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Continued personal attacks against specific members do not make for fun reading, especially if they come from someone who has been stalking the member through various outside social websites. I would ban for the latter offense. Stalking and harassing an individual are actions, and neither are involved with expressions of opinions or free speech.

Take this over to Flame Wars where it belongs and bury it there.

If I don't like what someone says, I just ignore it. If I don't like what someone says and I get continual reports about it, I get irritated, and unable to ignore it.

In other words, drop it.


The original thread was not the place to call out KK, I can understand that. However, this guy was answering a post about women by pretending to be a woman.  He was also advising on standards of decency and behaviour, two things that we all know he is the least qualified here to talk about.

My "personal atttacks" were true however, whilst his barrage of pathetic racist pictures and misogynistic conjecture were all out of his twisted mind and whatever strange reality goes on in there. That KarenKraft has the mods defending him, whilst I get told to drop it is a sad day for CamCaps but in particular it is indicative of the quality of the Old Dudes board nowadays. This bloke brings the rest of you down by tarring you with his psychoses, yet you go after the guy who stands up to him. "We believe in free speech, except when we don't like what we're hearing, or don't like the speaker." Pfff

No doubt this post will be followed by a load of pictures of bugeyed black people or dangerously overweight women with terribly photoshopped captions using "it" instead of "you" but they won't whitewash over the fact that we all know the truth about this individual now. Neither will they wash away the fact that a mod needed to come to the aid of one of the most offensive people on the internet who will continue to post here, unchallenged, by the grace of the mods.

So, just so we're clear on this, if KarenKraft posts things that are racist or objectionable then we are supposed to ignore them or risk being banned if we object, right?

p.s It wasn't stalking, he specifically mentioned he wrote "erotic literature" and invited me to have a look. I did take a look on the only famous erolit site.  I obviously found the stories that he was embarrased to have known that he wrote when set aganst his character on CC.  That is in no way stalking as he brought the erotic literature subject up, quite literally from nowhere as I hadn't mentioned anything remotely along those lines.

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I also take the fact that KarenKraft has now deleted all posts and pictures that were racist from his posting history as either:

1) He's realised, finally, that he was being a reprehensible dick and has had a word with himself


2) He's realised that he was losing the support of other members on here and is trying to bury his past as tho nothing happened.

Either way, the desired outcome has been achieved and I consider this dropped until he starts up again.

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