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I got home a few hours ago and decided to take a quick look-see at what was going on at the site before getting down to some work. Wow, my timing was pretty close to perfect! I felt like I hit the jackpot!

When I tuned in, I was just in time to see Milana and Coco showering together obviously preparing to go out on a Saturday night. So, I watched them while they finished showering. It was great. Coco had Milana laughing like crazy and it was obvious that they really are great friends and enjoy each other's company (nothing sexual between them - I think they're just best friends).

After the shower, I happily watched them as they got dressed and put on make-up for their night on the town. Again, it's just fun to see two good friends laughing and joking together. And then, just as they seemed to be getting close to finishing up their preparation for a night out, my sweetheart Kamila came home, stopped in their doorway and apparently asked them if she still had time to get ready before they would be ready to leave.

Apparently the answer was yes and so I got to see Kamila take a shower and wash her hair and then go through her night out "prep" with doing the hair and make-up thing (and, of course, getting dressed in a "knock 'em dead" little black dress.

Apparently, they all finished getting ready at the same time and promptly left together for their night out. Kiko and Nora were just sitting in the living room watching TV and playing on the computer the whole time. I kind of felt sorry for Nora because she was stuck at home when the other girls were smiling, laughing and obviously psyched for a fun night on the town.

For me, it was a really fun hour watching 3 great looking ladies naked, then fooling around deciding what to wear and having fun. This is why I like this site. It cheers me up during this time when I'm in between relationships in my own life. I just love beautiful women!  ;D


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