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Initially I was your typical voyeur horn dog (look in the mirror if you forgot what one looks like) but that has changed.  RLC sex has become same ol same ol' - kind of boring.  What has kept me tuned into RLC the past few weeks is the behavior of these 20-somethings from a culture different then mine (USA born and raised).

When I was 20-something pagers were on their way out and cell phones started becoming affordable for the masses. The original iMac became the "it" must-have computer and Atari was a distant memory.  iTunes was in its infancy and nobody knew what an 'app' was.  The Internet was around but my generation didn't watch HULU but "borrowed" tunes from MP3.

Anyway, times of changed from nearly 20 years ago and entertainment for you "kids" are different then it was (as is behavior).  People don't fear HIV today as they did back then. It's not so much that we are more knowledgeable of the virus but today's generation doesn't look forward - they live in the "here-and-now". They believe the government will take care of them (propaganda from the democrats here in the states) and not bother about saving money for the future (or even six weeks from now).

So I'm finding the behavior of RLC couples (and their pets) more entertaining then any intimacy they may have.  And is it true intimacy or just sex?

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