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  1. Em & Sid

    Bandicam (as previously mentioned)
  2. Maya - Pictures (2018)

    An extension of domineering Maya (legs over his).
  3. Maybe this is a reach.... As Lana & Chloe are good friends, it's fair to say that Chloe is the same age as Lana (22). It is also fair to say they both don't mind getting naked (or boinking) in front of a camera. One item that is not similar is Chloe gives oral and it seems nobody has seen Lana give oral to Robert. Back to similarities, they both like older men (I estimate Robert is 26 and it looks like Tyler could be older). Just an observation.
  4. Maya - Videos (2018)

    When you feel like a farm animal, you dress like a farm animal. https://mab.to/0dxCSUnXh or https://nofile.io/f/HWZ4R1gv6Vr/Maya20180322.mp4
  5. Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Here ya go (thank the OP): https://mab.to/HouiAqnhR
  6. Maya - Pictures (2018)

    I feel for ya, bro.
  7. I have not seen the girl in blue before (or at Lana's place).
  8. So, when will this cutie have her own apartment?
  9. It's obviously a cultural 'thing'. But if my g/f sat with me at a table or couch in nothing but her birthday suit (or even sexy panties & a bra), I couldn't concentrate on anything she would have to say (we've tried - I see her lips move but don't hear any words). How Paul can carry on a conversation with Leora beside him naked is....If that can't make little Paul come to attention, then he's dead down there (figuratively speaking). Serious question for those who live outside the US and/or Canada, is it customary for either sex to sit across from each other and carry on a conversation wearing (next to) nothing (I'm not talking typical sleepwear)?
  10. Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    T M I ! (in light of my previous post being deleted, I hope this is tame enough for the sysop).
  11. Are those shoes or slippers that Lana & Robert are wearing? I ask because if slippers, then I assume they live in the same building.
  12. Trump Will be Impeached

    No doubt that Pence is far, far to the right of Trump. Pence is farther to the right than Romney.
  13. Trump Will be Impeached

    You just described a liberal.
  14. Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    It took 3-4 days for Stepan to move - she knew he was going. Also, its not so much that she's lost control. It looks like she's lost perspective. What's her end game? Everyone has to have an end game.
  15. Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Six hours ago I checked on the apartment & Boy-Toy was sitting by the computer (Maya wasn't home). It's six hours later, about 2:45AM local time, Maya is in bed and guess where BT is? I'm all over the map regarding this apartment. I think the indirect message of Maya (understanding her better) is, like most people, it's nice to start fresh; especially after a long tern relationship went sour. But it seems the new-ness is well into the fading process and she's content (and/or accepting) of poor past behavior. In many ways, she brings it on (as BT knew not of Stepan's behavior previously). BT is Stepan v2.0. Yes, there are obvious differences (of what we know and see of him thus far). But patterns of the past are re-appearing. And it seems Maya is OK with that (either a compromise she accepts or she's stuck in a rut). I still think she jumped into a new relationship too soon. If she was lonely, she has her cats to keep company. That and a dildo (even though she isn't a highly sexual person) should keep her happy until she clears her head and moves forward.