started off pretty good.

And I already said that Alina and Anton are pretty worthless right now. It's been said they used to be some what entertaining but right now they suck.

So now the 1 time zone.

Nora and Kiko are the only ones on the 1 side that are still entertaining. Nora is super hot. They have sex a good amount of time. Nora isn't afraid to be naked. I wish Nora was home awake more than Kiko and they had sex a little more but it's still by far the most entertaining couple on the 1 side.

Gia and Ian have been discussed in detail already but I'll just say again. Could be the best apartment but it's probably the worst. The apartment has a ton of cams but it's either poor quality or poor lighting but either way, aside from the kitchen one they all look like shit. Plus the only cams we ever see them on are the Living Room 1 or the Living Room 2. And it's usually Ian sleeping on the L R 1 cam and Gia barley visible on the L R 2 cam. Which I might add is probably the worst quality cam on the entire site. They rarely have sex, Gia hides when shes changes. They aren't home much and when they are nothing happens. Just terrible.

And than there is Ana and Danna. Went from being the best apartment on the site to being one of the worst in a matter of minutes. I guess they are still entertaining from a train wreck kind of sense. But the sex is over and mostly it's just the girls either not home or one of them home being sad, or both of them home sitting in their own corner being uncomfortable with each other.

What sucks is I'm in the US so most of the my day is when the 8 time zone people are sleeping. So I have the 1 cams at a great time. But nothing ever happens.

One more thing I'd like to add is I wish the couples would have sex with the lights. Just saying.

Oh and I wish the females were the ones staying up late, masturbating or something. Or just sitting there without a lot of clothes on. Instead of the guys playing video games. I doubt that's gonna happen but I'm just throwing that out there.

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Also why is it all the man are topless all the time and not the girls :(  Bob I do not watch the girls that much.

Do you feel they might split up?  I'm like you, I'm +8 so I see a lot of computer time or they are watching TV.

I would like to see a couple from the US.

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