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A "new" idea of IP-camera voyeurism


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My subscription to a voyeur website will expire in some days.

I'm not sure I like this kind of sites. I might even like them, but they do not represent what I was exactly looking for.

So...what am I looking for? Just watching people living a normal life inside of their houses...nothing related to group sex, people wandering around naked, etc (the standard RLC, VHTV, Camarads, etc guys).

Yes, there are some potentially good cams (like the italian couple formed by Hector and Marla from VHTV, Martina and Alberto from RLC, some camsoda room cams, TNcouple) but the problem is that owners don't let me hear the audio, wake up at very weird hours like 12AM/1PM...or I don't trust payment methods like Segpay (I'm ok with Verotel, but RLC doesn't offer that option anymore)


What I was looking for was a volunteer (possibly from Western Europe) that would allow me to watch his life. Of course, audio would be necessarily on...but if he/she has to talk with someone important, or if he has guests etc, he can just move the camera in a private location. The language is not a problem to me...I just hate muted videos because they make no sense to me.

If the problem is that he/she doesn't have the money to fill the house with high quality cameras, well...he/she could just leave the IP cam in the living room, or he might move it around with him.

I'd just like to watch normal, not-too-much-private things. If we talk about sex...there's Xvideos right there!

How can I achieve this goal? How can I find a volunteer? (I would do it myself for another person, but I can't because I live with my parents)

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