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Guest Big Dog

Just curious. If, for example, Leora was fat but had a lovely face, who would still find her attractive? If she was ugly but with a to-die-for body then would that be your preferred option?

In this game you cannot have both :-)

Or, put rather more generally, given a choice between face or figure what would you go for in a woman?

As an extension, you might want to include PERSONALITY as a third option = more permutations :-)

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Damn good question. But it's like asking if you want to be drawn & quartered or boiled alive in a crucible of molten gold.

Physically, I'm a face person. Usually a decent body follows. (Warning young squirrels: both of these change with age, and sometimes very quickly.)

Sometimes a woman's personality is reflected in way she takes care of her body. Leora loves her body. She will take care of it, and will not become obese, whilst some of the other RLC women certainly will. Men like a woman with a nice smile; the rest of the body isn't everything, but few men will be attracted to a sickly woman. We're designed to breed with healthy-looking females. (Leora is healthy as hell!)

Emotionally, Leora still fairly high maintenance, though mellowing with age.

Diana is the same, but she is more interested in acting than preening. I respect her for that.

Nora is similar, but with less maintenance, and this despite her current employment conditions.

This last issue regarding maintenance in a personality of a woman is a double-sided dilemma. Do you want to deal with a potential emotional volcano in a woman? Is it a threat to a man, or does he accept it as a challenge? And do you think a hot woman will retain her looks after child birth or even another 10 years? Will a extensive facelift at age 50 and 50 lbs of added weight make you love her again?

I think older men who have learned lessons from their youth look for an overall balance between looks, personality, and intelligence. You can have all three if you look hard enough. If she has the intelligence and the looks, and a decent personality, I would be game. None of these qualities necessarily needs to be in abundance, but it take all three to build a woman who is worth sharing the rest of you life with.

I'd date Leora, Maya, Diana, & Nora in the old days when I was a studly young squirrel,  but I'd want to know her better if I were to invite her into my nest and raise a litter of well-adjusted baby squirrels.

(Or in the case of Maya, a litter of amusing cats.)

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Guest Big Dog

faced with a stark choice between face or figure and no option to mix and match ever......hmmmm.....well I would have to agree with you Foamy. I would go for the face above all.

Now, if you add in the third criteria - Personality - and assuming you can only choose one quality (face, figure, personality) then it becomes more difficult.

Again, my gut reaction is still to go for the face - let's face it(bad pun) there is more face to face communication than anything else in a relationship so I would have to feel that I actually wanted to look at the person I was communicating with and not just stare at the ground for fear of being turned to stone.... a nice body might turn your head, but a smile can melt your heart.

Nora can be hard-faced (and I think this will get worse as she ages) but certainly in the "old" days at Flat no 3a Badalona Place, she had a smile that would light up the room.

Leora likewise has a pretty smile.....when it is genuine....

As for the others, I don't really know much about them anymore. Given up watching.

Damn, I told myself I wasn't going to get drawn back into all of this again....FAIL!...back to rehab.

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