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  1. The previous day of the opening. And I think he left the house either at the opening date when Nikki hooked up with another guy or the following one.
  2. Hey broxman! Nice to see you again! There was one night Archi was touching a gay boy's ass and was showing some affection to him and his other gay friend but nothing more. I believe it was staged. Two days later Archi left.
  3. As these 2 boys were into it and ready to have sex, the other girl and the guy interfered and the boys stopped the action... 😞
  4. So half a gay room now. Sissy boys don't attract me at all, but I think this move is a step forward for VHTV!
  5. What attack? Can someone sum up what happened? Is it because Nikki yesterday kissed another guy? Or there was something more?
  6. This apartment now is more interesting than ever! Why to close?
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