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holy shit


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Guest Sir Roderick Spode

i use to have the big membership for reallife well not now the way my canadian dollar is i am paying over 52 bucks a month now not worth  it  well might be if it had more content  :-[

Depends what you mean by "content" - if you mean porn, which I'm sure you do, then maybe xhamster or pornhub is for you.

RLC has 9 couples and a trio, just how much "content" do you want?

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Come on now! Don't just assume he means porn. Maybe, just maybe, he is in minority like yourself

who sign up to listen to the stimulating conversations in the foreign language you don't understand.

Since RLC is so exciting these days you should encourage him to sign up and even go for the premium

so that he can watch the discusting spanish couple who live worse than pigs and watch Russian girls

play with their phones and laptops all day long. Then again there is rerun of Nora and Kiko 2.0. Boring!

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well what i mean is bring in more content like make a deal with other web sights or have the house cam recorded so if we miss anything we can replay the videos now dont get me wrong i will come back to reallife when my canadian dollar goes up hope i made myself clearer  when i mean more contact sorry for the confusion  :)

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