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  1. The bathroom gay sex was one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen on VHTV all these years.
  2. Exactly, but i don't wanna hear the excuse that they don't have many gay subscribers cause there is no interest...
  3. They are still not promoting any gay action on twitter. I have told them to do many times but not a single post. Then they will say ugh too bad not many people watch gay sex and that's why we will abandon it again...
  4. Thank god this time they uploaded the gay sex earlier today on the archives.
  5. @Amy3 Also another guy requested it too with an addition of a blowjob scene. But still nothing...
  6. Yes Amy you can check it on the requests page. So many other videos which were not requested are uploaded. That's why I made the request to be sure.. But as you can see no video of the gay fucking at January 9...
  7. @Voyeur House TV why the gay sex on the 9th January 2020 was not uploaded to the archives? Almost any other video is there until the 11th of January except for the gay sex!
  8. This new boy is awesome! Very handsome and the sex was really good! Let's hope they keep bringing him over! Finally a good sex scene between 2 boys! 🙂
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