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  1. Only available to premium members? With some free cameras someone can decide if any apartment is worth subscribing.... Now you don't give us any chance....
  2. Wow they really messed up the whole site, they left only one camera in each apartment... Clearly bad promotion....
  3. @VoyeurVillaNews With how many apartments are you left now? It's getting rediculus....
  4. @LifeUnderCam Why you left only one free camera on this apartment? The same you did with Diana&Axel's apartment.... After the daily limit of viewing on the site, now you have removed many free cameras... How can new users see what you have to offer now and subscribe ? You used to have quality on your site but now you have become worse than other voyeur sites...
  5. In the other sites they respond immediately to the problem though.... Not after 12 hours and you have the right to be upset cause you are paying them...
  6. Yes but we lost more than 12 hours of action...
  7. Can you see anything on cameras? They are not loading!
  8. @VoyeurVillaNews All cameras are not loading! Do something!
  9. After a loooong time a bisexual threesome which ended in a failure cause the guy they brought in was only fucking Tanya...
  10. They have been left with only 2 rooms (Tanya&Friends, Sam&Fin, where in the first one something good has to happen for more than a month and the second one it features an old gay couple which has no sex at all) and the really uninteresting one with no sex and no reason to be on your site (Rasputin). @VoyeurVillaNews what are your plans?
  11. I still don't know why this room is broadcasted by VV...
  12. Just a sleep though...... Nothing interesting is happening for a month now...
  13. Did she seperate with Sam? Where is he?
  14. True! Not having a gay couple in their site is a huge mistake!
  15. Not interesting... We need more couples.
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