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  1. Yet, they just entertained a few people in the apartment (burgers & booze). Can't figure these two out. Platonic roommates who were once lovers. While I remained friends with a couple ex-girlfriends, I can't imagine living with either one of them platonically w/o being 'frustrated'.
  2. Kind of annoyed with VHTV. They have 15+ channels, 2 which are gay-oriented. Yet in the gif previews, typically the first 10 of 12 previews always focus on these two channels.
  3. I think Leora will be on "hiatus" for the next 5-7 days until her tummy ache goes away. ;-)
  4. Mom jeans and she's working on a compact spare tire around the middle. What happened to you, Maya? You're 25 going on 65. SNAP OUT OF IT!! .
  5. This is as close to sexy underwear as it gets for Maya (who remembers her wearing a French maid's outfit, dressing as a kitty kat and wearing thigh-high boots and no top?). The good ol' days, indeed!
  6. Its unfortunate she rarely wears her hair in a pony tail. Looks good.
  7. It isn't that she's unattractive, but seeing photos/video of her from a few months ago, she's MORE attractive (alluring) without all those tattoos.
  8. Bottom line is Leora is in love and Maya isn't. You don't need love to have a good life but without it, life is less fulfilling.
  9. While he was banging her (and I use that term loosely), she was checking her manicure. You didn't hear one peep or moan from her because she was counting the seconds when he'd grab his precious tissue (I'm assuming one-ply) to come on. She did not enjoy it. He lasted long because he barely moved. And when they moved, the fucking was like synchronized swimming - both would move forward, both would move back...forward...back...forward...back...time for the tissue.
  10. She's hot. He's less animated then Paul fucking Leora. In fact, Paul has the edge of being the better lover then this guy (and that ain't saying much).
  11. Are you kidding?!! Two sloths can fuck better (and m ore sensual) then these two. Paul can fuck better then this guy!! She showed no interest in getting fucked by him. It was a mercy, sympathy fuck. Yea, I got video but I refuse to subject ANYONE into seeing how uninteresting their fucking was (but I've posted pictures). I'd rather sit on a chair in the Mojave desert and watch cactus grow than put me (or anyone) through the agony of watching him fuck her and her trying to be interested. Have I made myself clear?! ;)
  12. I agree that these two need to go their separate ways. They only remain roommates so not to pay rent elsewhere. On a side note, I recall parting ways with my high school sweetheart after a few years. Our social lives were so intertwined that we knew one of us had to move out of the area. Fortunately, it wasn't me - she decided to move in with the dude that she cheated on me with (and they married a year later). Now that 10+ years have passed, she's been divorced twice, has one kid and recently married hubby #3. I dodged that bullet. :).
  13. In defense of Paul (and I write this drug-free and sober), dude has been stellar the last few times I've seen him and Leora do the whoopie dance. I'm not saying his new name should be Cassanover - he's still a sloppy lover. But he's been able to last awhile before coming. Yea, there was a time he'd shoot within two minutes. But it has been some time since he's done that. To summarize: He stinks at sex. Leora has to guide him like a blind person navigating Times Square on New Year's eve. But haven't seen him do a pre-mee in some time. He must be doing Kagel exercises. :)
  14. In fairness, I can only recall seeing Maya in a dress and make-up once. Her appearance was never a priority. The purpose of showing this "before and after" is *I* do think she's let herself go more so then typical. And *I* think much has to do with her platonic living arrangement with a past lover. She brings herself down but Stepan has her reaching to an even lower level. On the other hand, look at how happy Lana is. She's productive in her own way, dresses sexy for her boy-toy.
  15. I blew up the Internet (kinda, sorta). Hostpic.com has blocked my IP address. Yea, I know there are work-arounds and other options. But in a conniving demented way, I'm proud of myself. :p Ironically, what I was trying to upload were old, family friendly pictures my friends can see in Japan.