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  1. ...and Paul should be entitled to pie. 😉 Most likely, he'll have to be given pie as he usually doesn't get pie for himself.
  2. Did Paul bring her balloons, flowers or any other non-typical gift that we wouldn't otherwise see?
  3. DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE!! It doesn't apply to this situation, but how many times have we seen on RLC or VH two couples in heat, the phone rings and he/she goes to answer it. This generation sees sex an activity - like a sporting event. Romance, passion, emotional involvement - concepts that escape most of these 'kids'.
  4. Howard

    Whitney & Ben

    I wonder if she found anything.
  5. Howard

    Nina & Kira - Pictures (2018)

    Nina masturbates Kira.
  6. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Paul would rather watch Beavis & Butthead then attack that ass.
  7. Howard

    Eva & Sam - Videos (2018)

    Eva's backside as she loads the dishwasher. https://www76.zippyshare.com/v/1Kw7jAEK/file.html
  8. Howard

    Jane & Dick - Videos (2018)

    That video is a few months old but didn't realize until now who they are.
  9. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Its hypnosis. Stare at it too long and you'll turn into a zombie.
  10. Howard

    Desiree & Raul - Videos (2018)

  11. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    I don't discount your opinion but he wasn't passionate in the old apartment. There may be some 'familiarity' as their relationship is established. But he still lacks emotional skills when it comes to passion & romance.
  12. Howard

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    She would. He doesn't. Not a romantic bone in him. If she had her way, they'd have sex 2x/day. But in this relationship, she is not the instigator.