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How to post courteously & effectively on CamCaps

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Regarding page loading times:

Please split multiple graphic intensive items into different comments. By this I mean: If you have 5 big gifs, or 5 links to Youtube entries, post them in separate comments. The reason for this is simple; the viewer's loading time is determined not by the amount of comments he can load, but by the sheer weight of their content.

The number of comments that a user can load is determined in the User's accounts settings for Look and Layout (did you even notice this function was there? Hummm.) The default per page is 15. If you have a new fast computer with lots of ram, you can increase it. If you have a slow computer, you should decrease it.

This 15 comment-per-page default yields an acceptable loading time, and a very short loading time for simple text comments, even on the slowest systems.

I personally could choke your new fast system by posting a page that contained 15 comments each filled with 100 graphic-intensive .gifs and video connected links. That would trash your attic.

If you had a slower system with an older graphics board and less memory, that would destroy your house. You'd die of old age before the page finished loading.

Summary: If you want to  post .gifs or other stuff, be nice to the people with the older systems and split your multiple graphics-intensive items into separate items. That way, the 15 comment limit will be reached per page, and the page will automatically roll over to a new page so page loading time is always much friendlier.

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Posting safety for RLC subscribers:

RLC, per your contract with them, is fully free to ban you for copying their intellectual property. Prevention can only be done by removing the IP left-hand code and the braille watermark if you wish to not be banned. I also do not suggest that you post this material on third party sites: they all have DMCA take-down orders. Do a search on "DMCA" in the CamCaps search prompt to find previous discussions.

Most 3rd party file servers dump any RLC material when they come across it. Sometimes within hours. The result is a dead link on the post you made on CamCaps, and we janitors end up having to sweep the floors to toss it.

Just sayin'. This problem usually comes up with newbies, but even the veterans slip up sometimes when it comes to such safety procedures, so I have chosen to address it here. I am willing to answer private messages should you have more questions you'd rather not discuss publicly (CC related business only, I'm not a shrink.  ;D)

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