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  1. You've been blacklisted (as SC316 said). Get yourself VPN (or similar program) and you can record and post to your heart's delight.
  2. Paul isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. That's not how I'd go about flirting. A "smart" Paul would 'feed the meter'. #Coinslot
  3. How many times did Lana come? Guess the magic number and you win....a free one year membership at CamCaps!! WooHoo!! https://mab.to/PEb0QN88u or https://www45.zippyshare.com/v//file.html
  4. You're being sucked into the hype. She's a pretty girl. She has style. It appears she has substance. She cooks, cleans, bates and fucks like a prostitute if given the chance No inhibitions. Doesn't abuse her body. No tattoos (which I like). No multiple piercings. She's the girl next door who happens to be a pornographic Barbie. She's a fantasy.
  5. They don't bate (or bang) soon after waking up. It's as if we woke up in the bizarro world. Leora is going at it like the world is soon coming to an end.
  6. What the Hell is happening?! It's 11:40AM local time for both Maya and Leora and they're both bating in the bathroom. It's as if we're living in another dimension.
  7. After yesterday's long session, a few days off for her ain't a bad thing.
  8. Commentary: I give Leora much credit. She kinda force bated herself (for the home viewer). While it took her a long time to get her cookie, she could have 'mailed it in' like "Ulyana" (fake it) after 15 minutes. Instead, she didn't give up and after 45 minutes, she was rewarded. Tidbit we can confirm of Leora - she's not a faker and definitely not a quitter. She'll be sore tomorrow (therefore she's granted a day off, should she wish). (Video Content No Longer Available)
  9. Bun Turd is dressed in a decent plaid shirt and pants w/ Maya sitting on his lap crying. My gut tells me either someone close to her is ill or passed away.
  10. For all of you who think they're great lovers, you'll be familiar with this video. It's a (well done) fake orgasm. https://mab.to/iTkks11Nw
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