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  1. Nelly and all of the RLC tenants are in the crash and burn mode just like the RLC owners. Downward spiral of no return. The end is near.
  2. Best of luck with the surgery and stay strong and positive throughout your long recovery. Last year I had to help my brother after he broke both his hip socket and pelvis after a fall at work. Confined to bed and wheelchair and then a walker. In between he passed out from major blood clots in his lungs that almost killed him. I found him passed out within minutes when I heard a noise that wasn't normal and had a difficult time getting him conscious from falling to the floor. With his injuries and being limited with mobility he was on blood thinners for a month but the doctor didn't prescribe them for his full length of recovery. Ambulance/paramedics had difficulty getting him to the hospital. Was quite the ordeal. Had therapy to regain foot and body strength but he took the needed time to heal. He fully recovered and back doing his regular job for over a year now. This post is to give you hope and courage to work through everything and look ahead to better days and a good life. Strong words of advice and warning - ensure you are given blood thinners to prevent blood clots (can be fatal) and perhaps stay on them the rest of your life at a lower dose. Doctors were surprised and amazed that the blood clots didn't kill him plus I hear about others that had died from blood clots due to accidents (they were not given blood thinners). Yes, I saved my brothers life because if I didn't check up on him within minutes that I did he would have died. The "what if I didn't scenario" still bothers me mentally because I would have had to live with the guilt of him dying if I didn't check up on him. Thankfully your wife was there and you are getting good care. Ensure you are prescribed blood thinners. Inactivity and being bedridden can cause blood clots so talk with your doctors about this to reassure yourself. Good luck with the surgeries and wishing you a full recovery. .....Doug
  3. People have to realize that you can be your own doctor. If after eating hot spicy food and it burns your asshole when shitting then quit eating it or downsize it. If after eating tomato sauce or acidic food and you get heartburn soon after then quit eating that stuff or minimize it. If drinking a lot of milk or food that is made up with milk ingredients and you later get sharp stomach pain then there is a chance you have sensitivity to lactose (lactose intolerance). Obviously when you try a sample of a food that you are not sure that you like it but gag while eating it you stop immediately. Pay attention to what you put in your body (food and liquids) and correlate it to any subsequent discomfort soon after. If you eat a balanced diet of nutritional food you shouldn't need daily vitamins or supplements. Eating a changeable diet every day could cause your body to disagree with too much variety. In terms of a cold and flu and other repetitive health issues - need to dress accordingly for the outside weather and also inside temperatures/condtions. Why inside condtions? If you use an air conditioner and you set it too low or too cold then don't be surprised if you get chilly and shivers and a cold. If you use a fan and it blows strong air on you then it can cause you to feel varying body temperatures and could make you sick. Even heat, humidity or dampness in your home can give you health issues. Regulating or optimizing your home environment is critical for your daily health. Even people that you socialize with can contribute to you catching what they have. Protect yourself when close to them. Learn to know your own body and if you have sensitivities to food, liquids or your surroundings. If need be, write down EVERYTHING that you eat, drink, condiments, spices and whatever else for two or three weeks daily and pay attention to your bowel movements (type of shitting and any issues) and peeing (if burning, strong odor or color) and any pain, discomfort or feel like puking or whatever that is not normal. Only then will you be able to make some good revelations of what could be causing you issues. Obviously Leora doesn't pay attention to what she does. Even certain medications can give side affects. I find that Leora moves quite fast around her place but also comes and goes quite often. She needs to slow down and dress properly when going outside. Much of what I am saying is from my personal experience and observations. I am 62 and not on any medication, don't take any vitamins or whatever else and in good health (according to my doctor and myself). The only issues I have is joint pain which is all work related (physically hard on my legs, knees and shoulder joints) or from doing sports when I was young.
  4. I have noticed that no one at camcaps seems to follow VoyeurHouse.com or comfortable posting comments about this site. It appears that most, if not all, apartments lack any fans, if you look at the dates of anything posted. Surprising since the Alexa internet traffic numbers are steadily improving so people are giving this site a lot more attention lately. VHTV has over 30 apartments but mainly porn style while RLC now offers nothing. Just figure some camcaps members would give VoyeurHouse.com a good look over. Personally I haven't checked any apartments and wonder how this site is. Even VHTV doesn't get much coverage or comments while Camarads gets next to nothing. Have people given up on the voyeurism kick?
