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35 minutes ago, Machevh said:

Does anyone know how often RLC releases the € 9.95 Trial Offer for Premium Membership?

It's permanent. They just advertise it. They've had a temporary offer that includes replay, not currently up. 😉

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RLC should have other options for subscribers. To me, only one or maybe two apartments are worth watching that provide ultimate voyeur teases on a daily basis. So why pay full price for wasted apartments that offer sweet fuck all for true voyeurs. RLC should offer prorated prices to at least get some extra potential subscribers and extra revenue for them.


What is prorated price?
 - Prorated billing simply means that a bill or invoice is calculated based on the cost per day, or the proportion of the monthly service used.
Subscribers, ask yourself - do you mainly just watch a few apartments on a regular basis and ignore the others? Why subsidize useless tenants? Is it fair that your paid subscription is used to allow boring underperforming (some nudity and sex is expected of these sites) tenants to live free thanks to you? If everyone paid for only what they like then the lesser tenants would have the door slammed on their lazy ass as they exit stage right. Too many freeloaders as tenants. It is an adult voyeur cam site, not a day care for adults - FFS!!!
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