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  1. Leora...the entrepreneur. But if she was a good businessperson, she'd be on Chaturbate. What (for the lack of a better word) 'irritates' me about her time on RLC is she initially came on as a 'day in the life' of Leora & Paul (anyone remember JenniCam?). It was voyeurism as it was meant to be. Now, her bates are staged (more so then the last two years in the previous apartment) and she recently forced herself to do some girl-on-girl action (influenced by the RLC hierarchy). Seeing Leora touch another girl (or be touched) is not a turn on when you know her heart isn't into it. Unless you can separate sex from emotion (in which case you have much bigger problems). The best of Leora (the initial purpose of watching her) has passed. She's remains hot. New horn dogs will think she's a goddess because they know no different (and they never saw a naked girl before). Classic Leora watchers know better.
  2. Circa 2013: Leora & Paul (foreplay). (Video Content No Longer Available)
  3. Last one for the day. Leora & Paul - 2016. If a link expires, don't be a turd and ask for a re-post (that goes double for leeches). Life goes on. (Video Content No Longer Available)
  4. 2016 & 2017- Leora exercising. (Video Content No Longer Available)
  5. A romantic Paul with Leora in 2014. (Video Content No Longer Available)
  6. From 2013: Leora & Paul (when Leora was about 19 and Paul had a pulse & libido). (Video Content No Longer Available)
  7. 2017: One of Leora's early experiences using a dildo. (Video Content No Longer Available)
  8. From 2016, Leora & Paul doing the nasty. (Video Content No Longer Available)
  9. I'm sure I have a few more. In due time...due time.
  10. Leora & Paul - 2014 (when Paul wanted sex). (Video Content No Longer Available)
  11. I can't stop uploading classic Leora (here's a bate for ya, mate). (Video Content No Longer Available)
  12. The generosity overflows. From 2015 (L & P in B & W). (Video Content No Longer Available)
  13. I'm feeling generous today (from 2014). Too lazy to post a pic. You'll have to trust me. (Video Content No Longer Available)
  14. Thanks for the video (she's looking kinda rough).
  15. Leora is good at teasing the audience. But I agree that she bates too frequently. Also, she performs now more so then in the past (pre-move) and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets some anxiety. Leora pre-move (with Paul & Scooter) was more enjoyable to watch. Back then, you felt like a voyeur. Now, just place a quarter in the machine and watch her gyrate.
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