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  1. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    She has a liking for Foamy's nuts.
  2. Howard

    Ulyana & Marat - Videos 2018

    https://mab.to/RAmjuXxDF or https://www34.zippyshare.com/v/4rVivUF0/file.html
  3. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Can I hear an A-MEN! Say it again - A-MEN!
  4. Howard

    Maya - Videos (2018)

    Looks like she's been sitting behind the computer too long munching on snacks.
  5. https://gfycat.com/CoolPlaintiveHusky
  6. Howard

    Lana & Robert - Videos (2018)

    Bad camera angle. Watch for the sounds of ecstasy. https://mab.to/MLV5OCWBR
  7. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    You can thank me now. 🙂 https://mab.to/nsdANz13X
  8. Howard

    Maya - Videos (2018)

    Backside - nothing else. https://www110.zippyshare.com/v/0fMtdkVr/file.html
  9. Howard

    Eva & Sam - Videos (2018)

    Caught the last couple minutes of Sam & Eva 'cooking' in the kitchen. https://mab.to/2GQZED7ZL
  10. I am not a fan of Desiree but she served a purpose: A 'thick" woman on display for those that like that kind of woman (including odd piercings and tattoos).
  11. I am asking for this movie in Zippyshare because this link that is given does not work

    1. Howard


      I don't re-upload.  One and done. Maybe someone else will grant your request.

  12. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    ...and often Paul STILL doesn't know what to do.
  13. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Good u/l but if someone has the original file (not one that's been zoomed in or copied), its interesting to see Leora's face (and Pauls) when he walks in just as she's gonna orgasm. I think that's an important part of the clip (that has been edited out). Maybe our resident historian, Squirrely, has the file. What say you, Squirrely?