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video failure


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  • 3 weeks later...


Some cams works fine... (03_1, 06_7 and 06_8 for example...)...  But rtmpdump stops working!!! :( :( :( I fear they are changing player, settings , and so on... I taken a loock on the source page and I noticed that  the "#Loi8iJu" key is no more present... perhaps it has been changed... and the edge is no more 2 but 4....

Anyone have been saved a source page from few days (weeks) ago and can match with the actual one to see what has been changed?

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Guest bjlikes2watch

Noticed this a few times since I found the site...

I emailed RLC about it a while back and they said it was cache issue.

When you are in a (loop),

Doing the cache clean outs helps and logging out completely and log back in, is like resetting...

This always helps me. Try cleaning out the cache in your browser.

Another thing my battery is low and often times when I restart I end up with the incorrect time...

Setting the time correctrly helps as I wondered if the streams have something to do with "time".

This PC is old one standing by and I dont bother to upgrade or  change the battery in this PC.

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I've installed google chrome just now (I used firefox)... and all works fine now! But the rtmpdump still don't work! :8 :( :( :( They have had changed something n the stream configuration... but what????????????????

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