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VHTV Team helps covering rape incident! Subscribers should be warned!

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It happened in Cooper & Charlize's realm.

Two guys raped an unconsious girl with the help of another girl.

VHTV CEO's admitted firstly that it was rape, but then magically changed his mind and imposed a silly fine of no alcohol on the apartment.

He said the victim should report it to the police and it's not their bussiness to do.

Their bussiness was to kick out these rapists but they prefered not so as to not lose money (as they were on the top pefrormer's realms).

People in VHTV forums got upset and started arguing with him and he got them banned, even long year subscribers!

He said subscribers opinions don't matter to him. 

I hope no one renew their subscription to this site and finally police chases him down and put him to jail as a rape accomplice.

Be warned!




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