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I miss Kira

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Perhaps she's just gone home for the Julian calendar Christmas holidays.

I don't have a problem with them, either. Nice girls, despite the fact that they are probably not hot for the passionate love of male squirrels... Perhaps they're like Maya: somewhat difficult to dislike. I haven't heard many CC members complain about them (which is unusual for CC members)...

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I would like to be watch by her... Well I suppose I am in a way

Why you so dislike Nina?

I think that maybe sometimes she don't do nothing but sometimes she doing a many thing in the house.

I saw that she cleaned a bathroom and a kitchen.

We don't know what she doing when she leave a house.

Maybe really hard work.

I think that she work in a restaurant.

And she is talented.

And all knows that creative people crazy)

Or I tell you something wrong)

I like this girl.

She is really kind.

And for me doesn't matter what she do in her house.


I know that she really loves Kira.

And I know that Kira loves her.

And if it's normal for this couple.

For me normal too.

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However, as you can see they leave no one indifferent.  :) ;)

I love these two.

I really want to Kira returned, because it hurts me to look at Nina.

She doesn't know what to do.

Of no light in the eyes.

And fewer smiles.

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