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  1. 20 years!! The life they lead...within two years they will either be a burden on society (i.e. doing tricks in the seedy part of town), or live a mundane life working in a factory counting widgets.
  2. She barely had one to suck at the old apartment! But I agree - without a dude in the apartment, bating over and over and over again has become stale. Even the pooch brought something different to the apartment. Curious though...did RLC not want Paul to join or did HE not want to come (I assume they are having a long distance relationship).
  3. Nice photo but ya'll have to stop living in the past.
  4. I'm happy Leonie is gone. She was one of two apartments I had any interest in seeing. Yea, I'll miss her for a short time. But the reality check is I spent too much time watching VHTV and RLC. I also do not like how couples will have sex (on a schedule) for the camera but rarely is any intimacy involved (Grace/Jacob is the perfect example). It's time to move on. Life is short.
  5. Leonie was my 'substitute' after RLC had to change Leora's channel. Not much left that interests me on VHTV to stay around much longer.
  6. During the past several weeks, I can't recall any 'foursome' being an actual foursome. For the most part, the gals will fondle each other a bit, then they will bang w/ their significant other. In all, what stinks about VHTV is it has truly become a porn channel, instead of couples interacting naturally. Plenty of free porn on-line - why pay for membership?
  7. Looks like the free courtesy living room camera is no more. Just as well. Spent too much time watching and not enough time living.
  8. To help put things in perspective (and possibly make you feel like fool indirectly), you will have at least $750.00 MORE in your pocket by the end of 36 months by not buying into RLC.
  9. ^^^^^ What he said. To add, you can try using a VPN but to share vids (once you've established an account), the same will occur. As for the digital signature, I read somewhere that if you 'dummie-down' the resolution to 480p, that signature can't be read. Food for thought.
  10. You're correct - I used the wrong terminology. She isn't an exhibitionist. Like Leora, they've become bona-fide porn actresses.
  11. Leora...Lana - both have made the effort to put on more of a 'show' then ever before. Maybe that's why to a certain extent, I enjoyed watching Maya. I can't recall her ever purposely showing off for the cameras. Never eye contact and never forced getting naked or having sex for the 'viewer'. In fact, it often felt like she never really wanted to be on cam. Lana has become more of an exhibitionist. Leora is lost w/o Paul. With Paul, her life had more of a purpose. Without him, she's just a camera whore. It does seem RLC has changed the rules regarding how often they need to get naked/have sex/bate. If you switch over to VHTV, using Grace & Jacob as an example, they have sex 2-3x/day - always with the lights on. But when the lights go off, they make love. I prefer the latter. It wasn't the sex as to why I first became (and is no longer) an RLC member. It was the behavior of the person/couples on cam that drew me in (who remembers JenniCam?). You can find sex anywhere on-line. If you have to pay membership to watch it, you need to become more social within your community.
  12. Lana is a younger, thinner, and more attractive version of Maya.
  13. Kinda agree and I'll go one step further: Her body was never firm but it looks like she gained a few pounds over the past couple months. Of the latest romp between the two, she reached at her tummy as if she's implying she's pregnant. Should that be, 'stretch marks' will have a different meaning when it comes to her tattoos in nine months.
  14. You're IP changes each time you log in (assuming you turn off your VPN between visits).
  15. Ya'll should be using a VPN (if you're not an RLC member).
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