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Livesexhouse.com is up again after many years down. There's still only 3 of the cams online, the rest is grayed/offline. I've written to them and asked if they will go online soon, but no reply yet. 

There's at least 4 girls and 4 guys in the house at the moment. I've only watched a short while yesterday evening and got to see 2 b/b/g threesomes on the sofa. 

The girls are hot and sexy and active. 

I really liked the site when it was active last time. If they get the rest of the cams online again it has great potential. 

VIP gave me access to a lot of material from last season. 

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New record with 5 cameras working at the same time. Still not a sound from the site about if or when they're going to fix the rest of the cameras. The chat has gone live and people are annoyed over how bad it been working. 

Working cams now (seems stable): 


Gym (PTZ) 

Bedroom 2


Living room (PTZ)

Gym cam (PTZ, can spin around) 



Living room (PTZ, can spin around) 





Bedroom cam 2




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And now one girl is having an argument with the boss and threatening to leave and he´s saying leave, but I won´t pay you anything. And they both tells eachother to call the police. The disconneted kitchen cam and turned living room PTZ away, but missed that  living room PTZ still picked up the audio. He seems like a real asshole.


And now they took down that cam aswell.

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