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  1. Yes, I've been on CC for a few years. But how many posts have I made the past few weeks, months of year?? Yea, not many and definitely only a fraction as much as you. You've probably posted more the past 7 days then I have the past 7 months!! I'm just trying to remind you (people) about your mental health (and how its deteriorated) by constantly posting here and avoiding reality (Leora is experiencing her reality - you're only participating to avoid your own reality).
  2. Of course she's been home most of the past days - I'm proving a point to all three of you (and I'm sure others) who posted within minutes of my post (and some PMs received). GET A LIFE! So many of you not only have escaped reality w/ your obsession of her, you make a joke about it to keep away from reality. This channel has to create a new page every hour or so (sometimes less) because of your (unhealthy) obsession. This has gone way beyond fantasy. I'm not trying to be the adult in the room. Just slapping you across the face (virtually) to make you face reality. I challenge everyone who has posted several times within the past 48 hrs to stay away for 24 hrs (I bet you can't do it). Only YOU know how your obsession has gotten out of control. Get back to some sense of reality or you'll be jerking yourself off for a long time (and not have someone jerk you off).
  3. LEORA HAS A BOYFRIEND!! Too time consuming to read the past posts (so this may have been discussed). Since she hasn't been home 3 of the past 5 nights, she must have a human (and not plastic) cock to ride. A pretty girl without a love interest (companionship) makes for a terrible life. Good to see she's hanging with a dude (I assume it's not a chick, not that there's anything wrong with that). ...and that's all I have to say about that (for now).
  4. Often as guys get older, we appreciate more mature (older) women). With that said, she looks better now that she has added another few lbs on her (vs a few years ago). And can't deny that at 28 (I think that's her age), he boobs have done a good job of naturally defying gravity.
  5. Idea for Sysop: Posts in this forum seem to happen every other minute. Is it possible to establish a live, open forum - similar to what YouTube uses during a live stream? I would think doing so would make it easier for the member to follow (maybe make it available only to paid members). Currently, anyone can log in a couple hours later and 75 posts have already been written, making it difficult to follow a specific subject matter (or contribute to it).
  6. My calculator does not go beyond 99,999,9999.
  7. Ho hum....another 'forced' couple encounter encouraged by the RLC warlord.
  8. Valid points. People may want to see a change in someone on-line because that's part of their fantasy. For myself, RLC (and Leora) has always been about behavior. Her bating is a distant secondary (maybe because I have female companionship at home). I don't need to know the details of an on-line relationship. Their daily, typical behavior is what I find interesting.
  9. Paul provided male companionship (and sometimes compassion). Straight or gay, we are not 'designed' to be alone.
  10. Unless we SEE a male in the apartment with her, everything you read is rumor. Of course has some life out of the apartment. But if she had a boyfriend, she wouldn't (couldn't) bate as much as she does. She'd also be out of the apartment much more then she is For those who have a g/f or are married with an active sex life, can you wank daily??? No...maybe once a week while your banging your g/f 3x/week. . Paul may not have been the right guy for her, but she needs a guy. We know she's pretty, somewhat cultured, doesn't abuse her body (i.e. multiple tatts, piercings, etc - yes, that's opinionated), doesn't smoke or drink to excess. Some may call it a fantasy, but aside from selling her body on-line, she has the classic all-american (or russian) girl-next-door desires. This girl you take home to meet the parents (unlike most you see on-line) She needs a guy in her life. Not just to bang, but to further her growth and help complete her.
  11. Leora needs a man in her life. Psychologically, she's trapped in an apartment, eating, glued to social media, bathing, and bating. Rinse and repeat. She's gotten into a rhythm unaware that it is slowly taking aware her purpose of being (and know, her purpose of being isn't to bate for you). Paul may not have been 'the guy' for her. But long time viewers remember she was more active and appeared to have more 'worth' (self-esteem) when he was part of her life.
  12. My two cents regarding George Floyd's death. Not one defamation occurred during this tragic event. Cop didn't call him any names or refer to him by race. The media made this a race issue long before anyone knew of the cop's previous inter-departmental infractions (of which not once was race-related). On a side note, I know several retired officers (from patrol to a Captain) that served various police department in the southern California area. They all said that while they are not racist, they did profile. And with profiling, it was an effective way to provide safety/security to the cities they served.
  13. Kinda agree. Ya'll need to play along with the fantasy and take it to where it leads - to a sticky keyboard.
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