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Incredible Chess Matches,.. Short Videos.


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I loved the story. I could almost see her myself. It has been my experience that chess is like many avocations, you have to play a lot to be in form or have any hope of getting better. I actually remember watching the Fisher/Spassky matches of 1972 on PBS with them moving cardboard pieces around.

There was a time when I was reading books and plating regularly but I have not played in years.

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For the Squirrel.    One blindfolded match.  They are not allowed to see or touch the pieces, but have to rely upon memory as the pieces are called off numerically.

Fuck!  I can hardly make my way to the bathroom in the dark. 

This was not the game I was looking to send you, but it will do.

This also confirms to me what I had always suspected; that these incredible grand masters are a bit of a servant when it comes to chess.  They probably have one whole noodle of their brain that is totally dedicated to this type of bewildering shit. 

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Can you imagine.  They have to remember where every piece is on the board, even as things get jumbled about during the game. 

I can just see me in one of those blind folded matches. 

Woodworker:  :scratchchin:    "E2 to G6, check!"

Referee:  "We must remind you mister Woodworker, your pawn is not a queen!"

Woodworker:  "Damn it!.. just where in the hell is that bitch anyways?!" 


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