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  1. These pics made my day!
  2. This may be my last upload for awhile. Links below. Enjoy. Part 1 - https://mab.to/LGvsUuqQq Part 2 - https://mab.to/1m1fuLxQz
  3. Paul is to romance as pickles are to ketchup. Besides, she spends their excess money on clothes and underwear (which works for me!).
  4. I saw the exchange between them. She was very willing. For whatever reason, even with his 'love taps', he didn't want to take the next step. Paul rarely initiates sex. Leora has to go and get it from him. Apparently she decided to pull back and play hard to get. But...the bottom line is the dork wanted to nap (as he's been doing the past two hours).
  5. Paul and Leora or childhood sweethearts. I doubt either one dated anyone seriously prior to hook-up. OTOH, I've read here in the US the average age a public school attending teenager loses her virginity is at 15 yrs of age.
  6. Mira & Henry

    *I* think she either sobered up (if alcohol was consumed) or realized 'hey, we're on the Internet!". I think regret has set in (because of the cameras).
  7. Mira & Henry

    By chance, was their significant alcohol consumed?
  8. Mira & Henry

    If the brunette had her way, she'd leave the b/f at home and have a threesome.
  9. Mira & Henry

    Dude with glasses doesn't know when NOT to participate.
  10. Mira & Henry

    Other dude (not Henry) seems too insecure to be involved in a foursome. You can tell by how he needs to be involved in the activities and/or be next to his g/f when she obviously is enjoying the company of another.
  11. Mira & Henry

    Brunette seems to be the moody type.
  12. These newlyweds were experimental and very passionate (they usually are but not like this). I missed the first three minutes but here's the remaining 20+ minutes. She got her cookie twice (maybe 3x). As soon as they were done in the living room (not more than 5 minutes passed), they banged another out in the bathroom. I split the file into two parts: Part 1: https://mab.to/ASY6vQxQl Part 2: https://mab.to/UQVkMRNIN
  13. My post was an OBSERVATION. There isn't one insult. In fact, one could say I'm objectifying women (shame...shame on me) by saying about Leora "...I'd still hit that all day long and 3x on Sunday". Truth is, *she* should be so lucky that I'm willing to give up my body to her for an evening's worth for her pleasure (I'd just lay on my back, 'stiff',...maybe think about baseball and enjoy apple pie... and patiently wait until she's had her three orgasms).
  14. Here ya go (because I'm such a nice guy): http://sendvid.com/5zj7eo3q Turbo345: Don't d/l the file. I'd feel so, so bad for you to suffer through the video. Should your vision get impaired, I don't know how I could forgive myself.