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  1. So,.... the pole is only holding up the ceiling and Tibor wants to be the next Justin Timberlake. Not necessarily asking what they do. But it seems they hold jobs similar to office hours (gone by early morning, returns before dinner time).
  2. Seems logical, but does the pole in the living room indicate she's a dancer/stripper (and Tibor might be a bouncer)? It doesn't mean they don't have other things going on. Maybe I'm pulling at strings.
  3. What makes you think anyone in the apartment went to college?
  4. It must be Thursday night (local time). Girls are playing "let's be a lesbian" game. The game I'm looking forward to seeing played is "hole in one (two, or three)", with a dude in the house.
  5. Have ya'll heard the phrase "Money talks, bullshit walks". RLC has to increase views to generate income. Leora & Malia aren't being touchy-feely because they desire to be. Boss says views are down - Make like lesbians, generate views, or you're walking. Now, if Leora had a dick to fuck/suck, it would be a different story. Malia joined Leora because, as I've said before, watching her, and only her, bate over and over and over again is boring (ya'll can watch her do that for free on the many videos you have of her). Leora needed someone to interact with. Since neither pick up d
  6. Well, you're tuning in (maybe you're an RLC member). Of course the RLC kingpins will tell them to work the lesbian angle. It generate views (suspense, as if it will/may happen). On a side note, I was surprised seeing Leora rubbing Malia's sweet spot a couple days ago for a solid 60 seconds. Malia's response is to sing and/or motion her hands upwards to take her mind off the fact that she might be getting turned on. If either one of them will go to the other side, I think it will be Malia who initiates.
  7. Also saw her yesterday wearing a couple pony tails. Had to do a double-take as she looked completely different. No more Lilly Munster hairstyle.
  8. I see your point. But rubbing the knob too often causes displeasure. Keep parking the compact car in the garage and soon the garage will be able to accommodate a large SUV. More Indians in the teepee causes massive wig-wam (should I continue?).
  9. Leora wasn't home last night and most of today. Me thinks she's boinking the pool boy (lucky guy). Hopefully the relationship will renew her growth as a person. Maybe she has a new job??? No - her job is at home. Now, if Malia would change her hair style to something more contemporary, she wouldn't spend nights alone.
  10. If she's bating less, she's banging him. I'll let those infatuated w/ Leora determine if she's bating less.
  11. A bit confused...Does Leora have a boyfriend (if so, has this been confirmed)?
  12. I hope this helps you -https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/find-help/index.shtml
  13. Hey Howard, I can't seem to DM you, can you DM me?

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