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Willing to become a paid member


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No tossing and turning in the night with a guilty conscience for one.

Plus you get a personally hand signed nude picture of Leora.  Wow!

And if that weren't enough, it also encases you to some extent anyway, with a bullet proof vest against being too quickly banned for being an asshole.  A lot of people here need that kind of protection.

But take care, it's not a hundred percent fool proof! 

Just think of it instead as cheap insurance. 

Caution:  Some of the claims herein have been grossly exaggerated, and do reflect the real benefits as expressed by our illustrious, and beloved warden. 

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I'm sure one of the many hatchet men here will be glad to assist you through these murky swamp lands.

Even I don't remember just how the hell I managed to get through it all.


Be patient though, because there really are some helpful people here.  And I think you will find it worthwhile, as I do. 

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