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  1. Merci Howard pour ce week nostalgie du bon vieux temps c'est plus triste maintenant

  2. OGs may remember this. This is the video that ruined the fantasy for many (and thus as a spoiler, belongs in anyone's top 10).. We use to think that Leora bated without Paul knowing (at least we played along with the fantasy). In this clip, Leora went to the guest room (of the last apartment) to get her cookie. Just as she's receiving her cookie, well....download and watch. (Content No Longer Available)
  3. Leora gets a mouthful. You can thank me now. (Content No Longer Available)
  4. IMO, Leora is doing everything to get Paul's attention but pull down his pants. But its the pooch that gets the prize. (Content No Longer Available)
  5. Mr. Brown going in and out. Any faster, it might give out. Leora's breath, gasping for air, As she reaches climax, not caring she's "on-air". Mommy, Mommy, what was your 20's like? Leora's daughter asks, to her delight. I stayed in a bubble, with your aunt Malia Then I briefly dated a guy, and he gave me chlamydia. You can thank me now. (Content No Longer Available)
  6. My name is Black. Mr. Black. (Content No Longer Available)
  7. Unbelievable! Paul would rather do it himself then put the coin in the slot. You can thank me now (and acknowledge what a knucklehead Paul is). (Content No Longer Available)
  8. When the shower head gets you going, But Mr. White helps get things flowing. You can thank me now. (Content No Longer Available)
  9. Jump. From 2017. (Content No Longer Available)
  10. This is probably in my top 10 best Leora clips (w/ Paul). Trust me - you'll like it. You can thank me now. (Content No Longer Available)
  11. Lucky dog (from 2015). You can thank me now. (Content No Longer Available)
  12. Leora and Paul from 2015. A blast from the past. We all put a few more pounds on year after year. But that usually happens after you reach 40. Leora still looks good. But as 10 pounds lighter, she's looking damn good in this video. You can thank me now. (Content No Longer Available)
  13. A rare intercourse orgasm for Leora as Paul FINALLY took care of business (although she did most of the heavy lifting). You can thank me now. (Content No Longer Available)
  14. Mr Brown so thick Gives a tickle to Leora's ______. Its girth so true. Riding high as she turns blue. Until Leora goes into overdrive, for her tremors to arrive. (Content No Longer Available)
  15. Leora can't put down Mr Brown, Mr Brown. He puts a smile on her face Then gets put back in his place. For more profound poetry, you can thank me now. 😀 (Content No Longer Available)
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