  5. Ema & Lia - are there two identical twins because I only ever see one girl and believe it is Ema. I keep checking this site daily for 30 seconds and "nothing to see here, move on". RLC and Camarads are competing for the worst voyeur cam site - sheeeesh!!!.
  6. I sense that VHTV is also contributing to their recent downslide according to the Alexa site traffic numbers. I see that VHTV talk is not too popular or regular on either camcaps or xcamfan. Personally I find VHTV is pushing more the porn stuff every day especially having current of former porn stars as tenants and/or guests. This takes away from any voyeur thrills. Also, too many young immature kids that are pathetic to watch. For some of these kids, I think grandmas and grandpas are more sexually active. Most VHTV apartments (about 80%) I don't even look at. I think VHTV managers/owners use to interact with camcaps members here on this site but looks like they use their own forum to chat with camcaps members. Both RLC and VHTV owners/managers have their own ideas as to what voyeurs want or don't even know what the definition of voyeurism is. To me, they are fucking clueless and end up hurting their own sites. Over the last year but more so recently four (4) sites have been negatively affected by the lack of or change in the type of voyeurism activity. #1 - RLC is the biggest loser #2 - even with RLC's recent decline VHTV is losing ground or viewers too according to the interner traffic numbers #3 - camcaps has a lot less participants now (some walked away or join the VHTV forum) #4 - xcamfan always had low paricipants but now it is significantly less. The one (1) big gainer, surprisingly, has been voyeurhouse.com (other voyeur cam site) according to the Alexa internet traffic numbers. Ninety (90) days ago they were at # 242,610 but today they are at # 136,175. Voyeurism as we know it is a thing of the past in terms of these voyeur cam sites but for most of us we can still manage to find women in public or wherever that can gives us that specific thrill or treat. Nudity and/or sex is good to see but, for me, to just look at a fully clothed female or hear her laugh or stare into her eyes while talking to her or watch her lick a spoon or see the shape of her ass in tight fitting jeans/leggings or watch her run her fingers through her hair or see the back of her neck or when she touches my arm with her hand or hear her pee or see her talking with another female (my lesbian thoughts kick in - lol) or observe her lips or watch her run towards me with her big boobs bouncing away in her top/sweater or see her nipples poking her top/shirt or see cleavage or see hair sticking out of her bikini bottom or accidentally see the top of the crack of her ass as she squatted to reach something and her pants slid down a bit or see her bare legs or see a slight camel toe or see her belly button or ........ As you can see women are appreciated and well looked at by me - lol.
  7. RLC's customer service is nil, zero, nadda, sweet fuck all, piss poor, dismal, non-existent. Get my gist. They gladly take your money. They might follow complaints about cameras blurry or cams offline or small issues. If anything, they listen to returnee names that subscribers would like to see back again. In this case both subscribers and RLC are fucked in the head. Need NEW faces and bodies FFS!!! In my opinion, RLC has compounded their problems by keeping the same tenants for too long, constantly bringing back returnees and fucking with free cams. Basically, they eliminated their advertising by closing or constantly manipulating the free cams and by providing less material for camcaps and xcamfan members anything to talk about or even talk well of the deadbeat tenants. Therefore, both badmouthing of RLC/tenants and less members logging into camcaps and xcamfan now has drastically caused the major decrease in people across the world to subscribe or peek into the RLC site. Hey RLC, I did your homework for you so get up off your lazy fucking stubborn arrogant ass and listen to your concerned former and wannabe subscribers and viewers that still wish a successful turnaround to the original concept of a voyeur cam site. Normal tenants living their real life in front of cameras so voyeurs can observe their daily activities within the walls of the apartments and RLC. SIMPLE FFS!!! RLC - are you afraid to directly communicate with subscribers and supporters on camcaps and xcamfan? Don't you realize that both camcaps and xcamfan can be a great benefit to your site with the free advertising by us talking well and promoting your site? When you suck then we badmouth you. So time to be our friend and work together. You see the declining numbers RLC so wake the fuck up. If you choose to ignore my advice and others that are saying the same thing then good luck with your next adventure after your RLC site crashes and burns as the internet traffic numbers have shown the steady steep nosedive. Being #1 voyeur cam site has it's benefits but you are #2 now and getting worse so are you okay with that?
