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  1. Often when people eat late night snacks, it can be a sign of depression.
  2. The way Leora worked on Mr. Brown, this may have been the last we saw of him. https://mab.to/iviYcMANK
  3. Mr. Brown makes an appearance - https://mab.to/ZrARvdL06
  4. It's a bate-off! What I find hilarious (yet sad) in this Leora/Paul video is he has more confidence and finds it more enjoyable jerking himself off than having a beautiful girl (who he loves) do it for him. https://mab.to/IwyaFo8hl
  5. Don't disagree. The culture in Spain is different than various parts of the US. With that said, he's a wuss. I can respect a house husband if there was a child he's taking care of. I'm more of a moderate conservative preferring the conventional man/woman relationship and responsibilities whose foundation goes back many, many generations (with caveats). He shows no ambition, no desire to make a respectable living/provide for himself or Martina. People aren't tuning in to see him. I see it as he's riding the coattails of Martina's sexuality. She is his sugar momma.
  6. Look at Alberto's behavior. Optics forms 90% of a correct opinion. Dude is a house-husband who has little ambition. Might be OK with some. I have no respect for those kind of men (if you could call him a man).
  7. Boo hoo...a boring channel because two people love and respect each other. With that said, I kind of agree from a voyeur perspective. But it's difficult to fault as these two have little drama in their lives (as all couples wish to have...no drama).
  8. Ya'll missed Leora's bate from a few minutes ago It looked like this (kind of) 😉 (Content No Longer Available)
  9. From an appearance perspective, Leora would fit in nicely in an upscale community. No tattoos, no nose ring, no tongue, lip (or labia) piercing, no wild hair color. I assume she speaks proper Russian (and her English isn't bad). I doubt she uses slang as commonplace when she speaks. Probably keeps her swearing to a minimum. She has shown proper etiquette, appears to put others' needs before hers. But as we know, appearances can be deceiving.
  10. Not sure where to put this nostalgic 2017 video of Maya & Stephan (hopefully the sysop will keep this post up for the next 3 days until the video goes *poof*). Found it on-line. (Content No Longer Available)
  11. OG's know that Leora swallows - always. Spitting is unsanitary.
  12. Sheesh! A long post. Bottom line: Leora desires (yes, she told me herself) the emotional attachment that comes with getting fucked (in this context, its not getting fucked - its making love). She's missing many things in her life - companionship is near the top of the list (again, that's what she told me). On a serious note, I never met any woman in their 20s through their 60s who are alone (from dating to being a widow) who don't seek out companionship. It doesn't have to lead to marriage. But the desire is for long term emotional commitment. All this nonsense you see on VH or RLC...lots of it is staged to keep you as a viewer - much of it are from 'kids' who have no direction in life. Keep that in mind when you're wanking. Wank to the fantasy knowing it isn't reality (but probably a small piece of pie..a reflection of a lost generation as it pertains to these characters). This dude may/may not be for her. But Leora does desire to get back into a relationship. And who knows - she may want kids and a stable family life (that, we didn't discuss).
  13. Hmm....could be a new way of taking her temperature. These millennials are always looking to do things different. Maybe she's checking the oil? For a 30 year old, she's put a lot of mileage on that finger-banger. Unlike Leora, I'm dry - can't think of any other (clever?) possibilities.
  14. Leora is on the cusp of being 30. Her body will hold up for a few more years, but the stress on her face will be evident the longer she isn't in a meaningful relationship. One should hope that (as I did at 30), she'll re-evaluate her life, make the necessary adjustments, and become a contributing member of society (sorry fanboys - bating for you on camera is the chicken shit out of being a contributing member of society).
  15. She abandoned Eva. What makes you think Eva wants her back?! I think Eva has been living a better life outside the bubble. Let's just hope Paul hasn't forgotten to feed her.
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