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Is something wrong with Lilith mentally? Because when I was watching Nelly and Bogdan, she was over there with Holly and Thor. She took her pants off right infront of Nelly and Bogdan, no underwear. Holly and Thor did the same thing and Bogdan had to get a blanket to cover up Thor when he came out the pool. When Thor lived there I've never seen him do that infront of Nelly and Bodgan and I've never seen Holly get nude in front of Bogdan either. Lilith does not have any respect for Nelly, taking off her pants and have nothing underneath them. Lilith reminds me of that other short girl, I think she was Spanish and her friend who had glasses and had blonde hair who was staying over there. Anyway my point is, Lilith is all over the place. Everybody wants to be a controller or tries to be one. Also the new girl Alley, she's moving a little too fast and she just got there. Somebody is teach her the wrong way of doing things and she's really young you can tell. And what's up with the sisters? They seperate from each other and you're still not seeing much of nothing in the bedroom.

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