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Other apartments!!

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Leora and Paul....same shit everyday!  If you have seen her rub herself, be it in the shower or on the couch or in the guest room...you've seen it all!

Alina and Anton....She tries hard to keep it somewhat fresh but fails big time!

Maya and Stepan....never argue, I mean what the fuck!  Same old thing when they have a thing that is!!

Dasha and Deminted....who the hell knows!

Nina and Kira....Well, they could at least encourage their guest to shower or get it on every now and then!

Zoya and Weirdo....not what I thought it would be...their sex is boring as fuck!!

Adriana and Daniel....the second best apartment to watch....I love the tall long legged type!!

Veronica and Lucas....the best thing that happened with them is having the guest over that showed something new!!!!

Carina and Sabrina......the same as Veronica and Lucas!

Suzan and Hector....who really gives a fuck what they do....she does have an incredible body tho!

    And last but not least....

Nelly and Bogdan....Same ole shit but different day!!

Now for the good part....

Nora, Rita, & Milana....you never know what you're going to get and that's why I love this apartment the best!!!!!

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