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  1. The fuck are you talking about you cretin? Are you talking to me or looking in the mirror as you type?
  2. You use the words "politics," "socialist," and "communist" but I don't think they mean what you think they mean. But yeah, thanks for getting involved today.
  3. Just so we're all caught up from the last thread, I'll summarise: It became obvious to the level headed amongst this thread's particpants that Ridgerunner has many different logins with which to back up the ridiculous ass licking he does for Trump. His pathetic ad hominem attacks that he believes passes for decent debate continue but he got salty when he was described as a bitter, lonely, stupid old cunt. He also made up an imaginary girlfriend after being called out for spending all his waking hours on a voyeur forum brown-nosing Trump He even started this new thread
  4. How was your date with your "girlfriend?" Did you both talk about how much you love Donald Trump and about how much you want to be him? Could anyone else at the restaurant see your imaginary "girlfriend?" Or did you really just leave the basement of your elderly mother's house to make yourself a mack and cheese in her kitchen? The timings of your posts after you said your "girlfriend," came over hardly leave you any time at all to go out and you know, be a normal boyfriend and do regular couple things. Were you glad that the couple of hours of "girlfriend," time was over so quick so
  5. Say hi to your "girlfriend" from us!! Hahaha!! 😂😂🤣😂😂
  6. Making up a pretend girlfriend on a voyeur forum because you think that might cover up what a complete dick you make of yourself every day. Hahaha, fucking priceless!! 😂🤣
  7. Literally nobody believes that. Hahahaha! 🥰🤣🥰 Thanks, that did make me LOL! 😂
  8. This question? it doesn't need answering you weird little man. I wouldn't regard myself as a loser by any measure. Is there something that you want to tell us? Do you want to me to ask you why you feel like a loser? This isn't your group therapy buddy.
  9. We get it, you are a stupid stupid man - why do you feel the need to prove it so regulalry? The gap between what you think you know and the knowledge that we would need to give you in order to refute this statement in a way that is beneficial to you, could probably be charged the same rate as an undergraduate degree. You understand nothing, yet you need to show people how little you understand. Fucking grade D cypher.
  10. My words accurately describe you, you're a stupid cunt that has the respect of literally nobody in the forum where you spend most of your waking hours. No one forced you to be this way, you come in here everyday and prove to everyone how much of a stupid cunt you are. If you're going to get your panties in a twist about some home truths then get the fuck outta here and join mumsnet, you pathetic little man.
  11. I'm doing pretty A-OK thank you very much. I pay my employees above the minimum wage and my company, although small, makes a very tidy profit. When I make statements like the above it's because I'm not worried about myself, either financially or socially, I worry about the ways in which governments are using my tax money to enrich their mates and rig the system against people who aren't as well off. It's called being a decent human being - you should try it, it's probably not too late. I was going to write more but I noticed... "You sound like a financial failure who can't accept tha
  12. It's literally all he does, day and night, seems to be 24/7. It's obvious he has no friends or a life outside of brown-nosing Trump and trying to insult people that are smarter than him on a voyeur forum. He's been doing it for many years too, what an abject shell of a human being.
  13. Again, with the projection - pushing words onto others that describe your own poor opinion of yourself, you are a dollar store Trump - except he managed to lie and cheat his way to the top, whilst you... You're just some stupid cunt that everyone laughs at on the internet.
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