  8. Kinda disappointing to know that quite a few of the tenants are or were porn stars (male and female). It definitely takes away from the thought of being a voyeur to normal next-door-neighbor type people. Fuck, might as well get prostitutes off the street and give them a free apartment to do their business. Believe it or not, I do respect prostitutes. Sure I will still take a look to check out the girl's body but it minimizes any voyeur thrill. It is just like watching a porn movie or clip. I guess extreme porn will soon be part of VHTV (piss showers, piss drinking, scat, extreme bdsm and more). Not saying that would be a bad thing but voyeurism is becoming a dying pasttime and need to search other ways for that type of enjoyment. At least I practice my voyeurism thrill when the opportunity presents itself. No point explaining how females excite me since it is my specific thrill but mostly every woman should know that I am imagining what her naked body might look like or how appreciative I am when they knowingly or unknowingly give me my voyeur thrill. Thank you ladies. To me, nothing wrong in looking at a female as if she is a sex object as long as you don't cross the line. I have complimented some women that weren't overly pretty or a bit chubby and highlighted their positive features or how awesome they were to talk with and how they even made me comfortable and happy being with them. Their reaction - hugs, kisses and thanking me for expressing my uplifting honest thoughts. With respect to watching these voyeur cams sites it always was to see and observe average people living their real life in full view for us to enjoy. In your face cam nudity and sex is not the same (might be exciting to see the first time but repetition is a damn killer). So all you women out there - mmmmmmmm and rock on. Many ways to be eye candy. Don't have to be a skinny flat chested model to be appeciated and be a fantasy for some of us guys.
  9. Any chance that Bea (big boobs Red) from the archived Sadie apartment will ever return with her own VHTV apartment? Sure would be awesome and a definite must watch cute big titted redhead.
  10. Any chance of Bea (big boobs Red) returning with her own apartment? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
  11. Everyone thought or was hoping that the reopening of B1 would save and reinvigorate RLC - NOT!!!
  12. And they never ever learn. They keep suggesting names of past tenants that they would like to see come back again. Duhhhh!!! Them dumbfucks. So how can RLC change or get better if dead weights reappear for third or fourth helpings of subscribers money? So funny but pathetic. RLC is totally lost with no plan B, C, D or E but only R & F for Returnees and subsequent Failure.
  13. - I have a suggestion or request for Marla. Get totally naked and then stand in front of the stationary bike for a bit. And then, it sure would be beautiful and amazing to see her plop her big curvy sweet NAKED ass on the seat of the stationary bike and then watch her ride like the wind as her butt cheeks bounce side to side. Come on Marla - give it a whirl, give us a thrill, you can do it just for us who appreciate you and that nice yummy ass. And Hector can stand there and watch his woman doing pedal power while going nowhere fast - lol. I bet the naked front view, back view and side view would be orgasmic to see. Big boobs swinging/bouncing away as her ass sways to the motion - mmmmm. Ooohhhh just the thought of it and a visual imagining Marla naked and pedalling on the bike would be an amazing voyeur thrill just to watch Marla in action. She can listen to her music and pedal to the beat. If it excites Hector, he can stand there and jerk off because I sure as hell would. Marla, you go girl - love your curves. Hector, you are one lucky bastard - lol. I see you arguing sometimes but that is normal and real life. Anyways, thanks for being real tenants and living a real couple life for us (you are a great reminder of the good old days of how RLC was in it's infancy). They suck now and I try to push VHTV to others. Sadly, too many VHTV apartments are too heavily into porn but, to me, Marla & Hector are true voyeur material/tenants. Compliments to both of you.
  14. That is because camcaps doesn't discriminate - they welcome anyone with a brain, half a brain or no brains - lol.
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