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Banned Again - Here's The Deal!

Guest NL

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OK, so I got myself banned again, one day after being assisted by another CC member.

I still have access to the free cams but that's all.

If CC members want me to continue to post videos, then I can only do it if one of the following happens:

1. A kind CC member sets up an account for me to use exclusively....so no double logins...

2. Any existing RLC members who have videos but who wish to remain anonymous (in case they get banned) can PM me links to their videos or to their .stream files and I will process/edit and post up as many as I can.

If anyone is going to do Option 2 then I would prefer raw video stream files (if you use RTMPDump) as i am not able to crop videos to remove the signature code.

That's all I can offer from now on.....

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