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the "secret room" !?!?

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The "Secret room" !?

before this Couple Leaves.. i have always been wondering what the Smal room is used for?

Veronica and lucas actually spends alot time there..

they have their Routine like

Watching movie in Bedroom

goes to kitchen to prepare/eat late dinner,


goes to that room and closing the door halfway

and spending about 30min? or even a Hour in there together..

my guessing would be

1. a Seperated Toilet?  but why are they there together then?

2. a gym?  workout just after dinner isnt good. he would know that.. should wait 30min maby before..

    and i think they have another gym where they used to go..

3. did see comments before about they having sex there..  naaah they always have that in the bedroom short after the visit in the "secret room"

i havent been typing in english for a long time now.. sorry for my grammar! xD

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