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View 2 or 4 Cams in Browser

Guest bjlikes2watch

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Guest bjlikes2watch

Been having some issues with the Dashboard app...

So I created a HTML file that opens several windows in the web browser...

Each window can view a cam...

You just select which Apt/Cam you like to view per window..

Its not the best option, but its one way to get more views at the same time.

You can make adjustments to the window size by using notepad or such to edit the file inside..

Just change the vales higher for a lager window for the Width and Height vales.

Hope this may help some of you..

I have two files... one is for 4 windows  and one is for 2 windows.

One has 2 windows and larger , note LARGE WIN name.

These are not installation files... its just a offline webpage you can save it on your desk top and just click on it after you extract it.



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Guest bjlikes2watch

Im glad it helps others,,,

I prefer the dashboard app but some reason it wont load the streams now..

This will work till the dashboard gets worked out.

I have noticed if I use the (2 windowed) runs better than (4 windowed).

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